Posted by Tim Ireland at June 4, 2009

Category: Tolerance

This is a photo from a friend’s private collection. I hereby dedicate this scan to all the little Hitlers of the world.

Bless them, their ickle jackboots, their adorably unsteady goose-stepping, and most of all their dream of not only annexing the sandpit, but (one day) the entire playground.

It's a little Hitler

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 4, 2009

Category: Tolerance

Right-click, ‘save us’, upload to Twitter, then tweet:

Easy. Now go out and vote.

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Posted by Tim Ireland at June 4, 2009

Category: Tolerance

MINI-UPDATE – see also: The Daily Quail – Why the BNP hate Britain

The BNP decided last night that they would (finally) broadcast their policies instead of riding the expenses scandal. Meanwhile, they’ve urged all of their activists to share their policies push the ‘protest vote’ message wherever they go.

Today I’ll mostly be on Twitter and spreading the word that #theBNParetwats – but I will also be adding to this post as the day goes by to show you what really lurks behind the BNP’s published policies.

Email or message me if you’d like to contribute to the fisking of these ’10 reasons to vote BNP’, or simply share the love on YouTube with the Billy Brit trilogy box set: | |

Also, if you’re on Twitter, please consider changing your profile image to something suitably anti-BNP and RTing this message.

And now, on with the fisking of ’10 Reasons Why You Should Vote BNP’ (be warned that relevant links go direct to the BNP website):

Reason to vote BNP number 1: Workfare not Welfare – BNP Housing and Welfare Policy.

NCCLols takes a closer look at this; one thing he highlights is the oft-repeated myth of a housing crisis driven by immediate handovers to ‘illegal asylum seekers’ and the like. As many people struggle to understand, the BNP are calling for radical change to reverse/correct something that isn’t really happening.

I’ll field this one a bit, too; they oppose what they describe as “social engineering” before proposing their own social engineering scheme (a theme they often return to), and the entire policy is unworkable without their casting off or cutting off large numbers of brown people regardless of their willingness to work. So you’ll get your welfare improvements after Johnny Foreigner is out on his ear and “utterly bogus asylum seeker and immigration swindles” are done away with. Maybe.

Reason to vote BNP number 2: British Soldiers Defending Britain – BNP Defence Policy.

Sim-O has this covered. Some spectacular isolationism from the BNP, who are at the same time trying to make gains on the backs of an near-to-infinite number of grandfathers who died in WWII.

(see also: Foreign Affairs Policy)

Reason to vote BNP number 3: First Class Health Service for a First World Nation – BNP Health Policy.

To be fisked.

Reason to vote BNP number 4: Nurturing the Genius of Our Nation’s Youth – BNP Education Policy.

Bookdrunk reveals at its core; “a bold policy of sweeping away citizenship lessons and replacing them with.. uh.. a compulsory citizenship organisation for young people”

Reason to vote BNP number 5: Restoring the Rule of Law – The BNP’s Crime and Justice Policy.

Justin McKeating has this one covered. In a disgraceful ad hominem attack that’s certain to enrage non-racist* debating expert Phil Hendren, Justin points out that the authors of these policies are a bunch of crooks. (I might also add that they lie about crime rates and even specific crimes.)

[*MINI-UPDATE – This is a private joke about the perception/portrayal of due criticism as ad hominem attacks in some quarters. ‘Non-racist’ is not meant to be taken as sarcasm, but to clarify that Hendren is only relevant as far as any discussion of ad hominem attacks goes. I do not regard Phil Hendren to be a racist. Happy to make that clear.]

Reason to vote BNP number 6: Preserving British Identity – The British National Party’s Immigration Policy.

Five Chinese Crackers – BNP Immigration policy – something* tells me it’s not just about immigrants

[*Actually, that would be Nick Griffin, wouldn’t it? ;o) ]

Reason to vote BNP number 7: How the BNP Will Rebuild Britain’s Economy.

To be fisked.

Reason to vote BNP number 8: Britain First – The Simple Logic of BNP Foreign Affairs Policy.

Irritability Incarnate: The BNP – on a different planet? points out where “the BNP’s position on foreign policy is somehow incredibly simplistic yet remarkably contradictory and confusing at the same time.”

