Dominic Wightman: denials and lies

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Dominic WightmanIn the summer of 2009, my life ground to a halt and publication on ceased for several weeks while police tracked down the origins of a falsified interview with Glen Jenvey that sought to smear, damage, implicate and/or intimidate that man alongside myself, his former working associates Patrick Mercer and Michael Starkey, and the moderator of a leading Muslim website.

When it appeared, Glen Jenvey had just been through a stage where he had been convinced by a then-unnamed third party to smear me as a convicted paedophile, and only just pulled up short of publishing this claim alongside my home address (an ex-directory address provided by this same unnamed person). Jenvey was subsequently interviewed by police, and later reported by them to be a vulnerable adult capable of suicide, if not self harm.

The author of the falsified interview with Glen Jenvey that appeared at around this time also sought to exploit my show of support for a close friend who had sought to combat alcohol addiction by openly blogging his attempts to manage his addiction, and at this stage it was not known if the article had been uploaded to one of its locations before or after Poons took his own life. (A minor saving grace for the publisher: it was before.)

While all of this was happening, a rival blogger Iain Dale was heading his own smear campaign against me using distortions he could not justify and assertions he could not substantiate. Dale could not explain circumstances in which he appeared to take advantage of my being smeared as a paedophile, and he was knowingly peddling a different but equally serious libel against Tom Watson at the time. Plus (and this is rare for his site) Dale was holding a thread open so anyone would be able to publish anything they pleased immediately on his site (i.e. to better enable his libelling of Tom Watson, occasionally by ‘accident’). In these circumstances he sought to avoid any discussion of his appalling conduct by portraying himself as a victim of stalking and me as a danger to others. Dale later deleted the relevant claims, though he refuses to retract them and even repeats some of them from time to time. There have been various ongoing consequences of these lies and distortions, but at the time my primary concern was that it generated a cloud of hostile sock puppets that served as cover for a single unknown and potentially dangerous operative.

So, to be clear on this point:

Publication ceased on at the time because of this high risk to others; there was an unknown player on a poorly-policed field who was willing to go to extraordinary lengths to damage almost everyone involved in the story I had been investigating.

(*Emphasis on the ‘unknown’. If it was not someone with a vested interest in the story, for example, then that made them even more dangerous.)

At the time I had a serious interest in defending myself against the different (but soon to be intertwined) smear campaign initiated by Iain Dale, and I even held evidence that showed the concerns I sought to contact him about were entirely justified… but I couldn’t publish it. The only responsible course of action was to leave the matter in the hands of the criminal justice system, at least until the police had attempted to determine who the author was.

At one worrying stage, police felt unable to continue because of the usual difficulty/expense in compelling foreign web providers to reveal user data such as IP addresses, so I went out and secured this data myself and presented it to police as follows (in two parts):

The document was uploaded to – – and the properties of the downloadable versions tell me that the creator of the original Word .DOC document was ‘Adninistrator‘ (note spelling), and that it was created on 12 May 2009 23:09:00, the fourth and final writing task involving 66 Minutes of editing time. It was not uploaded until approximately 2132 GMT on May 14 2009

The second version published on went live on June 21, however, the profile used to publish it (also under the name ‘J Reynalds’) was registered on May 13, 2009. There is little doubt that both uploads were the work of the same person, and the IP data surrendered by relates to that May 13 registration event:
IP address:
Datestamp: Wednesday, 13 May 2009, 09:21:49 [UTC+1 hour BST]

The police traced that registration event to a broadband account at the home of Dominic Wightman, a man who had for months previous to this been posing successfully as an informant concerned about the conduct of Glen Jenvey and another man who happened to be a former associate of his; Michael Starkey.

Dominic Wightman was the person who ‘found’ the falsified interview, and he even asked me if I had written it when he first arrived with his ‘discovery’. Wightman then tried to blame authorship on a series of people, including Michael Starkey.

(See the article by Tom Mills and David Miller that alerted me to the truth about Dominic Wightman and his many vendettas against former associates – The British amateur terror trackers: A case study in dubious politics)

But even though I was later asking police if Dominic Wightman was involved when they were preparing to visit his home (!) the investigating officers denied his involvement and did not make the connection themselves because the relevant broadband account was in his wife’s name.

Subsequently, the police were poorly-prepared when they interviewed Wightman in September 2009, and they all-too-readily bought his story that he had not authored the falsified interview, and had instead merely uploaded it.

