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Posted by Tim Ireland at May 25, 2006

Category: George W. Bush

CNN – Ex-CEO and founder convicted on fraud and conspiracy charges in Enron case: Enron former chief executive Jeffrey Skilling and founder Kenneth Lay were found guilty Thursday of conspiracy and fraud in the granddaddy of all corporate fraud cases.

More here.

Going by this timetable, we should see Karl Rove behind bars by late 2012… just in time for the end of the world as we know it.

UPDATE – Who’s your friend? (And who’s hoping that sentencing set for the week of September 11 is a Handy Thing Indeed? More linky goodness here.)

UPDATE – I’ve taken a snapshot of immediate reactions below, just for my own personal records. (They’re all pretty leftish zones… the wingnuts have gone all quiet for some reas… Hey!! Look over there! It’s Jesse Macbeth!!!)

Fark | Atrios | DailyKos | Democratic Underground | Wonkette

The Roses of Success (3.5MB w/sound)

4 days late nights work. Driven by anxious mind. Mouse hand hurts. Back sometime use words proper soon. Promise. Sleep now.

PS – We have to sort these bastards out… and soon. (I love the idea that Jack Straw got demoted because he ruled out nuking Iran. Makes me feel warm extra-crispy all over.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 1, 2006

Category: George W. Bush

Peter Daou – Ignoring Colbert: A Small Taste of the Media’s Power to Choose the News: The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner was televised on C-Span Saturday evening. Featured entertainer Stephen Colbert delivered a biting rebuke of George W. Bush and the lily-livered press corps. He did it to Bush’s face, unflinching and unbowed by the audience’s muted, humorless response.

Your journey through many links and follow-ups starts with that single post. Go see.

Video links appear below. (Heads-up via Cranky One. Cheers.)

Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner – 26 minute clip

Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner – 60 minute clip

UPDATE – Complete transcript. Get yer complete transcript here.

UPDATE – Thank you, Stephen Colbert.

UPDATE – Media Matters: Following the White House Correspondents’ dinner, numerous news outlets trumpeted President Bush’s performance at the event, but entirely ignored the scathing routine delivered by the night’s featured entertainer, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert. In his act, Colbert mocked the White House’s current woes, slammed a wide range of Bush administration policies, and lampooned the mainstream media.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 27, 2006

Category: George W. Bush

CNN – Fox anchor named Bush press secretary

DailyKos – Tony Snow: the first Freeper in the executive branch?

Washington Monthly – Tomorrow’s weather: Light Snow, followed by frisson

(Speaking of Jeff Gannonhere’s his thoughts on this appointment.)

UPDATE – At times like this, the related Fark thread is always worth a look.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 21, 2006

Category: George W. Bush

Crooks and Liars – Henny Penny II (<--- this is the must-see) BSSC – A United Front
Europhobia – Mark this date

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 21, 2006

Category: George W. Bush

Wenyi WangThe Age – Heckler embarrasses presidents: A heckler from the Falun Gong spiritual movement, who entered White House grounds as a reporter, interrupted a formal arrival ceremony for Chinese President Hu Jintao today, prompting President George W Bush to apologise to his guest. After being welcomed by Mr Bush, the Chinese President was just beginning his response when a woman, who had been allowed into the press section, started shouting. She was escorted away by a uniformed US guard. “President Hu, your days are numbered. President Bush, make him stop persecuting Falun Gong,” the woman yelled.

Zee News – Protester heckles Chinese President at White House: As she was led away, she pulled out a yellow banner, a trademark of adherents of the movement that combines meditation and physical exercises. China banned the group as an “evil cult” in 1999 and has jailed thousands of its members. The group said more than 2,800 have been beaten and tortured to death since then, and it recently alleged that some have had their organs harvested.

Washington AFP – Bush says sorry after protester heckles Chinese president: Bush said “this is unfortunate, I’m sorry that this happened,” according to another security council official, Dennis Wilder. “President Hu was very gracious about it,” Hadley told CNN television, calling the incident “a blip”. He added: “It’s unfortunate. It’s really not about freedom of speech.”

Bob Cesca – President Bush Stands Up for Free Speech by Standing Up: CNN’s coverage: “An embarrassing moment, potentially, for the president.” Then Miles O’Brien reacted, “I should say amid the pomp and circumstance — a blemish.” A Chinese woman expressing her views to the Chinese president in the only forum possible — she certainly couldn’t do that in China — is a blemish? Yes, it was a pimple on the ass of such a wonderful event; an event which will usher in an era of more American jobs going overseas to communist controlled sweatshops. Dag. How dare she interrupt such pomp with all that annoying pus-filled free speech! Back to the president. You’d figure since he’s been called by God to protect and ensure the liberty of all people, he’d have the courage of his faith and convictions to do or say something. Perhaps he could’ve waved off the Secret Service agents who hauled her away. He could’ve invited her to address President Hu in a more official setting. This could’ve been his moment to put his money where his mouth is. Hell, moments earlier he said: “China has become successful because the Chinese people are experience the freedom to buy, and to sell, and to produce — and China can grow even more successful by allowing the Chinese people the freedom to assemble, to speak freely, and to worship.” Setting a good example, isn’t he? Standing motionless with his hands in the cupping-his-balls position while someone who’s speaking freely is hauled off by American security. This is the man who’s on a self-proclaimed freedom crusade employing the bloodied bodies of our fighting men and women, but who personally couldn’t move a muscle other than to tell President Hu, “You’re alright.” Once again, President Decider couldn’t decide what to do. Like the infamous My Pet Goat moments on 9/11. Like the Katrina days strumming air guitar. And now this. Unless someone else is doing the fighting, he’s just like his father. He’s a wimp.