Jamie Sport offers: “‘Simple’ is the operative word in the BNP’s ‘Foreign Affairs Policy’, which actually just consists of not having any affairs with foreigners. This is classic BNP non-politics; policy which proposes nothing, relying instead on simply doing the opposite of whatever it is the mainstream parties would do. BNP policy is devised not by formulating plans or generating ideas, but by taking current strategy and saying ‘Nah’. This is anti-politics, anti-integration, regressive and harmful to our country, and betrays an inability to seriously run a political party, let alone a country. Mr Griffin and his cohorts have not the faintest idea of how Europe or indeed any international relations work, evidenced by their pie-in-the sky, unworkable soundbite policy points (all *cough* four of them)”

Reason to vote BNP number 9: The BNP Is Britain’s Most Democratic Party.

Five Chinese Crakers – It’s not a baying mob – it’s democratic tells you everything you need to know about the BNP’s commitment to democracy, which goes about as deep (and lasts about as long) as the first layer of cloth in a cheap suit.

The Pickards – The Most Democratic Party? is a completely thorough fisking, and well worth your time.

Reason to vote BNP number 10: The BNP is Britain’s Only True Green Party.

To be fisked.

[Psst! To hear more about their unpublished policies, check out this video of Nick Grfiffin speaking to his American Nationalist and Klu Klux Klan buddies.]

[MINI-UPDATE: ‘Dizzy’ really wanted to help, but thought it more important that you ‘learn’ the BNP are really left-wing. For true.]

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 3, 2009

Category: Tolerance, Video

A bit rushed this one, but it’s from the heart. Don’t forget to vote, folks!

Billy Brit III (the BNP are Nazi wankers)

Warning: this video may contain language that “the majority of people in this country find a bit strong*”

(*According to the chap that Iain Dale has hired as his lawyer, who is slightly xenophobic and/or having himself on a bit.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 2, 2009

Category: Search Engine Optimisation, Tolerance

Below is what a search for ‘billy brit’ returned last night (and this morning’s results are even better).

screen capture

That’s near-total ownership; strong control of the brand in Google within a week, using just a few short minutes of video, and it can only get better after the BNP muppets have surrendered.

Go us. Roll on, finale.

(For those who don’t know, this is pretty much what I do for a living, only I don’t play anywhere near this rough on the High Street.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 1, 2009

Category: Tolerance

[The Russian crew watches the USS Dallas surfacing at speed]
Russian midshipman: [in Russian] Captain’s scared them out of the water!
[the Russians cheer]

The Hunt for Red October

As recently as 29 May, the YBNP site was offering signed ‘Billy Brit’ posters. This followed the Dorries-like stunt in which they responded to being mocked on HIGNFY by announcing that Billy Brit was a success because he’d been on TV (see: “Billy Brit is a special guest star on Have I got News for You”).

Sadly, a regular supply of deliciously dippy delusions has been cut off now that someone in authority (presumably in the BNP) has ordered the entire Billy Brit channel (formerly hosted at cuh-losed.

There are still posts like this on the BNP site, but they point to empty spaces where the ‘Billy Brit’ videos should be.

Journalists seeking a story that pretty much writes itself are advised to contact the BNP and ask them why Billy Brit has been removed from YouTube. My money’s on a vast left-wing conspiracy of political correctness, or a ballsy statement about their taking their ball and going home (days before an election) because they had already ‘won’.

Enjoy the only surviving* Billy Brit here or here if you haven’t alerady. Oh, and thanks to everybody who chipped in (on Twitter especially).

[Tut. How is it that I bring about the closure of entire BNP YouTube channel, but I can’t even get Iain Dale to apologise for being a total (expletive deleted) about my harassment case?]

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 1, 2009

Category: Tolerance

Original video and background if you need it.

In this video, I immediately deal with the what-passes-for-history debate currently in progress under the original video (apparently it’s really important to some people that we ‘prove’ that St George was white) and move on to address the 29 million pamphlets distributed by the BNP:

Billy Brit II – the BNP pamphlet

Link, share and enjoy if you want one more before election day. Cheers all.

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 1, 2009

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

In an earlier post, I referred to this exchange, where Iain Dale’s lawyer tried and failed to specify an example of libel on my website after accusing me of repeated libel:

L: So far as I’m concerned, it is plainly obvious; you have accused my client of being, in various guises, a liar… with a number of adjectives which accompany it.

T: Riiiight..?

L: He denies that he’s a liar.

