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Call for Google-juice!

Read this. Then do this: ignorant bigots That is all.

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Christian Voice – Stephen Green

You. Must. Read. This. Now. Then forward it to everyone you know. Send them a copy of this as well if you like: If you don’t have a (free) Guardian registration, get one just to read this (it’s worth … Continue reading

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Tara Conlan and John Beyer: Careful Now….

I’ve been wearing my Angry Pants for 3 days now. I’ve tried turning them inside-out, but I think the time has come to drop them in the laundry basket. I also have my hands on a lot of new data. … Continue reading

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Tara Conlan and John Beyer have misled the Christian community

John Beyer and Tara Conlan may want to look up their names in Google, MSN or Yahoo this morning… it should give them a little lesson in how weblogs work. Thanks also to everyone who has chipped in with useful … Continue reading

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Jerry Springerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr —- breeeeeath—- *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….rah!

Huzzah! What a cracker! I’m going to be busy digging and sorting and emailing and working tomorrow and Monday. What I would really, really like to see (if you have the time) is some feedback from anyone who actually watched … Continue reading

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Jerry Springer: chat and post request

If you are chatting/posting (or if you were chatting/posting) during Jerry Springer – The Opera, I’d like to get some links or see some logs. Please save them and/or send them my way.

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Tara Conlan: shameless

Congratulations, Daily Mail; you just sold a newspaper. I knew you’d be too gutless to put something like this online… Extract from print version of the Daily Mail – Sat Jan 08 2004: BBC bosses get death threat as 50,000 … Continue reading

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Murdoch speaks all Aussie-like regarding the f**king swearing on the BBC

By jingo, by crikey! Were you to read the fuggin’ Weegend Oztralyan, yew wood lurn that us poms ain’t got no sense at awl no-ow. Weekend Australian – BBC blasted over Springer show: Christian protesters set fire to their television … Continue reading

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John Beyer, Tara Conlan, Rupert Murdoch and the Echo Chamber

OK, Mr Angry Pants is online…. I’ve been in touch with Roly Keating’s office. Sadly they do not have a record or recording of the exchange that led to the following ‘quote’ in the Dec 3 Mail article: At BBC2’s … Continue reading

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Jerry Springer, the BBC, Mediawatch UK, and those f**king c**ts at The Sun

Today, Page 3 girl Ruth (22, from Kent) ‘can’t believe’ the Beeb is showing Jerry Springer The Opera. She says: “I’m not surprised they’ve had complaints about the swearing. Why can’t they plug the Saturday night telly gap with good … Continue reading

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