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Posted by Tim Ireland at February 6, 2009

Category: Tolerance

The Times – Carol Thatcher’s golliwog remarks ‘made eyes roll in the green room’: Thatcher, who had been drinking, her spokeswoman admitted, is alleged to have referred to “the golliwog frog”, thought to be a reference to the French player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who has a white French mother and a black Congolese father. As some rolled their eyes and others challenged Thatcher about her use of the word, she is said to have responded, “well, he’s half-golliwog”, prompting Brand to leave the room in disgust.

1. Carol Thatcher just ran out of wiggle-room. I don’t care what was on her damn jam jars while she was clearly failing to grow up, she needs to be pulled up on this to some extent (while stopping short, one would hope, of burning the poor dear at the stake).

2. Derek Draper’s dishonest attack on Iain Dale has blinded a few people to Dale’s bad habit of vouching for people on the basis of what he assumes/asserts took place at an event that he himself did not witness. Compare his certainty that Carol Thatcher did not use/mean the word ‘golliwog’ in a bad way to his certainty that police questioning Damian Green did use/mean the word ‘grooming’ word in a bad way. Dale is a Tory propagandist, and people should stop expecting objectivity from his corner.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 28, 2008

Category: Normal People, Tolerance, US Presidential Election 2008

AP – Skinhead plot news sweeps suspect’s Tenn. hometown: Authorities describe the two as neo-Nazi skinheads, and an affidavit from a federal agent says they devised a plot to kill 88 people – beheading 14 of them. The numbers 88 and 14 are symbolic in the white supremacist community. The killing spree was initially to target a predominantly black school, which was not identified in court documents. It was to end, authorities said, with the two suspects — dressed in white tuxedos and top hats – blasting guns from the windows of a speeding vehicle aimed at Obama.


Just in case you’re in any doubt about Matt Drudge being as big a right wing tool as Paul ‘thirsty’ Staines, it needs to be noted that Drudge used his ridiculously-huge headline spot to push the lies of race-baiter Ashley Todd, but when news emerged of a plot by neo-Nazi skinheads to shoot their way into Obama’s heart, Drudge instead ran with this huge non-story ‘seed of doubt’ item about that candidate, ran this race-related item as a much smaller item buried amongst the dross, and even put the word ‘skinhead’ in quotation* marks:

Partisan twat.

(*No, the news item he linked to did not do this.)


You know, when I go on one of my killing sprees hunting expeditions, what I like to do is shoot every goddamn mouse and rabbit in the field before I move on the big game.

Just to make a statement. About my genius.

UPDATE – Better make that three.


The website Sarah’s Army (hosted at has been widely credited as a major pusher of Ashley Todd’s lies. The author of this site (David Leazenby) pushed the story as undisputed fact and even signed off with the words; “THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!”

But rather than admitting a mistake in an updated version of his post (which many right wings bloggers have done) the author has simply ‘disappeared’ his original article, just to show how sincere he is when he jumps up and down and declares all leftists to be communist operatives pushing an Orwellian future. (If you would like to bitch about that, watch others bitch about that, or simply read the author’s pissweak explanation for dumping his entire article down a nearby memory hole, start here.)

OK, enough background… let’s get to it.

Take a look at the prominent and none-too-subtle message that greets all visitors to his website. Yes, I’ve checked; this is a permanent fixture that greets all visitors…

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 27, 2008

Category: Tolerance, US Presidential Election 2008

A special Ashley Todd treat awaits you below the fold, or click here to open in a new window, ready for printing.


Posted by Tim Ireland at October 27, 2008

Category: Tolerance, US Presidential Election 2008

A woman gets a black eye – without damage to the eyeballs themselves – that looks suspiciously like smeared mascara. The letter ‘B’ is carved into her face – backwards – in a knife attack where the attacker’s touch was so delicate that he didn’t even break the skin. Incredible. Quite literally, as it turns out:

For those who already know what this about, I invite you to experience the satisfaction of watching Ashley Todd do a classic perp-walk:

Ashley Todd has left a long and varied vapour-trail behind, but the most revealing content so far is this carefully-laid trail of bullshit that she left via her Twitter account [more] [more]. Keep in mind that the story that Todd eventually gave to police (just before her arrest) was that she was driving around and “came up with a plan” to manufacture a story about being attacked at a Bloomfield ATM by a black man who was enraged by her John McCain bumper sticker. It’s at this stage that the twittering begins:

atodd: Stubbornly searching for a bank of america to avoid ATM fees.
Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:23:21 +000

atodd: Pretty sure I’m on the wrong side of pittsburgh
Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:45:59 +0000

[Dun-dun-dahhhh! “Gawrsh, it sure is spooky in here this baaaaad neighbourhood. I hope nothing happens to me. Oooh, look – a ‘vote Obama’ poster! I hope I don’t get raped or something! Oh my goodness, I’m about to be cut off mid senten*….”]
[dramatic sting]
[commercial break]

atodd: Oh the blog I will be making soon… Its been a rough night #litf08
Thu, 23 Oct 2008 03:52:58 +0000

[Ashley Todd then makes her false claims of an attack. Later she returns to thank the more gullible members of her audience.]

atodd: Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers- I’m phonebanking so let’s all work together and get John McCain elected #litf08
Thu, 23 Oct 2008 18:55:41 +0000

Also worth a mention is her MySpace profile that (before it suddenly went private) shared this munged song title with the world::

“Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her cloths off, but its better if you do.” – Ashley Todd

Mat Bowles notes that John Moody, Executive Vice-President of Fox news, said: “If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain’s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting.” [more] (So they’re calling the election a little bit early. Again.)