In his defence, Wightman claimed to have acted foolishly/hastily in not reading what he had uploaded, and so pretended to have no idea at the time about content in it that might harm or alarm me or anyone else.

Wightman later expanded on this same story for the benefit of the right-wing blogging audience:

“… my local supporters (including the MP) want Ireland downed. He has already admitted to me I am the sole reason he’s not written on hs blog for 2 months. He is a vicious bully and I will not sit back and get slaughtered by him without telling the world how to silence a big bully, how I did it, that I am not particularly proud of how I did it but that yes I did it. There MUST BE a mix here of eating humble pie and sabre-rattling or I will be walked over. I must also bring the right wing blog alliance on my side and to do this I need to show that I have been capable of bringing down the most famous left wing blogger, albeit temporarily, that ever existed in the UK.” – Dominic Wightman in an email from September 2009

And here is the guts of the story he eventually settled on:

“This tale is ripe for comment on ‘once and never again’, as other commentators will try and slur and blur the facts. What some would call ‘smear’, and my lawyers shan’t be having any of that. The fact is I am being blamed by an Australian blogger, who regrettably lives over here in England, of putting an article not written by me on a couple of other sites. Not once have I claimed its authorship, and its contents have been checked by the authorities, and are not considered by any means abusive. What I did by forwarding this work to a few article databases, there is no law against, and something that happens a million times a day online. Incidentally, this is something the blogger in question is accused of doing himself many times by other users of, and commentators on, the internet. But let’s focus on my actions, not his.” – Dominic Wightman, from an audio recording intended for publication, September 2009

In this audio, Wightman seeks to deny something the article is not accused of doing (it contained far worse than mere abuse) while denying authorship of the article.

Wightman also hilariously minimises his actions as ‘uploading some words to a site’ (in much the same way that another Tory excused his publication of my unlisted home phone number on his site as ‘just sharing a series of numbers’) while accusing me of the same dastardly act.

At the time I asked Wightman many times if he had written the falsified interview. At first he was merely evasive, then he accused me of being paranoid and a bully, but he did at one stage dare to deny it (while pretending he had already done so):

“No, I didn’t write that piece as stated clearly in the past.” – Dominic Wightman, in an email to me, September 2009

Then, after many demands from Wightman that we arrange a meeting so he could explain himself in person, he accused me of stalking him, effectively refusing all contact while publishing what he knew to be damaging lies about me on his website.

(A carbon copy of Iain Dale’s position; the only differences being that Dale had a cut-price lawyer sign his ridiculous letters off for him, and he has a lot more people flocking around him willing to sock-puppet/echo on his behalf.)

Wightman continues to deny writing the fake interview in question; his position is that he found it and uploaded a copy of it to other sites, without really looking at it in any detail, merely to get Michael Starkey’s name and his past association with Glen Jenvey into the public domain.

This was an outright lie, and yesterday I happened across evidence that will help to establish it as such once and for all.

In 2009, Dominic Wightman had convinced a man named Adrian Morgan to help him with his website. Morgan immediately parted ways with Wightman when he found out what he was up to, and he has since shared with me a series of .DOC documents sent to him by Wightman, involving multiple emails across a series of dates before and after the period when the falsified interview with Jenvey was written and uploaded.

The properties of Wightman’s .DOC documents repeatedly revealed an otherwise-generic username rendered unique by the cack-handed way it is spelled:


As I told police early in 2009:

the creator of the original [falsified interview] Word .DOC document was ‘Adninistrator‘ (note spelling), and that it was created on 12 May 2009 23:09:00, the fourth and final writing task involving 66 Minutes of editing time…

66 Minutes of editing time.

Dominic Wightman didn’t quickly copy and paste this article as he claimed to the police; he authored some if not all of it over more than an hour on his own computer.

Paul Wheeler (Farnham CID) told me that Wightman claimed not to be the author of this fake Jenvey/Reynalds interview that led police to his door; that he claimed to have merely uploaded it and genuinely thought it to be the work of a former ally of Jenvey’s named Jeremy Reynalds. Wightman said this knowing that Reynalds denied it vehemently at the time, and that he (Wightman) had instead repeatedly tried to blame Starkey for it (while pretending to have ‘found’ the article on a site when he himself had uploaded it). Wightman knew I was deeply concerned about the fake interview, who was behind it, and what they might be capable of, and he chose not to confess or even alleviate my concerns in any way. Instead, he not only alerted me to it and repeatedly enhanced any concerns I may have had about it, but repeatedly tried to suggest that Starkey was behind it.