Personally, I was amazed that she was calling Hu a murderer and a tyrant and she didn’t spare a word for Bush except when she asked him for help. (There you go; now you should understand the headline. I had you worried there for a minute, didn’t I?)

There’s a fair amount of buzz about this incident being censored/suppressed in China (more and yet more), but it’s happening here too, folks. Even the BBC fail to include in their online report the comprehensive translation of this woman’s words that they broadcast on television at midnight last night. (Maybe we’re supposed to be thankful that our screens didn’t go black.)

She talked for over two minutes before the security services finally reached her, hushed her up and bundled her off, but everyone is reporting the same 5-second quote that she spoke in English (the lazy fucks) and not the part where she pointed at Hu and assured him that his days were numbered because “the evil die young”.

If any Bloggerheads readers understand Chinese, can they please click here and/or here for a video of the incident and translate what they can? The world deserves a transcript. Cheers.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 20, 2006

Category: George W. Bush

BBC – White House reacts to low ratings: As he strode onto the White House lawn, Scott McClellan grinned bravely over one of his last announcements as the public voice of the president – his own resignation. It is the second high-profile departure in an ongoing shake-up of a White House team that has been largely unchanged in six years. His voice cracking with emotion, Mr McClellan told the press and the president: “I’m ready to move on… I’ve given it my all, Sir.” He added: “The White House is going through a phase of transition – a change can be helpful.” The scale of that change became clearer when it emerged that the president’s political guru and chief adviser, Karl Rove, was to shed responsibility for domestic policy to concentrate on crafting a winning strategy for the Republican Party in November’s mid-term elections.

And from there Rove is sure to move on to the task of Building a Better Bush. If he’s not (finally) indicted, tried and locked up first.

McClellan I will always remember – fondly – as the professional liar who responded to revelations of torture in Guantanamo Bay (the most detailed and damaging of which originated from people who had been released without charge) by assuring the press that “terrorists are trained to lie”…

(Psst! A name appears to be missing from most of the ‘shuffle’ articles… Jim Towey. Oh, and you may enjoy some of the comments here.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 27, 2006

Category: George W. Bush – a response to Jack Straw’s invitation of Condoleezza Rice to the North West of England in March/April 2006

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 8, 2006

Category: George W. Bush

AP – Thousands of Federal Trials Kept Secret: Despite the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of public trials, nearly all records are being kept secret for more than 5,000 defendants who completed their journey through the federal courts over the last three years. Instances of such secrecy more than doubled from 2003 to 2005… The data show a sharp increase in secret case files over time as the Bush administration’s well-documented reliance on secrecy in the executive branch has crept into the federal courts through the war on drugs, anti-terrorism efforts and other criminal matters.

A culture of secrecy is wonderful way to hide criminal acts, negligence, and/or acts of criminal negligence… three things we’ve come to expect from this administration on a frighteningly regular basis. Hell, even hardcore Republicans have had enough…

ABC – White House: Bush Played No Role In Ports Contract: President Bush has been trying to quell a bipartisan backlash over a commercial deal which would see an Arab company run the operations of six major US ports. Mr Bush is facing opposition over the issue from his own Republican Party leaders in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. And while he hasn’t used his veto power during his five years in office, he is now threatening to use it on any legislation that blocks the deal.

The Daily Show has this same story, and includes Teh Funneh. Click for video.

See also: Time – How Much the Ports Storm Is Costing Bush

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 1, 2006

Category: George W. Bush

DailyKos – Full text of the speech, plus many comments.

Further DK threads followed; click here to see them all and/or click her for some more from

If you really want to dive in, the resulting thread is always worth a look, but this year a more (ahem) ‘interesting’ one followed Cindy Sheehan’s adventure

AP – Activist Cindy Sheehan arrested at Capitol: Cindy Sheehan finally got her invitation to see President Bush again, but before she set eyes on him at the State of the Union address, Capitol Police removed her from the gallery overlooking the House chamber. The offense: her shirt, bearing an anti-war message and other “unlawful conduct,” police said.

Here’s the money-shot and here’s a report from Cindy herself (plus comments).

Gosh, it’s all so disturbingly familiar…

Anyway, I have things to do today, so it’s time to move on…

What I really want to show you is this letter from ‘Mad Dog Matt’, who I suspect felt so fired up after this speech that he went looking for a suitably heroic image of George W Bush to add to his web page, or scrap book, or shrine, or… whatever.

Well, what he found was this.

And what he sent in response was this:

yeah, i thought that photo with bush and the twin towers behind him was horrendous and awful i would like to see whoever that was that put that there be that hero and see how many people like him after someone put a photo of him on this website bush did what he had to do he couldn’t stop it nor could anyone so it couldn’t be stopped and you guys hate him for that which was horrible, bush made better decisions than what kerry would of mad because kerry was a soldier before which would leave him to do what a soldier would do and not care about it, but bush did care about it and did what he had to do the best way possible!

Check out that stream of consciousness! Isn’t it glorious? Fertile ground for Doublethink, I would think.

Big Shiny New Thing coming soon. Please stand by, or check in if you would like to take part in early testing.


firedoglake – Not So Free Speech and Glenn Greenwald – Learning from Dear Leader are both worth a look, and come to you via Crooks and Liars.

Ahahahahahahahahahaha! This made me laugh.

CNN – Shirt tales differ for Sheehan, GOP wife

Blimey! Look at ’em go!

Heh. Fab: Comics – Tom the Dancing Bug – The Noble History of the Free Speech Zone

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