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There were many, many images (most of questionable taste) created in the latter half of the increasingly desperate 11-month campaign to have Tony Blair introduce a publicly available email facility. These were voluntarily removed out of respect for the wonderful Cherie, who not only got involved and helped us get through to the right people, but also - crucially, for me - was a damn good sport about the porn.

So, no explicit Blair porn images here, then.

Oh, OK, maybe just one. It was made for another site's campaign, so it doesn't count... ;o)


Tony Blair as a harmless bunny
Y'see, Tony's not such a bad guy...

Tony Blair and George Bush cuddle under a flag
... I just have a problem with the company he keeps.
(This image is also available as a blank A4 poster.)

Tony Blair and George W. Bush in a Sedgefield pub
Still, he does have a rebellious side.

Tony Blair plays guitar
In fact, by night he's a rock'n'roll celebrity SUPERSTAR!

Tony Blair at the Hutton Inquiry: Simpsons version
He even managed to make time for the Iraq war, the Hutton Inquiry and an appearance on The Simpsons.

Speaking of such things, here is the death of Dr David Kelly explained in one simple image.

Tony Blair praying with George W. Bush
Considering how much he got away with, you just know that God is on his side.
(This image is also available as a branded A4 poster.)

The sun shining out of Tony Blair's arse
In fact, there are many who think he can do no wrong.

Me, I can't wait until they strap his arse to a long-range missile.

Tony Blair discovers the wonders of the Interweb
Then he can spend his retirement doing what he does best.

Images created for the Backing Blair campaign:

Tony Blair: No Alternative
The main poster. More can be seen here. See the 48-sheet poster-van in action here.

Hint: that's the phone number for Labour HQ
Special tart-cards were created for the campaign and distributed across London.

Burn, Tony Burn!
In November 2005, the campaign continued as we burned Blair in effigy.

Tony Blair eats Gordon Brown's brains
We also released some new animations, including Not Over By A Long Shot and The World According To Leo Blair.

Tony Blair eats his own brains
In 2006, we had a special message for those voting in the local elections.

Goodbye, Tony Blair
By 2007, it was (finally) time for a handmade and heartfelt farewell.


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