Wightman also pretends that he was not reliably informed of Jenvey’s vulnerable state until after he spoke to police, but this too is a lie. Wightman knew, and after he found out that Jenvey had attempted suicide once and was likely to harm himself again, Wightman continued this charade and others, even taunting Jenvey directly by email at times.

Wightman also flaunted needlessly cruel revelations about Jenvey’s personal life and state of mind on his site while feigning concern for the man’s condition. In one such article, Wightman contended that Glen Jenvey confessed to acting alone when smearing me as a paedophile, but Wightman knows that Jenvey confessed to police that another unnamed person was involved; he even tried to suggest it was Michael Starkey at the time. It was only after Jenvey’s claim about Wightman’s role went public that Wightman began to contend that Jenvey acted alone and part-base his denials on this ‘fact’ he invented.

Here we turn fully to the matter of the unnamed party who initially convinced Jenvey that I was a convicted paedophile and what Wightman has recently said in denial after I have repeatedly spoken of his involvement in this dangerous smear:

“So, where has Ireland got it in his bonnet that I called him a paedophile? Possibly from the vulnerable adult Glen Jenvey who admitted to creating a paedophile smear about Tim Ireland back in 2009 all by himself? (Repeat – all by himself – I wasn’t even in touch with the man back then and certainly didn’t pull his strings as Ireland claims). ” – Dominic Wightman, published on his site, April 2011

These are more lies from a man who tells the most reckless and dangerous lies without hesitation. Dominic Wightman was in email contact with Glen Jenvey before, during and after the paedo-smear event and I can prove it. I can also produce evidence of Wightman furnishing Jenvey with my home address prior to his outburst when he repeated the accusation on dozens of websites.

(Once again, a big ‘thank you’ to Rachel Whetstone at Google for refusing to remove these.)

Despite his denials, Dominic Wightman was in touch with Glen Jenvey back then, and knowingly exploited a vulnerable adult, even after he discovered that man was regarded by police to be at risk of suicide and other forms of self harm.

Hilariously, Wightman now pretends not to have believed this privileged information until police told him themselves, when this does nothing to excuse the way he conducted himself afterwards.

Here’s an example of his conduct and contact with Jenvey in late 2009, after he had been reminded by police of Jenvey’s vulnerable state:

“Well that is odd you freak. I met [police] about you last week. We are all discussing ways of getting you cut off from your computer. Get some medication. ” – Dominic Wightman, in an email to Glen Jenvey after being interviewed by police, September 2009

At more or less the same time as writing this, Wightman was trying to project responsibility for Jenvey’s agitated state onto me, through the false identity of ‘Dick Walker’, in the form of some laughingly loaded questions from someone claiming to be doing “research on bloggers”…

“How do you feel about the victims you create by attacking your targets? Would you plead guilty for manslaughter if you pushed one of your victims to suicide?” – Interview questions by Dominic Wightman (via the identity ‘Dick Walker’), September 2009

… before publishing a more overt version of this smear on his website, this time under his own name:

“Pushing blog victims often into a suicidal state is nothing to be proud of and something the Internet could really do without… How long before Ireland’s venom actually kills someone?” – Dominic Wightman, published on his site, September 2009

Wightman/Walker also sought to use some of these loaded questions to excuse his conduct in the falsified interview (while at the same time denying authorship):

“You publicly have admitted to once being an alcoholic, correct? Is not your success in overcoming the addiction to alcohol a success you should celebrate publicly and share with others who might be going through the same kind of addictions?” – Interview questions written by Dominic Wightman (via the identity ‘Dick Walker’), September 2009

But there can be no question now about Dominic Wightman both writing and publishing the falsified interview with Glen Jenvey, and the following is just a small sample of the lies he originated, then published and attributed to his former associates Jenvey and Starkey though this method:

(Please note that this is only a sample, and it has been edited in places to protect a series of targets.)

JR: Glen, in England you are now known as the man who makes up stories about Muslims. What is your side of the story?

GJ: Basically there is a lot of fuss about nothing. A website run by Islamic extremists altered its posts to entrap me into making it seem that I fabricated evidence which was negative towards Muslims. They know that they published a hit list of Jewish assassination targets in Britain and that I caught them red handed publishing the list. Basically they are friends with other extremists from the political left including a stupid blogger Tim Ireland and they together have tried to smear me. But they have failed miserably to smear me because the press in Britain has continually ignored them and their story about me while continuing to accept the validity of my stories.

JR: So Tim Ireland is someone who smears those who expose the wrongdoings of Islamic extremists?

