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Craig Murray has made the mistake of offending the blogosphere’s almighty gatekeeper:

what a guy

So the next time Craig has difficulty publicising this government’s complicity in torture, Iain Dale will withhold any publicity (via his website and/or his ‘politically neutral’ magazine) because of one comment that he chooses to take personally?

Bloody hell… there’s holding a grudge and there’s holding a grudge. I know this measure is typical of Iain (it’s one of the reasons why he is a poor ambassador for blogging and why no fair poll of weblogs can be conducted on his carefully-filtered website) but surely this is a hissy-fit too far.

(I can only assume the ” I have gone out of my way to support you” bit refers to the Usmanov post that Iain has waved in my face in the past; as if he were doing me/Craig a personal favour instead of standing up for a principle he believes in or any silly nonsense like that.)

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It is unclear if Glen Jenvey features heavily in War on the Web by Jeremy Reynalds, or if there are so many of his tall tales in it that his claim of being co-author is, ironically, quite credible:

Jenvey bio

Either way, Glen Jenvey describes Jeremy Reynalds as a friend, they worked together to some extent on a book that has yet to see the light of day, and Jeremy Reynalds recently wrote two articles that were quite sympathetic toward our Mr Jenvey (one of which has since been removed):

Richard Bartholomew – ASSIST News Service Scrubs Jeremy Reynalds Article on Glen Jenvey

(Psst! Don’t feel bad, boys; everybody who’s anybody is withdrawing articles without explanation these days, and I myself have a novel languishing in the doldrums.)

I’ve just been in touch with Jeremy Reynalds, who insists that he has “no advocacy position” on Glen Jenvey, and claims merely to have given Glen Jenvey an opportunity to tell his side of the story, as he felt there was an imbalance in reporting at the time; in his own words, Jeremy Reynalds’ intention was to “present Mr. Jenvey’s response to the charges against him and to share some of his perspective about why they surfaced,” as he felt this had not been done.

(For some reason, Mr Jenvey had little trouble getting his other conspiracy theories aired in tabloids, but could only rely on Jeremy Reynalds to air his claim that the Guardian were in league with extremists. This could simply be a budget-cutting credit-crunch thing, because lately even I have trouble getting any kind of response out of any of these people.)

However, after delivering one side of the story, Jeremy Reynalds appears to have failed to keep up with both sides of the story, as he now claims not to have heard from our Mr Jenvey in a month, and to be unaware of any accusations of sex crimes… i.e. the pile of turds currently at the centre of the story.

(Psst! A new round of freshly-crafted smears emerged at the weekend. All you need to know is that the only departure from the established plan/theme is that the perpetrator is no longer posing as a representative of the Daily Mail.)

One can only wonder when exactly the story ‘dried up’ for Mr Reynalds, because I didn’t catch any part where he pointed out that someone might have been wrong about the Guardian being in league with extremists thing, but at some stage he clearly stopped pursuing this dynamite story, so I can only assume that the leads stopped coming in… at about the time Mr Jenvey… stopped… calling………..*

… no, don’t mind me; I thought I saw a little revelation lurking in the shadows there, but it appears to be a trick of the light.

Anyway, as I’ve pointed out a couple of times now I’m experiencing some story imbalance myself in places, and Jeremy Reynalds appears to have dropped the ‘Guardian in league with extremists’ exclusive that was keeping him so busy… so I’ve asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking the time to tell my side of the story.

You know; to present my response to the charges against me and to share some of my perspective about why they surfaced, and like that.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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Neither have you tasted my jesus (via)

Happy Sunday Boot Sale Day, everybody.

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(Pardon my tense… there’s a few things I’d like to put in the past.)

For the benefit of the archive:

This post first went live when the Dunblane/Express petition was delivered, as elements of the mainstream media made false claims about G20 protestor violence on par with Hillsborough. At that time, it was mostly beyond the remit of the PCC to do anything about an article that wasn’t about you personally, and the libel laws were mostly a set of tools for rich bullies wishing to silence critics while denying them their day in court.