I’d like to expand on that theme briefly if I may, because it appears to me that someone is seeing bad language where there is none… while being blind to their own, no less.

Here’s a further exchange that I really wish I could bring you as audio. The best I can do is present this image as a description of the mocking tone used by this lawyer during this conversation:

L: I think that calling someone an expletive-deleted liar is not necessarily the most temperate way of diffusing a situation.

T: Actually, I…

L: … you could always say that someone has ‘been untruthful’.

T: … because I’ve been led into this trap* before, I’ve been very careful about my language with Mr Iain Dale recently…

L: I can only tell you…

T: … but he is a liar.

L: I can only tell you, it may be something that you may used to but the majority of people in this country still find very strong.

T: Wha…? I resent that, I really do.

L (mocking): “Oh, you resent that, you really do.” Cut the crap.

T: What’s with the mocking tone, sir?

L: Because I’m not here to be buggered around with.

[*Dale himself will himself tell people to “piss off” and describe them as “first class pricks” and allow/publish much worse from supporters on his website, but will feign shock if you ever swear back at him. So, because it is something that he nearly always takes advantage of, lately I’ve tried to be very careful about swearing at Iain.]

Now, leaving aside the possible status of ‘crap’ and ‘bugger’ as expletives, I’ve looked back though my posts from 2009 (because all of this crap started at or about the time that bugger Jenvey turned up) and all I can find are these two items:

In this post, I describe Iain Dale as “a shameless liar”.

In this post, I describe Iain Dale as “a malicious liar”.

So, depending on which of these two words is an expletive, we may finally have found what Iain Dale is referring to when he accuses me of libel… so is ‘malicious’ the expletive, or is it ‘shameless’?

Neither word shocks me, but that’s not a reliable guide, as it may simply be something that ‘people like me’ are used to. Would someone civilised care to point it out? Ideally, someone who represents “the majority of people in this country.”

[Of course, if this were a libel case, then I would have to prove that I speak the truth when I call Iain Dale a liar (which will be very easy to do if this ever sees the inside of a courtroom, because he lied to me), but this is not a libel case; Iain is instead alleging harassment, using accusations of repeated libel to support that allegation, and ‘inviting’ me to shut up and back off and let him have his way with continued publication of his lies about me while assuring every man and his dog that he isn’t trying to gag anyone, because he doesn’t like being called a hypocrite, either… even though he is one. Iain? You agreed to call Mercer, then didn’t, then lied about it. You also lied when protesting your innocence over the false claim about Tom Watson that cost the Mail on Sunday “substantial damages”. You also allege that I was harassing you when trying to contact you about both of these matters (and my statement to police, obviously) when you were in the process of misleading your readers about Tom Watson’s association with Draper/McBride/smeargate, and my association with Draper/McBride/smeargate. You were not sitting at home innocently twiddling your thumbs or fearfully hiding behind the sofa; you were busy publishing libel at the time (and/or ‘letting it ride’ after withdrawing same just a little too quietly), and I was one of the targets on your site and others. Instead of throwing lawyers and allegations at me, you should come down from your ivory tower and explain yourself under comments like any blogger worth their salt would have done weeks ago. Until you do so, you can piss off, you first class prick.]

[MINI-UPDATE – After initially allowing me to publish their letter(s), Iain’s lawyers now inform me that I am no longer permitted to do so… for reasons of copyright. (Tch. They’ll gag me with an accusation of jaywalking next.) Iain’s lawyers also refuse to clarify if criticism of Nadine Dorries amounts to harassment of Iain Dale in his eyes, as they appear to contend in their original copyright-protected letter.]

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 1, 2009

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

Rather than risk yet another ridiculous legal threat from yet another [expletive deleted], I’ll mostly let Steve Uncle’s own words speak for him in this post:

“You may recall the ‘self hating’ blogger – Chris Lightfoot, who in 2004, ‘went off on one’ just because he got a leaflet through his letter box with an England Flag on it. 18 Months ago the poor lad Committed Suicide – that’s what happens when you hate your own country, you have no identity, no focus – nothing.” – Steve Uncles, 30 May 2009

And just in case that wasn’t enough:

“Good! Let’s hope you go the same way as Chris Lightfoot” – Steve Uncles, 30 May 2009

And, as you can see, this is not a one-off or a ‘moment of madness’ but a theme that Steve Uncles keeps returning to:

“If we get the Liberal’s way, and have a multi-cultural “soup” everywhere in the world – what fun will it be when we go abroad ? You self haters, really need to sharpen up you game. Chris Lightfoot, did not do ANYTHING for English Democracy. The guy was a waster.” Steve Uncles, March 18, 2009

Jebus! I can only hope that if I pass on before him that Iain Dale will continue to take me this seriously*.

