Posted by Tim Ireland at June 30, 2008

Category: Flash Music Video, Games and Objects

You will watch my new video. You will link to my new video. You will express your love and admiration for my new video. Once these tasks are complete, you will awake feeling alert and refreshed.

You will watch my new video. You will link to my new video. You will express your love and admiration for my new video. Once these tasks are complete, you will awake feeling alert and refreshed.

You will watch my new video. You will link to my new video. You will express your love and admiration for my new video. Once these tasks are complete, you will awake feeling alert and refreshed.

You will watch my new video. You will link to my new video. You will express your love and admiration for my new video. Once these tasks are complete, you will awake feeling alert and refreshed.

You will watch my new video. You will link to my new video. You will express your love and admiration for my new video. Once these tasks are complete, you will awake feeling alert and refreshed.

You will watch my new video. You will link to my new video. You will express your love and admiration for my new video. Once these tasks are complete, you will awake feeling alert and refreshed.

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 27, 2008

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

Civil action can be quite pricey and sometimes dicey, but for those with no time for critics and no taste for accountability, there is an alternative… call the cops and scream ‘harassment’:

Slugger O’Toole – Power of arrest used against Belfast blogger: I cannot and do not wish to speak to the veracity of Murray’s claims against the individuals named on his website. Free speech is rightly moderated by a civil code that gives both sides the opportunity to put their case before a court of law. There is certainly a case for the involvement of the police if a blogger, or one of their commenters implies physical threats against a specific individual. But I’ve been through Murray’s blog and have not been able to find any evidence of such; which might explain why no charges appear to have been preferred. If Malachi is right, the use of police power of arrest appears to have been used directly against a citizen for criticising several public figures on the Internet. That’s a development that should worry more than just the citizens of Belfast.

[Psst! On the subject of (ahem) strategic use of recent harassment law, do take the time to learn more about Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden.]

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 27, 2008

Category: Gordon Brown, The Political Weblog Movement, The War on Stupid, Tories! Tories! Tories!

1. The reason there aren’t more results for the “Which right-wing ‘blogger’ are you?” quiz; the wannabes (who I’ll be kind enough not to list here) all copy the techniques used by Mummy blogger and Daddy blogger, so there’s very little difference between them. (Outsiders should take note that this quiz relates only to pseudo-bloggers from the right, not genuine bloggers from the right.)

2. The totally non-partisan and not at all right-wing magazine wad of junk mail Total Politics has a chart of the (alleged) “Greatest Speeches of All Time”. There were some red faces yesterday when it emerged that Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech was named one of the very greatest. Not *the* greatest, mind. Only third-greatest. The top two spots are taken by… Ronald Reagan.

(rolls eyes)

Iain’s problem (the same problem experienced with 18 Doughty Street) is going to be that he sees things like this… and doesn’t see a problem.

Another case in point; while lecturing Nelson Mandela on political/moral leadership, Iain has published an outright “Hang Mandela” comment in this discussion thread. Moderation is on (and has been on for months). This means that Iain has to read each comment before it’s cleared for publication. This comment – “Hang Nelson Mandela” – was seen and approved before publication, and not deleted, moderated or challenged by Iain Dale. I can’t wait to hear his excuse for this one. (via)

3. Onto a different but equally distorted world, I’d like to heartily endorse this item from Terence Blacker:

Terence Blacker: A teacher takes off his shirt. Cue panic: It is a simple of story of teacher-bullying, but with the unusual gloss that the child bullies were rewarded by the education authorities, who joined in the campaign of persecution. The victim became the villain. What has been more interesting has been the reaction of other teachers and from the media. While any sane adult or teenager could see that Mr Rouse had merely been a bit of chump, the response in the press has been to eroticise the incident. What the stripping teacher did, the implication has been, had some kind of murky, intimate motive…. A weird and not entirely healthy act of psychological transference seems to be taking place. By interpreting innocent acts, whether taking off a shirt or playing tennis, as erotic, the prudes and pervs of today are revealing their own sexual restiveness.

Well noted, and well said.

Ditto for the Heinz Deli Mayo ad nonsense. The only thing remotely offensive about it is that the (weak) joke relies on a common assumption that women make the sandwiches.

[For the record: (a) a woman makes most of the sandwiches in our house, (b) I have actually used this product, (c) on more than one sandwich that I made myself, and (d) the garlic variety is really quite tasty.]

Moving on…

4. The Times – Labour finish behind BNP in election humiliation: Labour came a humiliating fifth place behind the BNP and the Greens last night in the Henley by-election caused by Boris Johnson’s election as London Mayor. Gordon Brown’s first anniversary as Labour leader began with the party securing only 1,066 votes, losing its £500 deposit, and having its working majority in the House of Commons cut to 65, as John Howell, the Conservative candidate, succeeded Mr Johnson in the Oxfordshire seat.

Ouch. A terrible end to an awful first year for Gordon Brown (more).