Recent events showed that few newspapers allowing comments were publishing any criticism of substance, and they rarely if ever engaged under comments, which is an entirely un-blog-like thing to do, and certainly not on during a phase where mainstream media companies were trying to horn in on the blogging action while rubbishing the reputations of those in their way (i.e. us).

Further, a combination of economic forces and selfishness was leading to widespread sackings and an alarming downturn in quality, as profit was shoved ahead of the public interest more often and to clearly unacceptable extremes.

On this blog/week alone, I found myself chasing editors of The Times, The People, the Daily Star, The Sun, the Daily Mail, the Express, the Sunday Express, The Scottish Sun and even The Independent with really quite valid concerns, but hearing back from none of them, presumably because ‘more money’ equals ‘better than’.

See also:
A recent announcement
Why ‘Media Watch Rock-a-Hula’?

– | –

media watch rock-a-hula

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve all seen the recent/sudden downturn in the quality and reliability of mainstream news and comment, coinciding with alarming outbreaks of carelessness and sheer malice in some places.

We’ve got at least one rogue publisher (Richard Desmond) thumbing his nose at the PCC, and while every news outlet is begging us for chunks of our private lives that they can publish for profit (with or without our permission), no bugger will answer our emails or address our concerns when something that is clearly false has been published, and no effort has been made to remove, correct or (Dog forbid) alert readers to the error. Meanwhile, pretty much the same applies to the (blissfully) few ‘leading bloggers’ who claim to be challenging the establishment.

The only news outlet that’s in any way compelled to answer is the BBC, who find themselves crippled since Andrew Gilligan shot off his fat gob, and under constant attack by the same parties described in the previous paragraph (i.e. those who demand accountability of others, yet think themselves above it).

Clearly the time has come for us to form organised squads and start hitting people with sticks.

If you’re of a mind to do something positive and powerful about outright lies in the media, I invite you to join the Media Watch Rock-a-Hula, now in progress.

Much like Sun Lies and Mail Watch, the job (described in detail here) is to target outright lies, document them where possible (on your own site if you wish), and pursue a correction with vigour when circumstances call/allow for it.

While I expect this to be a modest-sized crowd with maybe a few dozen experienced/dedicated bloggers, writers and researchers on board at first, there are roles that pretty much anyone can play.

Yes, even you.

You could easily be that one person in a thousand with the right expertise, contacts, access or influence required to get a specific job done quickly, and if not, someone has to carry the pitchforks and kerosene.

Anything you do will be on a strictly voluntary basis and you can do it with or without a website. You’ll probably even learn a few things as we go along, and as natural talent groups form within the crowd (as they usually do), we can casually give birth to little beasties like the long-overdue Express Watch and more.

And it is with that (and that only) in mind that you should join me on Twitter, as that is all I plan to use it for:

Join me on Twitter

More sign-up options (e.g. a mailing list) to follow. Comments and bloggage welcome.

Cheers all.

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I hate it when publishers do something that’s obviously wrong/dishonest, and then refuse to publicly admit it and/or apologise for it in front of their readers.

I’m not talking about one person here; I’ve got at least two newspaper editors at it at the same time as this wank-stain (who, by the way, today knowingly published a false claim/implication that i was a liar and homosexual – and former lover of his, to boot – only deleted it after the second notification, and then refused to apologise or even admit that he was refusing me a right of reply on that or anything else).

And the issue here isn’t just what these people are doing to me (and others) right now, but what they are likely to do to me and others in the future if they are continually allowed to get away with it.

Anyway, let’s put all that aside for one moment to enjoy this little ray of starshine… for tomorrow, we go to war.

Star Wars / Dallas opening (via)

Meanwhile, in a blogosphere not so far away, items of equal if not greater importance can be found here, here, here, here and here.

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Jamie Ross – Here Comes The Sun
Bloggerheads – David Dinsmore steals from cancer patient

In the old days of ‘journalism’, if a hard-working reporter wanted to get hold of a family snapshot, he’d have to pocket a framed picture or two from the mantelpiece while the interviewee was making tea or being comforted/distracted by an accomplice.

Now, in the marvellous age of digital photography, all newspapers have to do is get a snapper to rattle off a few pictures of your pictures.

He can then go on to sell copies, even if you don’t sign any paperwork giving him permission to do this, because from that point on, the photographer (or their agent) can claim copyright on these images of images.



