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Fraudulent fuel for the fire

Finally, we see some common sense making it to print here in the UK (see scan to your right or click here for the article (requires payment/subscription)). Here’s what most of the mainstream media folk have been missing/ignoring… Gateway Pundit … Continue reading

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Caught in a pincer movement

This is an interesting post that attempts to interpret the cartoons from a Danish perspective. Be warned that it stretches in places… particularly with the ‘that bomb in the turban is an orange’ theory. This post at DailyKos does a … Continue reading

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The Muhammad Cartoons

Guardian – Anger as papers reprint cartoons of Muhammad: Newspapers in France, Germany, Spain and Italy yesterday reprinted caricatures of the prophet Muhammad, escalating a row over freedom of expression which has caused protest across the Middle East. France Soir … Continue reading

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Guido, the Monkey, and the elephant’s trunk

Blood & Treasure and Never Trust a Hippy have also expressed their distaste at the inaugural/beta ‘Guido & The Monkey’ podcast. The latter link is especially interesting, as the comments contain the oft-repeated sleep-enhancing defence from Recess Monkey that the … Continue reading

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“Our legal advice is that Mark Oaten is not a paedophile.”

Guido – Its The Pod What Did It: Wednesday night, a few drinks, a digital recorder, Guido and a drunken Monkey. A beta podcast for a select few emailed on Thursday. Those of you who heard the podcast will know … Continue reading

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But he’s never at the meetings…

Guardian – Tory rituals: No. 2,384 The Scum – Fox dismisses gay smears Guido notes here that it’s been a major cause for concern at everyone’s favourite shouty-blog.

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Dennis Paul II

You’ve met Dennis Paul before… he produced this impressive pamphlet for the impoverished persons of Guildford. Now he has an unregulated online discussion room (read here or post here) that has – surprise, surprise – been detected and abused by … Continue reading

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Ben comments on the play at a Birmingham theatre had to be cancelled following violent protests from Sikhs. This will lead you to this excellent post at Harry’s Place and news that the play’s writer has gone into hiding following … Continue reading

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