James Graham has more detail here.

PDF uses immoderate language to describe Steve Uncles here.

Oh, for those who don’t already know, Chris Lightfoot put more into our democracy than even this parasite could hope to extract.

Steve Uncles is a coward and a scoundrel and unworthy of your vote.

[*If you think that sentence unfair, then consider this; Iain Dale, like Steve Uncles, is completely blind to his errors/failings – or unwilling to admit to them in public – and describes my criticism of him as having “nothing to do with advancing political debate or matter[s] of any public importance” because he’s so gosh-darn important *and* right all of the time. Further, the only time that Iain Dale will address that criticism is when he knows I am not around and/or I have been effectively silenced… just as he did during the Usmanov event, while posing as a supporter. After his (in)actions over the Mercer call especially, I have every reason to believe he’d do the same while posing as a mourner, and I’ll even stake a fiver from my vast estate on it.]

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 29, 2009

Category: Old Media

Daily Mail – Unmasked: The football hooligans behind last weekend’s bloody protest against a Muslim war demo: (Dave Smeeton) and his supporters were in Luton for the Bank Holiday to lay wreaths at the war memorial. And to take part in a supposedly peaceful demonstration against Islamic fanatics who jeered and waved placards saying ‘Butchers of Basra’ during a homecoming parade for The 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment in March. But the event on Sunday turned into mob violence. Asians – and Asian shops – were attacked, cars vandalised and stones hurled at police. At the centre of the mayhem, whipping up the 500-strong crowd, were skinheads and men in balaclavas with shirts bearing the Cross of St George… A similar coat of arms and Crusader imagery is featured in a notorious anti-Islamic website penned by someone calling himself Lionheart. Lionheart, we discovered, is Paul Ray, 32. Ray used to run a computer repair shop in nearby Dunstable, but is now unemployed. Last year, he was arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred and is still on bail… Guess which organisation Paul Ray belongs to? Yes, that’s right, March for England. He took part in Sunday’s demonstration, but says he was not involved in any of the trouble. Ray calls Smeeton a ‘very good friend.’ Another link between the men is Glen Jenvey, accused by several newspapers of fabricating stories about Islamic extremism. Jenvey has eight ‘friends’ on his Facebook site; two of them are Ray and Smeeton.

I love the ‘several newspapers’ bit. Why have you not reported it yourself, Mail peeps?

UPDATE – Rather more detail from Richard Bartholomew:

Richard Bartholomew – Daily Mail Article on Luton anti-Muslim Violence: And as for Glen Jenvey: it’s a long story, but the guts of it are here. In fact, there is overwhelming circumstantial evidence that Jenvey (a pundit on the controversial Obsession DVD) has indeed fabricated stories which he then sold to newspapers, as has been investigated extensively by Tim Ireland (with a bit of assistance from  me). Alas, though, rather fewer than “several newspapers” have so far taken up the investigation; all we’ve had are two short pieces, one in the media section of  the Guardian and the other in Private Eye. Ray denounced the evidence against Jenvey as “propaganda”, although he’s been silent on the subject more recently. Of course, there is no reason to suppose that just because he’s a Facebook contact of Smeeton that Smeeton knows much about him; Jenvey may have few Facebook links, but Smeeton has many more. Some clarification would be nice, though. And also alas – the Daily Mail continues to use the wrong picture to illustrate the extremist Muslims who gave Ray just want he wanted (just as he has now returned the favour).

UPDATE (2 Jun) – Richard Bartholomew – Daily Mail Pulls Article on Luton Disturbance: The Daily Mail has removed the article I blogged on here, which gave some background to the recent supposedly “anti-extremist” disturbance in Luton. I also understand that the reference to Glen Jenvey had been scrubbed before the whole thing was pulled… The thought of Glen Jenvey taking the stand as victim of mispresentation is a laugh, given his recent activities. And the complaint is back-to-front: the Mail suggested that being linked to Glen Jenvey makes the alleged hooligans look bad, not the other way round!

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