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Posted by Tim Ireland at March 30, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

Watch this. Pause. *Then* read this.

This is funny.

This isn’t.

(This is mildly amusing, though.)

Christian Voice begs for cash.

Here are some lip-syncing tips for Flash animation.

The voices! The voices!

Look! A squirrel!

I had a play with Copyscape yesterday (link via The Ultimate Insult). I mostly found a few XML feeds that I was unaware of, and not a lot of lifted text. It turns out that most of the stuff that gets ripped off from Bloggerheads is pictures and Flash movies.

Speaking of which… Cublo Games contains some Flash goodness (both classic and fresh). The site’s a bugger to navigate (and I can’t link to individual games) but someone has decided to save and host this little number, which doesn’t appear on the main website for some reason.

BBC – ‘Vigilantes’ set for Mexico border patrol: From 1 April, groups of volunteers from across the US will spend up to a month camped out in the inhospitable Arizona desert. But this is no ordinary hunting or camping trip. Armed with night vision goggles, radios and light aircraft, their quarry are the hundreds of immigrants who each night seek illegally to cross the wire fence separating the US from Mexico.

The official site is here. I’m not sure if it’s cynicism or optimism that makes me suspect that this is a joke.

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 29, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

The Happy Poster Project is enjoying a revival thanks to this little outing at Metafilter.

Scott (who has recently learned that Teh Beatles are evil) has reported turning up to work to see one of the posters gracing a colleague’s wall.

Also, while poking around to see where this spread to from Metafilter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), I discovered a woman named/assumed as the subject of JPEG Baby (SFW pics on NSFW site).

OK, OK… I know they’re just chasing the search engine traffic, but it’s still cute.

UPDATE – Oooh, lookie! I’ve reached the Netherlands again.

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 21, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

Or I will eat your children.


Posted by Tim Ireland at February 10, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

Only about 8 hours to go on B3ta’s landmark advertising auction and the bidding has just gone a nudge over 200 squid.

UPDATE – Winning bid 404.90. Pity. I thought they’d crack a grand at least.

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 8, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

Shmoo Group exploit: 0wn any domain, no defense exists: Shmoocon ended today. And just to prove The Shmoo Group wasn’t sitting on their asses for the entire time while planning the con – A new exploit was demo’d by EricJ that left all jaws our on the floor. Want to own ANY domain? Want a trusted SSL cert for it? Check it out here.

Holy crap in a crud-bucket! Can anybody else hear the sound of screen doors opening and shutting in the background?

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 4, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

Some complete jerk has – in the past 3 days – started a trackback-spamming effort (with multiple IPs) for his ‘online casino’ and ‘texas holdem poker’. He’s hit this site and Boris’s. If you’re quick, you’ll be able to see an example of his trackback-spam here at

If I find you who he is, I’m going to track him down, go to his house and spray-paint my domain name on his garage door.

I hate spamming twunts!

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 29, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

I have a few things to share with you….

Avery Ant is running for Pope. I thought you should know.

Cleaning coins with Cillit BANG! This comes to us via the latest B3ta newsletter, and contains vital consumer information.

EPIC 2014. Yes, I’ve seen it, but people keep sending it. People like Toby. So we can assume from this that he missed me blogging it.. therefore we can assume that you may not have seen it either. So go and see it. If you haven’t already.

We have Mr Schmitt to thank for the glorious link Everything I Need To Know I’ve Learned From Iron Maiden. It looks a bit odd in Firefox, so you may have to crack it open in IE to read it properly… but the author still deserves an A. Well, an A-. Because of the Firefox thing, you understand.

Learn more about Lynton Crosby. He’s the Aussie the Tories have hired to mastermind their election strategy. I plan to kick his arse and Milburn’s in the coming weeks. Assuming I don’t get locked up for having suspected links to the Manningtree Animal Rights Collective first. (I found this article myself because I’m stalking Crosby with Google News Alerts. That’s the kind of thing suspected terrorists do when they have access to Teh Interwebs.)

Eliot Weinberger – What I Heard about Iraq

That’s a bloody good read, that is. Cheers to Pete for the link.

Finally, here’s today’s headline article from the Independent

Robert Fisk – This election will change the world. But not in the way the Americans imagined: America has insisted on these elections – which will produce a largely Shia parliament representing Iraq’s largest religious community – because they are supposed to provide an exit strategy for embattled US forces, but they seem set to change the geopolitical map of the Arab world in ways the Americans could never have imagined. For George Bush and Tony Blair this is the law of unintended consequences writ large.

Via Exit Strategy is on BBC One at 10:15pm on Sunday: As Iraq holds historic elections, Panorama presents a major film examining the state of Iraq today. Will the elections put the country on the road to peace – or push it deeper into war?

You may also want to catch T4 this Sunday (1pm, Channel 4) to see Tony Blair get down with Teh Kids.

That’s about it. For now. I hope to have an extra treat for you later. If you’re good.

UPDATE – The Guardian just reported that Iraq polling stations are already under attack.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 27, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

I wrote the Crazy Frog post because I initially suspected that Jamster had been a little (ahem) liberal with their approach to copyright. Happily, I was proved wrong. In that case.

But now the ‘hilarious interweb virals’ range from Jamster is being expanded to include a similar approach to some ‘cute’ chicken thing and Hamster Dance… and this time Claymore over at Adland appears to have the goods on them:

I Smell a Rat – An Uncaged and Curious Rodent-Based Doppelganger in AdLand

UPDATE – BBC – ‘The Crazy Frog sound? That’s my fault.’

As you can see, I am often called upon to comment on matters of great import.


Posted by Tim Ireland at January 24, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

A word to the wise: the Google Image Search database appears to have been updated. Finally.

(This only happens once every 12 months, which means that GIS is one of the crappiest aspects of Google’s service. But there’s new stuff there from today, so it’s worth having a poke around.)

UPDATE – Oh, and Google Video Search has launched just a few short weeks after Yahoo Video Search. The main difference between the two is that Google seems more aware than Yahoo of the possible unwanted strain on bandwidth this will lead to on some small sites; Yahoo appears to have begun with a general scoop and then allowed webmasters to add content if they wish, while Google has started only with content from US broadcasters and then allowed webmasters to add content if they wish.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 20, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

Google has a plan to combat comment spam.

Movable Type, SixApart and Yahoo are on board.

The problem is, we’ll know it works and the comment spammers will know it works… but will the people who get sold comment spam as a service know it works?

After all, there are still people who buy into the ‘listing your site with hundreds of search engines and directories’ line of bull because they think it will help with their link popularity.

For now, I think I’ll stick with registration. People who comment on this site contribute greatly to the content. I would think this warrants a little Google-juice. A ‘wipe-out’ tag like the one Google is planning pretty much destroys what I consider to be a natural, fair and valuable exchange system. So – for now – I’m keeping mine in place.

(OK, so abuse of the system by comment spammers is really to blame here… it’s just that outright amputation always comes as a bit of a shock. You sit there looking at what’s left of your limb and can’t help but wonder if there weren’t a way to save it.)

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