I’ve contacted Epicscotland and the Independent to try to find out what’s happened here, but it doesn’t look at all right to me. Still, there’s an opportunity for David Dinsmore to indignantly bitch about the one thing that might not be his fault in the hope that it will distract us from the things that clearly are.


Coming up next: Who wants to share my copy of a camera-recorded version of Watchmen? It’s free, and entirely legal, according to the newspaper people.

MINI-UPDATES – The online version of The Sun’s stunt has been withdrawn, and the journalist listed as author of the piece – Yvonne Bolouri – has issued a statement claiming that she has nothing to do with any of it, which puts David Dinsmore clearly in the frame. Dinsmore has not been in touch; he would instead prefer to bully/cajole Jamie by phone by the looks of things. Jamie has been advised that this is an old newspaper dodge to be avoided; if you suspect someone of being a liar and/or a cheat, conduct the conversation by email, *not* telephone.

When you’re ready, Mr Dinsmore…

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For those who came in late:

Bloggerheads – Iain Dale hates me *this* much

An investigation into a serial liar has led to someone being falsely and maliciously accused of paedophilia (again), only this time, I was a direct target. I say ‘again’, because a very similar thing happened in Guildford a few years ago. Iain did not act over Guildford, even though his denouncing of ‘the deed if not the man’ or something similar could (and still maintain would) have been decisive.

This time, Iain was again in a unique situation to help bring a halt to an obvious paedo-smear, because I (being an inconvenient member of the great unwashed) was having difficulty getting past the staff of a Conservative MP that he happened to know.

At that stage, Patrick Mercer (Conservative Member for Newark) was still publicly aligned with serial fantasist and paedo-smearing liar Glen Jenvey, and it was vital to get word directly to Mercer; for his benefit, as well as mine.

Iain Dale, being a former associate of Patrick Mercer, was the only blogger I knew who could contact him directly and let him know what was going on. So I asked him to do that.

Almost a full day passed, and I had to chase Iain (!) for progress or a progress report. Iain then claimed to have made contact, and said nothing when I replied giving the clear impression that I thought that Mercer knew about what was going on from that point on.

What followed was a sleepless night of me wondering how the hell I was going to tackle the problem of an MP willing to stand by and allow me to be smeared as a paedophile.

But Mercer wasn’t standing by and allowing it, because didn’t know about it at all at that stage; in fact, he didn’t know about it until I went and told him myself. When I sourced a copy of his mobile number and called him, it was the first he’d heard of it.

But when I confronted Iain about this, it took him close to 10 hours to deliver this excuse:

Thanks, Iain!

He did what I asked him to do?!

No, he didn’t.

I asked him to contact Patrick Mercer, not his bloody secretary, or his researcher or his effing dog walker.

I wrote/spoke specifically of having difficulty getting past staff in his office, and like anyone else in the country, I could have called/emailed either of Mercer’s offices myself at any time, and had already done so, otherwise how could I be having difficulty getting past them… and Iain or anyone else with an IQ above 85 should have known all of that even if I weren’t entirely specific about my need to contact Patrick Mercer personally so he personally was aware of the situation. Which I was.

There are limited circumstances in which you can substitute custard for ice cream.

It’s not rocket science, but Iain expects me to believe that he’s unbelievably stupid.

And even if he *is* this bloody stupid:

1. Thanks for being so lazy in my time of need, Iain. Glad to see you took my reminding you of the bad blood that remains over the Guildford incident for you to really stretch yourself and do something that would have no effect whatsoever

2. This is where lying about calling someone a ‘nihilist’ on the basis that you don’t even know what the word means costs you. So if you’re telling the truth this time, Iain, it’s dumped you in the shit because you’ve lied your arse off in the past. See how it works?

Iain’s claim to privacy is morally dubious at best, but I’ve pixelated one paragraph of unrelated waffle (something about a dog eating homework) just in case there’s anything truly sensitive in it. Which I doubt.