GJ: Yes. Basically he is just a small-time carping Australian blogger and self-confessed alcoholic who lives in a council house in the South of England who likes to hassle people who go about their daily business so he can make a name for himself. He is someone who will get into bed with anyone for any small story even people who carried out 7/7. He has upset a lot of people and has lots of enemies after him including the cops and some members of the press.

JR: How has Ireland’s smear affected your work and relations within the counter terrorism community in England?

GJ: All my actual contacts are intact and I still inform the cops and my security service links and diplomatic contacts are the same as before here and abroad. But now I basically try to avoid journalists and politicians because they do make stuff up for a living; their whole lives are founded on a bed of lies.

JR: Do you still work with Patrick Mercer, the Conservative politician?

GJ: No.

JR: Is that something you regret?

GJ: No. I used to respect Patrick actually but now I just see him as a fair-weather friend, like all politicians he is self serving and he lacks knowledge in the area. He has amateurish people around him like many backbenchers do. I feel that he has never been told that he is actually very average and he has shown that by the mistakes he has made.

JR: Like what?

GJ: Patrick was an actual racist which is why he resigned as a minister. I think privately he is a racist whatever he says or does publicly. That is what David Cameron thinks which is why Mercer has no future in the Conservative party when it comes to the next government. There are other actual reasons too but I’d like to keep quiet about them for now.

JR: Are you Richard Tims?

GJ: No, not as the Ummah website made out that I was Richard Tims.

JR: So who is Richard Tims as on the recording made by Tim Ireland it was clear that you used the name Richard Tims as an assumed name?

GJ: Basically I never denied using the assumed name Richard Tims for emails or as an ID on the Ummah website. But I do deny allegations that I fabricated evidence and that is why I had my hard drive checked soon after the allegations appeared and that is why I am taking Ummah to court and have lodged complaints with the police and the PCC relating to the allegations. Ummah knew that I used the name Richard Tims before the posts went up on their site.

JR: Is it true that you posted material on the Internet suggesting Tim Ireland was a paedophile?

GJ: No there is no proof of that. Tim Ireland has a history of being unstable and he probably posted that sort of material himself. He even calls himself Manic. Manic by name – manic by nature. The man is a loser. If he didn’t post the material himself it was the idiot who runs Ummah called [name snipped] who is well known to the police and has a history of criminal activity as well as a dysfunctional family.

It’s worth noting that even though Wightman denies authoring this, he has repeatedly returned to the same accusations it makes against me, often publishing them under his own name (e.g. that I am an undesirable alien sponging off the state, that I fabricate these attacks against myself in order to gain sympathy, that I am a substance abuser, an associate of Islamic extremists, etc. etc. etc.)

Basically, Wightman’s denials are contradicted by his own behaviour, as well as the new evidence tying him to authorship of the falsified interview that threatened to do so much damage to so many people.

Further, I now have the email you have already seen, where Wightman actually spells out why he later pretended on his site to have done all of this by accident rather than design*:

(*It should be obvious why he maintained this pretence with police. )

“I am not particularly proud of how I did it but that yes I did it. There MUST BE a mix here of eating humble pie and sabre-rattling or I will be walked over. I must also bring the right wing blog alliance on my side and to do this I need to show that I have been capable of bringing down the most famous left wing blogger, albeit temporarily, that ever existed in the UK.” – Dominic Wightman in an email from September 2009

Dominic Wightman is engaging in an ongoing smear campaign against me and others because… we caught him engaging in a smear campaign against me and others.

I have enough evidence, I am sure, for a rock-solid civil case covering damn near everything Wightman has set in motion against me, right up to and including Wightman’s repeated use of smears of paedophilia and worse as political weapons.

The only reason this is unlikely to proceed is that I will almost certainly be left footing the bill, as Wightman is also the type of person who will declare himself bankrupt in order to avoid debts he does not agree with.

Meanwhile, a series of Conservative MPs (and one wannabe) are allowing Wightman to trade off their ill-deserved credibility, and I am left wondering where the limit is for these people, and what lengths Dominic Wightman has to go before they will take a stand against the man, or even dare to contradict him.

Hell, Nadine Dorries has actively endorsed Wightman’s accusations of stalking because it suits her needs, and I hope to reveal a lot more about that can of worms very shortly.

UPDATE (21:30). – Some passages have been amended to make it clearer to the casual reader that at no time did Adrian Morgan knowingly contribute to Dominic Wightman’s smear campaigns.

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