Posted by Tim Ireland at August 15, 2007

Category: It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!

Surreptitious Evil has helpfully produced a list of bloggers supporting the Iraq employees campaign that Dan Hardie kicked off.

[SNIP: Permalinks were too top-heavy for an ongoing post and causing come trackback conflicts and/or undue pinging. Rather than display these now, I’ll save what I’ve already done for a later post.]

If you are actively supporting the campaign and wish to be included in this list, please send the relevant link/permalink and the name/nickname you wish to use to: manic AT bloggerheads DOT com

Dan Hardie
Tim Worstall
Rachel North
Tim Ireland (bloggerheads)
David T (Harry’s Place)
Justin McKeating
Sunny Hundal
Norman Geras
Nick Cohen
Unity (Ministry of Truth)
Chris Brooke
Oliver Kamm
Adam LeBor
Alex Harrowell
Jamie Kenny
Mr Eugenides
Stephen Pollard
Conor Foley
J. Clive Matthews aka Nosemonkey/Europhobia
Rosie Bell
Peter Sanderson at ‘Earthquake Cove’
Ian at PJC Journal
Surreptitious Evil
Chris Plowman
Back off man, I’m a scientist
Phillip Challinor – ‘The Curmudgeonly’
Ian Appleby (Imagined Community)
Davide Simonetti (Blairwatch and Nether-world)
Christopher White
Charlie Whitaker
Sam Tarran
John Band
Gary Andrews
Vino’s Political blog
Kate’s Home Blog
Ross F
Planet Zinfandel
Paul Currion (The unforgiving minute)
Robert Sharp
Beau Bo D’Or
Garry Smith
Jonathan Calder
Aaron Heath
Anthony Cox
Alex Massie
L’Ombre de l’Olivier
Error Gorilla
Miscellany Symposium
Citizen Andreas
Mark Fitchett
Devil’s Kitchen
(also Katy Newton via the Devil’s Kitchen site)
Simon Barrow
The Ethical Palaeontologist
The Remittance Man
A Gentleman’s Commonplace
Chris Dillow
On with my life…
Peter Risdon
David Cole
The Monkey Tennis Centre

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 14, 2007

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

Loving this. Gems to be found here and here.

Oooooh… look at the engine. Ahahahahaha! Look at what just about anyone can do with it!

Lots of possible entries lurk under the Parliament I.P. address There’s a nice breakdown post of US-centric highlights plus comments here, for those who would like to know what they might be looking for; more advanced users may wish to switch to manual and follow their nose.

(via this attentive gentleman of fine standing)

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 14, 2007

Category: George W. Bush

As the Bush administration continues to implode, Karl Rove leaves to ‘spend more time with his family’. (more)

I’m glad to see the back of him. Like Alastair Campbell, he’s nothing more than a media-savvy sociopath.

(To paraphrase Banksy; why work hard to excel at any one thing when you can simply excel at cheating?)

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 14, 2007

Category: It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!

Find it here and share it with others.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 13, 2007

Category: It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!

An excellent and useful article from Richard Engel:

The LA Times – Wars within wars in Iraq: Despite what you may have heard, there is no “war” in Iraq. Rather, there are many wars raging through the Shiite, Kurdish and Sunni territories. These wars are complicated and deep-seated, with roots that, in some cases, go back centuries. But this is not what Americans are often led to believe…

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 13, 2007

Category: Photoshopping

What the hell is this?

7 weeks after I was promised payment by Emap, I get an envelope with my name and address hurriedly scribbled on the front. There isn’t a cheque inside; instead, there’s a BACS form for me to fill in… with my ‘vendor ID’ hurriedly scribbled into the first field. Surely they could have sent this 7 weeks ago.

If Emap are going to strategically classify this payment as a ‘gesture of goodwill’ they’ll want to be far more convincing about it.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 10, 2007

Category: It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!

Feel the weight. Oh and, if you’re not prepared to call those responsible to account… get used to it.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 10, 2007

Category: It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!

OK folks, here’s a short video that’s designed to prompt, promote or enhance future posts about Iraqi interpreters. Embed at will… and don’t forget to push the petition.

The plight of Iraqi interpreters (explained with post-it notes)

[happily snipped by request]

Linky-dink button to follow.

UPDATE – As promised, here’s a handy linking buttony thing

Click here to watch the video

Copy and paste the code below to use this button on your website or weblog:

(Psst! Scotch… I owe you one, mate.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 10, 2007

Category: It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!

Shh! Researching and building for a quick video (coming *very* soon!)

Have some of this (via)…

Vanity Fair – Rorschach and Awe: I did not set out to discover how America got into the business of torturing detainees. I wasn’t even trying to learn how America found out who was behind 9/11. I was attempting to explain why psychologists, alone among medical professionals, were participating in military interrogations at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere….

And this…

New Yorker – The Black Sites: A rare look inside the C.I.A.’s secret interrogation program: As the C.I.A. captured and interrogated other Al Qaeda figures, it established a protocol of psychological coercion. The program tied together many strands of the agency’s secret history of Cold War-era experiments in behavioral science… A person involved in the Council of Europe inquiry, referring to cavity searches and the frequent use of suppositories during the takeout of detainees, likened the treatment to “sodomy.” He said, “It was used to absolutely strip the detainee of any dignity. It breaks down someone’s sense of impenetrability. The interrogation became a process not just of getting information but of utterly subordinating the detainee through humiliation.”

There you go… now you know what’s behind my bright and breezy step today. New video shortly.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 9, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

If, by this time next week, Gordon Brown is not willing or able to stand on his head and juggle ice cream, he needs to provide a bloody good reason why.


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