(Psst! From here on in, Iain Dale gets the same treatment as the lying smear-merchant Glen Jenvey; everything he says to me is on the record, and I’ll dig up and publish past emails as and when I please because Iain has shared my private emails with his mates before, and I am sick of his stonewalling me, telling me lies when he does have the balls to answer me, insisting that his lies remain confidential, and then making out to his readers that I’m upset with him and/or pursuing him for no good reason.)

Five days have passed since that email and this follow-up post, and Iain has refused to say anything further.

Instead, he’s banned me from his weblog, and is now publishing the usual bullshit comments about me being an attention-seeking authoritarian conspiracy theorist, and making out that I’m imagining or inventing some or all of this in an effort to ‘get’ him.

Because I’m the paranoid one, obviously.

I go head to head with people I disagree with, but I’m not a bastard about it, I don’t lie to people, and I don’t cheat them (or my readers) when they try to have their say under comments like Iain does.

FFS, he even does it when talking about football!

To repeat:

If you are falsely accused of being a paedophile and Iain Dale doesn’t like you or your politics, then Iain will stand by doing as little as is humanly possible, even when he’s in a unique position to help. I’ve watched him do it twice now, and I have the email records to prove it.

More people need to know how low this man can go. They also need to know that his claim to be an authentic, accountable and friendly blogger is nothing but a stage front.

I look forward to Iain making out that I am doing so because I am jealous of his ‘talent’ as a writer.

[Psst! Vote for horns, please.]

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Category: Old Media, Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

You may recall the recent fuss about Dunblane survivors being attacked in the Scottish Sunday Express (that Martin Townsend has yet to get back to me about, despite past assurances that he is not trying to be in any way evasive about any of this).

Well, it looks like the regional versions of tabloids are seeing an sudden upsurge of lazy bastardness and web-nickery with the downturn in the economy. Someone should write a paper on that, but in the meantime, it’s time to kick arse all over again…

The Scottish edition of The Sun has been caught stealing from a cancer sufferer and using material from his online journal out of context and without his permission:

Jamie Ross – Here Comes The Sun: They edited it to within an inch of its life, as if they were hell-bent on whittling it down to the twenty least entertaining and most disjointed words of each blog. It makes me look like an utterly abysmal writer who got in the paper thanks to a dying wish foundation scheme. They put words such as “MOCKED”, “FORCE” and “SILENCE” in huge emboldened letters outwith the main text, presumably for the benefit of the vast majority of Sun readers who can’t read full sentences. They’ve specifically chosen words which make it sound like I’ve been living in a Nazi concentration camp for the past seven months. I may have used these words at some point but, if they really had to summarise seven months of weekly entries in three words, I’d have suggested “TESTICLE”, “BALLS” and “COCK”. They inexplicably used a picture I had never seen in which my eyes are closed. They used a family photograph which I only allowed to be used in The Independent. They made me inadvertently write in the fucking Sun, effectively destroying all the good work that’s gone into my writing CV recently. All of this, need I repeat, without asking me, notifying me, paying me or consulting me.

At one stage the author (and rightful owner of this material), comedian Jamie Ross, submitted a comment under his own story on The Sun’s website – and they deleted it!

(This not only adds insult to injury, it also shows that The Scottish Sun are determined to stand by their unique version of reality, despite what they may claim about wanting to set this right. Like Iain Dale, they are far too precious to let readers know when they’ve made a grievous error.)

Even worse, when Jamie got in touch via email, they offered him the pittance of £300 as payment.

Time will only tell if they have the audacity to declare in their defence that a vulnerable young writer initially accepted these terms; stealing is stealing, damage is damage, and a pittance is a pittance.

(Perhaps someone at News International will cry ‘poor’ after throwing all their money at Jade Goody… who, we can only assume, had a rare form of cancer that stops tabloids from stealing from you. Either that, or we’ve finally arrived at the stage where tabloids can take what they like from you and do what they want with it if you’re not willing to give Max Clifford 15% of the take.)

Jamie advises me that The Scottish Sun have also issued a private apology, but they’ve laid in heavily with the mitigation and tried a few cons in the process (such as claiming that a similar feature being in The Independent gives them the right to steal his content and hack it to bits because it’s “in the public domain”), so I for one doubt their sincerity; people who are sincere typically don’t lie to you during an apology.