(But don’t get me wrong… I’m still glad that this lying, torturing murdering bastard is gone.)

5. Meanwhile another disaster looms… but who will face eviction? That’s right folks, here comes the Big Brother by-election!

(Name/idea blatantly stolen from David Icke, but that’s OK… he still owes me for nicking my images.)

PA – Davis to face 25 rivals in election: David Davis will face 25 other candidates in the Haltemprice and Howden by-election, the acting returning officer has confirmed. The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats have already said they will not take part in the contest. But a range of individuals and smaller parties had officially thrown their hats into the ring by the time nominations closed. These include the well-known conspiracy theorist David Icke, Official Monster Raving Loony Party candidate Mad Cow-Girl and Miss Great Britain, Gemma Garrett. Among the other parties that will be on the ballot paper is the Church of Militant Elvis Party and a representative of Make Politicians History. Nominations for poll closed on Thursday afternoon and voting will be on July 10. (via)

26 housemates and one big eviction night, how can the punters possibly resiszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..snrk*.

Wha? Where? Oh, sorry, dropped off for a bit there.

6. To close, here are some links relating to the Blog Nation event:

Liberal Conspiracy – Pictures from Blog Nation <--- includes links to many more Charlie Beckett – The UK Left Blogosphere: staring defeat in the face
Dave Cole – Blog Nation part 2: qu’est-que c’est le blog?

Don’t expect much from me just yet. I’m a busy beaver for the next few days and I need a leisurely walk or two before I can really think things out.

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 25, 2008

Category: Tories! Tories! Tories!

Telegraph – Conservative expenses row: David Cameron says MPs have to be ‘open and accountable’: David Cameron has pledged to get tough with MPs and MEPs who break the rules over their expenses following a series of Conservative sleaze allegations… “We have got to recognise as MPs it is not enough just to meet the letter of the rules we have to be happy that everything we put in place for funding our offices is something that reasonable and practical people would look at and say ‘That’s OK.'”

Cow cookies!

As usual, Cameron seems like a perfectly reasonable gent until you ask him to deliver something other than a sermon.

UPDATE – Progress on a related matter… well done, Sunny!

Pandora – Dorries in blogosphere battle: Having recently faced defeat over her controversial abortion bill, Nadine Dorries is embroiled in another row – over her website. The Tory member’s blog – which, of course, Pandora reads regularly – has attracted criticism for its personal attacks on opponents. One recent post included a picture of comely housing minister Caroline Flint alongside drawings of the considerably-less-comely Pinocchio. “Don’t call me a liar, minister,” reads the entry. “It will come back to bite you.” Sunny Hundal, editor of the Liberal Conspiracy blog, complained to the Parliamentary Standards Commission, voicing concerns that Dorries may fund the site with taxpayers’ money. “We noticed it a few weeks ago,” Hundal tells me. “We’ve got a letter saying the complaint is to be taken seriously.” Dorries denies using public money. The Commissioner has written urging Dorries to make her funding arrangements known.

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 25, 2008

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

A little treat for you, fresh from the potting shed:

QUIZ: which right-wing ‘blogger’ are you?

Good luck.

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 25, 2008

Category: The War on Stupid

Where's Wally SquadOK folks, it’s time to play an exciting new game called Where’s Wally Squad?

To play this game, all you need is a pair of sharp eyes, and the following information:

This Daily Mail article describes a person who is:

– Present at the anti-Bush demonstration in London on 15 June 2008

– In/near the front line(s) of protestors at the Whitehall barricade before the batons started swinging

– Tall, wearing a white t-shirt, carrying a black rucksack/backpack and “a professional-looking camera with a large telephoto lens”

– Screaming abuse at the police

It is alleged in the Daily Mail article that this person is also a policeman. And probably not an off-duty one.

Finding photos of this person or, ideally, video of him acting as described in this article is a tall order that probably won’t change more than a few minds, but with all those cameras around on the day I think it’s worth a shot.

I’ve browsed around Flickr and YouTube and Indymedia and the blogosphere. One possible match has come up and quickly been eliminated as a contender.

I think getting photographers to have a look through their unpublished photos and/or raw footage is the key here, not least because some of these people are quite likely to recognise other/regular demo photographers (i.e. those that are not undercover policemen sent in to mouth off and justify some good old-fashioned head-kicking).

So, if you’d like to play, go forth to places where such photos/videos are published and get browsing.

If you think you have a lead, or even if you hit a dead end, simply ask those who have captured promising images if they have any more and/or provide them with a link to this Daily Mail article and ask them if they saw the chap described.

Good luck!

I have a new possible match for you, and if anyone can provide any information either way, please speak up. (These are from some previously unpublished photos by Davide.)

UPDATE – Another one we can rule out by the looks of things, but now that Galloway is naming names (see Comments) the hunt should get a lot more interesting.

