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Posted by Tim Ireland at March 23, 2005

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Read this. Now.

(Link via Chicken Yoghurt.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 11, 2005

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Comedian Dave Allen dies aged 68
Dave Allen: Your tributes

I remember watching Dave Allen (mostly on Dave Allen at Large) in the back room with my father when I was not quite old enough to be up late watching TV. Or Dave Allen, for that matter. My current status as an eclectic agnostic can be attributed (at least in part) to these late nights.

So it’s true. Television does rot the brain, and you should blame the parents.

PS – I’m pleased to discover that my favourite Dave Allen moment struck a chord with another viewer who has ensured that it is preserved in Usenet.

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 9, 2005

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Via ScaryDuck and Media Watch Watch and Europhobia and Nick Barlow and…

There’s a brand new take on MediaWatchUK that will make you laugh like a drain. I’m going to link to that site and another with the requisite Google-juice. You may wish to do the same.

Mediawatch UK
Christian Voice

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 1, 2005

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Stephen Green (more here) appears to have gone mad with power and is now targeting abortionists.

This quote shows how delusional this man is and how difficult it’s going to be to deal with him…

“Perhaps the Lord thinks I have got a certain gift. With all the hate mail I have been getting, I am obviously rattling Satan’s cage.”Stephen Green.

UPDATE – Stephen Green feels he is above the law, BTW…

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 4, 2005

Category: Christ..., Video

Oh. My. God. (12.6Mb WMV file)

UPDATE – Ooh, look… here’s the site of the guy who made it (link via BoingBoing).

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 20, 2005

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BBC – US right attacks SpongeBob video
(link fixed)

New York Times – Conservatives Pick Soft Target: A Cartoon Sponge

Hooray for James C. Dobson.

UPDATE – Meet a fan of Mr Dobson.

UPDATE – My, my, my… what a lovely man he is.

Some Bush Supporters Say They Anticipate a ‘Revolution’: Dr. James C. Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family and an influential evangelical Protestant, said he had issued a warning to a “White House operative” who called yesterday morning to thank him for his help. Dr. Dobson said he told the caller that many Christians believed the country “on the verge of self-destruction” as it abandoned traditional family roles. He argued that “through prayer and the involvement of millions of evangelicals, and mainline Protestants and Catholics, God has given us a reprieve.”… “But I believe it is a short reprieve,” he continued, adding that conservatives now had four years to pass an amendment banning same-sex marriage, to stop abortion and embryonic stem-cell research, and most of all to remake the Supreme Court. “I believe that the Bush administration now needs to be more aggressive in pursuing those values, and if they don’t do it I believe they will pay a price in four years,” he said.

UPDATE – Let the word go out from this day forward:
SpongeDob Stickypants

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 19, 2005

Category: Christ...

I have my answer from Stephen Green of Christian Voice regarding the circular at the centre of the Jerry Springer protests.

I asked him the following question via email on Jan 11:

Dear Mr Green,

Can you confirm that the email quoted below originated from Christian Voice as you suggest in this Guardian article?,3604,1387292,00.html

And over the weekend I got this reply:

From: Christian Voice
To: Tim Ireland
Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2005 6:41 PM
Subject: Re: FAO Stephen Green – JS:TO circular

Dear Tim,
Thank you for your email. No, that isn’t from me. I would not use that many explanation marks.
Yours sincerely,
Stephen Green, M.A.
National Director, Christian Voice

Yesterday, I asked for permission to publish this answer… and for clarification that it did not come from him or from anyone else in his organisation. He just sent me this:

“It was not a Christian Voice email in any sense, nothing to do with us at all.”

So there’s my answer. I’ll continue to try and backtrack the email to its source. The information I get from my FOI request(s) should at least suggest the date it was first released, which will help a great deal with that backtracking.

The purpose of all this, of course, is to find the source of the email and demand (ahem) an exclamation.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 15, 2005

Category: Christ...

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 13, 2005

Category: Christ...

Washington Post – Va. Missionaries Talk of Raising Muslim Tsunami Victims in Christian Home: A Virginia-based missionary group said this week that it has airlifted 300 “tsunami orphans” from the Muslim province of Banda Aceh to Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, where it plans to raise them in a Christian children’s home… Most of the religious charities do not attach any conditions to their aid, and many of the larger ones – such as WorldVision, Catholic Relief Services and Church World Service – have policies against proselytizing. But a few of the smaller groups have been raising money among evangelical Christians by presenting the tsunami emergency effort as a rare opportunity to make converts in hard-to-reach areas.

I can see it now: “Now children, do you remember yesterday when we were talking about the tsunami being a punishment from the One True God…?”

This is why a wry smile crossed my face when I heard yesterday that Brown plans to get the US involved in his plan for Africa… especially when one of the central issues is the AIDS epidemic. He’s fooling himself if he thinks the US won’t have a bunch of ‘moral’ conditions attached.

Carriers & Barriers – Condoms, AIDS and the HIV Virus

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 12, 2005

Category: Christ...

The Christians have made a stand – but will Athiests?

Below is a transcript of a television billing that is scheduled to be shown on BBC 1 on Sunday 16th January 2005 at 5:15pm (unless we get enough people to complain).

“BBC2 plans to broadcast Songs of Praise on National Nothing Day of all days! This regular musical presentation, notorious for containing the choral presentation of over 25,000 references to the words, ‘Christ’, ‘Lord’, ‘God’ and ‘Almighty’, depicts the characters of Jesus, Mary and God as infallible beings who give and receive love following a horrific series of events in Jerusalem, all in the name of religion. 12,500 hymns have been sung on Songs Of Praise over the last 40 years. That’s over 30 million celebratory references to religious figures that are openly offensive to those who deny their existence. Hymns often include claims that one can live without food or even live forever! The most popular hymn on the programme is called ‘How Great Thou Art’ – a stark challenge to all atheists! Nevertheless, the show is scheduled to be transmitted without any cuts.”

If you disagree with the BBC’s plan to broadcast this material, please register your feelings with the BBC tel 08700 100222) or OfCom ( tel 0845 456 3000). Could you also forward this message to anyone else you feel would want to be aware of this. This does make a difference – 500 calls are considered as a very significant complaint, so I am sure we can do this!!!!!!!!! You need to complain to both OfCom and the BBC.

The following URL is a direct link to the Ofcom website – and to register a complaint online. Please make use of this:

Please forward this message to as many people as possible, because time is of the essence as the 16th Jan gets nearer!

*This is obviously a joke. Please don’t.

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