Besides, any apology for a public deed should be conducted in public (and given equal if not greater prominence than the stunt that calls for an apology).

Jamie may yet decide to keep/bank the payment that may cover use of the material to some small extenet, but this does nothing to address the harm done to this man and to his reputation by their reordering and repurposing his material in a way that makes him out to be a tabloid hack who is desperate for victim status*.

(*Ironically, judging by the repeated/shameless tabloid thievery I’ve seen over the years, his status as a cancer victim may be the only thing that earns him a proper apology.)

The offer of payment also fails to address the personal photos that they used – without permission – when presenting Jamie’s material out of context.

This is not only a copyright issue, but also one of reputation and harm.

But even The Scottish Sun deserve a chance to set things right a second chance to set things right.

As we’ve learned in recent weeks, there’s a way of doing these things, and the first order of business is to contact the editor involved so they can initially ignore us, and then issue a few pathetic legal threats.

The details you need appear below, along with a copy of my letter… Round Two to follow:

David Dinsmore
The Scottish Sun
124 Portman Street
Kinning Park
Glasgow G41 1EJ


Dear David,

I am writing to you to demand a public apology (in print) for your disgraceful treatment of Jamie Ross.

That apology should make clear that Jamie’s material was used in your newspaper without permission, edited* without his permission and presented next to personal photos that you did not have permission to use.

(*’Hacked to bits and wanked to the max’ is a better description, but I’ll leave that up to you. You may also wish to apologise for refusing Jamie a right of reply by deleting feedback that he submitted to your website in good faith.)

If I have to explain why this apology is called for, then there really is no hope for you, and we may as well cut straight to the legal threats, because in this open letter (and therefore on my website) I describe you as a shockingly careless editor, if not a manipulative money-grubbing cad, and this – along with the headline ‘David Dinsmore steals from cancer patient’ – will be a top search result for your name in less than an hour.

Make this right. Now.

(Or come and have a go at me because you’re far too precious to apologise. Your call.)


Tim Ireland

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The foundation on which Iain’s joke rested…

He’s really a very good writer, because he had 90,000* visitors a month (he claims) and he’s on the telly a bit. And at least he’s not as impolite and as grossly overweight as Derek Draper. Oh, and these are the qualities that make him deserving of comparison to George Orwell:
Iain Dale – Why I Can’t Accept the Orwell Prize”

The foundation on which our joke rested…

We’re not lying comment cheats like Iain Dale and his followers, and we’re quite confident that (almost**) everybody knows that:
Justin McKeating – CLASH OF THE TITANS: Bloggerheads vs Chicken Yoghurt, Drunk vs Sober
Justin McKeating – Tim Ireland and Iain Dale: time to knock it on the head
Tim Ireland – Justin McKeating is a sock-puppeting git
Justin McKeating – Me and Tim Ireland: time to come clean

(*Psst! Iain! Not every visit is a vote for you.)

(**Well, I say ‘almost’, but Iain’s most faithful readers don’t really count, because they receive – and trust – the carefully edited version of reality. Also, Iain repeatedly publishes false accusations of sock-puppeting about people when they can’t deny it because he’s banned them for complaining about abusive sock-puppeting on his site.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 1, 2009

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

[UPDATE (1 April) – Oh, of course this was a joke. Happy April Fools’ day everyone!]

To be honest, this is not an easy post to write but I’m glad to finally get it off my chest, and I don’t really have any choice now that Justin has gone way, way too far with his sock-puppeting.

Yeah, you heard me… though it won’t come as quite so big a surprise to some people, I’m sure.

What started out last night as a friendly game of ‘sober blogger vs. drunk blogger’ ended with Justin making an inexplicable false accusation about me surfing porn and masturbating (!) while were arguing.

This followed his getting far too drunk and turning on me over Iain Dale’s stunt that followed Glen Jenvey’s paedo-smear.

Iain Dale gave an excuse for his actions that was extraordinarily pissweak, and then hilariously insisted that I accept his excuse *and* keep it confidential. I shared that excuse with Justin McKeating last night, which was a BIG mistake, because Justin was so pissed by that time that he took Iain’s side and attacked me in a dedicated post.

I asked Justin to delete the post, but he refused.