[Psst! Amusingly, because it was so crowded when our man was (reportedly) in action, the people most likely to have a clear frontal shot of him are… the police.]

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 23, 2008

Category: The War on Stupid

Daily Mail (!) – Was ‘friend’ who yelled abuse at police on anti-war demo a stooge or a thug, asks writer: As a throng of protesters built up by the barriers, an extremely animated demonstrator in a white T-shirt caught my eye. He was near the front screaming abuse at the police and trying to get a friend further back to join him. The second man sheepishly refused his encouragements to edge forward. The man in the T-shirt was tall, well-built and handsome, smiling but with a hint of menace. He pushed aside children and elderly people. He continued to shout slogans such as: ‘Pigs Out.’ On his back was a black rucksack and he carried a professional-looking camera with a large telephoto lens. (via)

Is this him?” asks blogger:

These are grabs from this video captured at the front line. The man matching the description of the writer’s ‘friend’ can be seen at 1:32, 1:45 and 4:30 (i.e. right at the very end).

I’ve scanned through most of the available videos and stills and can’t find (a) any better matches for the description or (b) any clearer shots of this guy.

Perhaps you can do better.


Q: “Is this him?”
A: According to bat020 (and others) it’s not.

See comments for more.

UPDATE – No names under comments, please. But do please sound off if you have illuminating photos/videos to share.

UPDATE (24 Jun) – There’s a solid lead on who is described in the Daily Mail article, but NO NAMES please until we get better photographic or video evidence. Video footage of the git behaving as described in the Daily Mail article would be the clincher.

Some hunting and emailing will be happening in the background today.

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 23, 2008

Category: The War on Stupid

Goodbye, George.

If you have an hour (and a bit) to spare today, I invite you to spend it on one final blow-out.

(And one for Justin.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 20, 2008

Category: Updates

1. Like most people, I’m watching this nest of ants that David Davis has kicked over (latest). Murdoch’s scramble to and from the fight shows that he can’t afford to be seen diddling our democracy, and – candidate or no – The Downing St Echo is still going to do a job on Davis. I think that, at least, is worth documenting…. and I’ve just wasted two days trying to talk myself out of a ‘Sun Watch’ project (backround)… quite unsuccessfully. Your turn. I’m predictably excited by the milky whiteness of a soft underbelly. Maybe you can talk me down.

2. George W. Bush got one ‘man of the people’ photo-op while in the UK. One. Aaaaall the way over in Belfast. And he slam-flunked it.

3. Sorry, but as much as they might deserve it, I’ll not be spoiling someone’s holiday when they’re so clearly in need of one. You’ll have to wait until later to hear about the person who is getting plenty of action and going to interesting lengths to tell me all about it.

4. What an interesting place to start waving your cock about.

5. I just realised it’s been (almost) a year since Blair left Downing Street to line his pockets. Not a lot has changed and not all of this has come to pass yet, but there’s still time:

(BTW, has anyone asked Nadine Dorries and her fundamentalist friends for the latest on when Teh End Times are due and what good work they might be doing to bring them on?)

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 17, 2008

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

Guardian – Kelvin MacKenzie unlikely to stand in byelection : The Sun has not referred to the mooted campaign by its columnist once in print since MacKenzie and Murdoch, the paper’s proprietor, discussed it at a party on Thursday evening for the paper’s editor, Rebekah Wade… Murdoch was thought not to have been consulted before MacKenzie floated the idea of standing with the Sun’s backing. “Kelvin winds Murdoch up and Murdoch winds Kelvin up,” said the former Sunday Times editor Andrew Neil.

Hahahaha! “Murdoch not giant octopus,” says withered tentacle.

A bit late to start backing off now, lads… we all saw you goosestepping over the line like it wasn’t even there.

Related Bloggage:

Septicisle – Cowardy custard: Secondly, how MacKenzie was going to be funded was always going to be difficult: Murdoch himself can’t because he’s a foreigner, the Sun can’t be seen to be funding any candidate, and it was always going to be something questioned as to where his money was coming from.

UPDATE (19 Jun) – Guardian – MacKenzie explains decision not to stand in David Davis byelection: MacKenzie had said he was “90% certain” to challenge the former shadow home secretary – who stepped down to draw attention to the government’s plans to increase the detention limit to 42 days – but in his column in the Sun today he explains why he will not be taking part in the contest. “The clincher for me was the money. Clearly the Sun couldn’t put up the cash….”

Well, clearly. But you and Team Murdoch didn’t seem quite so clear about it a week ago. It looks to me like someone had to tell you:

“Rupert suggested to me that if Labour didn’t put anyone up, that I would run against David Davis, if that’s the case – and Rupert says he’s good for the money… I might well do it.” – Kelvin Mackenzie

I repeat; we all saw you goosestepping over the line like it wasn’t even there.

(Psst! There’s a lovely poster by Beau Bo D’Or here (and a Blunkett-writing-nonsense shock report here).

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