Wonkette notes the helpful contribution of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, a local right-wing newspaper, while Barry Green and note the essential role played by Matt Drudge. [more] (Psst! Drudge is often cited by our cheap carbon-copy, Paul Staines as his primary role model.)

Michelle Malkin has dutifully repeated some outright bulldust in her time, but even she wasn’t going for this. (So it’s her fault that Tinkerbell is dead!)

It cannot be stressed enough that a McCain campaign Communications Director pushed this story, and both John McCain and Sarah Palin called Ashley Todd on Thursday 23rd “to express their concern”. There should be at least one resignation over this, and it should happen today.

Finally, it needs to be highlighted that Ashley Todd is annoyed with the media for publicising her sick publicity stunt! (Ahahahahahahaha! F**king hellski; she could give lessons in projection and sheer bloody cheek to Iain Dale; “I would’ve got away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling kids the peddling I did!”)

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 23, 2008

Category: Tolerance

I’m kind of new here, but as far as I can work out, today is all about giving the BNP a platform in exchange for temporary use of their official trademark.

Well, I do like to play Little Johnny English from time to time, and if I’m to wave the flag today I’d best earn my turn by saying three nice things about the people what own it…

1. I love their ambition:

Petition to: erect a life size statue of Enoch Powell, in Westminster, right next to the one of Margaret Thatcher to mark the 40th anniversary of his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech.

2. I love their modesty:

The 2008 British National Party Election Broadcast has many charms (lovely smiles at 00:24, 01:14 and 01:21), but my very favourite part appears after the numerous cash promises to hard working people. Check it out right about 02:30 for a glorious “Oh, and we also have this policy on immigration…” moment.

3. I love their confidence:

Who does this remind you of?

Video #1 claiming BNP website is “the most popular in politics” with “more hits than all other parties put together” is followed by Video #2 claiming that this involves “thousands of hits per week”. Might be some confusion there.

OK, that’s three niceties. That means I’m good to go for approximately 30 seconds of flag-waving.

So, for England! Let’s have it, then! Huzzah, I… no, wait… what are you…? What the..?!

Well, can’t have any of that!!! Oi! You there! Come back here! Rah!

Posted by Tim Ireland at November 6, 2007

Category: Tolerance

Hopi Sen – Under the rocks are the nasty little bugs: So a Tory PPC has responded to the dog whistle of his leader by barking a little too loudly. Not really a surprise, was it?

Wonderfully put… and the post has earned Hopi a typically polite and detailed rebuttal from Iain Dale.


Posted by Tim Ireland at September 13, 2007

Category: Tolerance

… here’s some light reading for you:

The Stormfront White Nationalist Community discuss the Grell affair.

I strongly advise that you observe and not engage in this instance.

(Please note that this site may be blocked by many providers and workplaces. There’s some background here if you need it.)

UPDATE – Tch. Looks like we’ll be waiting longer than expected…

East London and West Essex Guardian – Verdict delayed in councillor “sex slur” case

… but I’m sure you’ll be happy to learn that you’re not obliged to spend the entire waiting period at Stormfront.

Posted by Tim Ireland at July 18, 2007

Category: Tolerance

I don’t have time to write much today… so I guess it’s a good thing that this renders me speechless.

UPDATE – Some excellent analysis from the ever-reliable Septicisle.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 17, 2006

Category: Tolerance

Given what’s happening in this little corner of the world, I feel it important to make a statement regarding the Inigo Wilson affair. Happily, I can do so simply by agreeing with statements made by Dave:

Backword – Zip Your Gob Or Lose Your Job: I note that all the commenters on the blogs listed above who support MPAC are anonymous and criticise Mr Wilson for using his real name. It’s called having balls, fellas.

And Nosemonkey:

Europhobia – Oh, come on… (again): Hell, I may disagree with this Inigo Wilson chap’s opinions – I disagree with most people’s opinions. But vindictively trying to get someone fired for an opinion expressed outside of the office and in their own time is significantly more offensive than anything contained in that article. He hasn’t broken the law, he hasn’t incited violence or hatred, and – most importantly – unlike those who have got him suspended he hasn’t harmed anyone.

And Stuart Bruce:

A PR Guru’s Musings – Orange PR blogger row grows: I’m all for free speech and that you should be free to say whatever you want, within the law…

UPDATE (18 Aug) – Ah! The latest intelligence seems to suggest a modicum of common sense at work.

As for this corner of the world, the organisations in a position to do something about certain politically-motivated dirtbags prompting their own witch hunt by making baseless/anonymous claims about paedophilia look like they’re going to let the weekend sliiiiiiiiide by.

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 10, 2006

Category: Tolerance

Independent – How a meeting of leaders in Mecca set off the cartoon wars around the world: A summit of Muslim nations held in Mecca in December may have played a key role in stoking outraged protests across the Islamic world against a series of caricatures of the Prophet Mohamed. A dossier of the cartoons, which was compiled by Danish Muslims, was handed around the sidelines of the meeting, attended by 57 Islamic nations including leaders such as Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the Saudi King, Abdullah… Ahmed Akkari, a Lebanese-born Dane and spokesman for a group of Danish Muslims, said the Mecca summit had been the culmination of campaign to publicise the offending cartoons. The group assembled a 43-page dossier that included several unpublished caricatures. However, Mr Akkari denies allegations that the second set of cartoons – which were faxed to Muslim groups by far-right extremists after they protested against the original images – were presented to Muslim leaders without distinction… Mr Akkari said that the violent fallout was not their intention when they compiled the dossier. “We did not expect it to end up in such a situation, and with violence and for people to use it politically. This has now gone further than we had expected.”

A quiet word of advice for Mr Akkari… when the car leaves the ramp and becomes airborne, you will find the steering wheel to be of very little use.

UPDATE – a related item… Talk Politics – Aren’t we forgetting someone, Condi?

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