Then Justin McKeating had the temerity to accuse *me* of sock-puppetry while he himself was sock-puppeting on his own website (which is quite possibly the saddest thing you can do, and is itself pretty damn close to masturbation).

He produced as ‘evidence’ of my surfing porn a link in one of my comments on his website that he himself changed soon after I submitted it.

[Appeal to witnesses: please come forward if you watched the exchange last night and saw the URL change.]

Several other comments soon turned up backing Justin’s version of events (before and after he suddenly flipped moderation on), but these were so obviously sock-puppets that I had to say something.

And here’s the bombshell… this is not a first for Justin by any means. He’s been at it for years.

Many if not all of the major posts about sock-puppeting on this site have been aimed at least in part at Justin, in the dim hope that the thick-headed badger-faced twunt would get the message, but no. Instead, he would usually turn up and say “Right on, Tim!” etc. under comments or on his own site, and then go right on doing it.

This has really been weighing on my mind (and getting on my tits!), but I haven’t said anything before now, because:

1. We are political allies, and we have had an agreed policy of never criticising each other

2. I was genuinely worried that the lying manipulative two-faced blog-cheat Iain Dale would use it as ‘proof’ that he and his allies are innocent of all sock-puppetry on his website and others.

“How long has Justin be doing this?” I hear you ask.

Since before I was even accepting comments on this blog is the answer. Even before ‘Chicken Yoghurt’ existed. Oh, and well before the notorious blog-cheats Iain Dale and Paul Staines turned up and mastered the art of sock-puppetry themselves.

Fittingly enough, Justin used to run a website called ‘Bar Room Philosophy’.

[How’s the hangover this morning, sport? So sorry that it’s the least of your problems, but you brought this on yourself.]

Infuriatingly, the wanker used query strings in his URLs on BRP, so very few actual threads have been stored in the Web Archive, but here’s a glimpse of a rare comprehensively-archived page from 2003 that should also explain why I didn’t call him on it when I first caught him at it; we had anti-war protest to get on with, and I was not going to start slagging off allies over a few lousy sock-puppets (especially when I was so busy building/producing/pitching weblogs for others that I didn’t have time to finally sort comments for my own damn site).

‘Bar Room Philosophy’ came and went, but Justin returned in 2005 at ‘Chicken Yoghurt’ to fight the good fight in the general election that halved Blair’s majority.

Well, I say ‘fight the good fight’, but I was constantly forced to delete sock-puppeting comments on Bloggerheads *and* Backing Blair, especially as polling day came and went.

I’m holding back on evidence from my own website until Justin emerges (I don’t want The Privacy Princess bitching needlessly about my publishing old IP addresses) but here’s an example I remember on Justin’s own website that really takes the biscuit; it’s under a post accusing Tony Blair of astro-turfing!

I clearly recall having to delete an exact duplicate of this comment from my own website, because the IP address used to submit it matched Justin’s at the time, and my post didn’t even mention Celia Barlow. I’ll be asking Clive if any deletion logs exist for that example, but I have puh-lenty more; some from my site, and lot and lots and lots and lots and lots from Iain Dale’s.

At one stage, Justin was totally out of control and making ridiculous fake comments in *support* of Iain Dale and trying to make them look like obvious sock-puppets.

Not only is in unfair to frame another webmaster like that (even a blog-cheat like Iain Dale), it’s downright confusing to have to think the sentence; ‘Justin McKeating is pretending to be Iain Dale pretending to be an anonymous supporter’ (and that’s one of the more straightforward examples!)

So, enough is enough. I should have called time on this ages ago, but we’re finally here now, so let’s get this over with:

Justin McKeating is a sock-puppeting git… and I have proof.

Comments shall remain closed until such time that Justin alerts me via private email that he is (a) awake, (b) sober, and (c) ready to answer for his *years* of sock-puppetry.

And if he denies it, I have a pile of evidence ready to show the world.

[Your sock-puppeting ends here, Justin. Ditto for our friendship. But you still have one chance and one chance only to explain yourself at Bloggerheads, and then you are BANNED.]

UPDATE (10:40am) – Justin is still ‘asleep’. This’ll wake him up:

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