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The Register – How Phorm plans to tap your internet connection: Internal BT documents obtained by The Register for the first time provide solid technical information on how data from millions of BT, Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse customers will be pumped into a new advertising system.

El Reg promises more on this story; in the meantime, Political Penguin digs in here and here.

See also:
Guardian – You might call it “resistance”: 95% say they’ll opt out of ISP’s data-sharing deal
BadPhorm – When good ISPs go bad!

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Another video starring Grand Master Joseph Chikelue Obi… and this time he’s naked!

That this clown and his pseudo-lawyer managed to bully an ISP into submission continues to amaze me.

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Paul Staines (aka ‘Guido Fawkes) – Sunday Sleaze Special : Tom Watson: Last year Watson pocketed his £60,000 salary and his parliamentary expenses amounted to £150,000-plus – bringing his total package to £211,000 – making him the 73rd highest claiming MP out of 646 MPs. Quite an achievement for an MP not claiming for travel to and from Scotland. He of course employs his wife Siobhan at the public’s expense, his brother, Dan, is constituency director to Euro MP Michael Cashman, Dan Watson’s wife, Joanna, has no fewer than three jobs. Like her husband, she also works for Mr Cashman and for Wolverhampton Labour MP Pat McFadden, yet still finds time to be a Labour councillor in Sandwell. Amy Watson, cousin of Tom and Dan, works for Birmingham Northfield Labour MP Richard Burden. The West Midlands constituency Labour Party offices are packed with Watsons… The total annual cost to the taxpayer of the Watson family’s five not-so-little piggies is in excess of £300,000. Far more than the disgraced Derek Conway fiddled…

1. The way Paul Staines carries on about British taxpayers’ money, you would think it was *his* money being spent. But if Staines pays any tax, surely it’s in Ireland.

2. That story appeared on Staines’ pseudo-blog just before 10:30pm last night. The only link to any source was to this irrelevant article in the Sunday Times. Just after midnight, this very similar article by Mark Lister appeared on the Daily Express website. So did Lister lift from Staines? Or did Lister or someone else leak to Staines? Or is there a mystery article that we’re unaware of that Staines is using as his (uncredited) source?

3. So much for bread and sources… here’s the meat;

The comparison to Derek Conway is totally out of order unless one *only* addresses the money Tom Watson paid to his wife Siobhan and *if* there appears to be some irregularity and/or difficulty proving that she has done this work. (Lister in the Express also works Conway into his article, but is far more careful about it.)

The crux of the Conway matter was that Derek Conway had paid his son Freddie Conway £40,000 (over a three year period) and no record was found of any work done by this ‘researcher’.

If a fair comparison were to be made, it would involve an estimated £60,000 paid to Siobhan Watson (i.e. over the same period) and there would have to be some indication that she didn’t actually do any work during this period.

But instead, Staines (followed by Lister) has grouped the money paid by Tom Watson to his wife with Tom’s own pay and expenses, *and* tacked on money paid to members of his extended family by people and organisations that have *SFA* to do with that MP.

[All of the other members of Tom Watson’s family work for other people and Tom’s responsibilities to the taxpayer start and finish at his offices. There might be cause for investigation or comparison if, for example, Tom was funnelling his own money through family members for some reason (*cough*)… but he isn’t.]

So when Staines describes that figure of £300,000 as “Far more than the disgraced Derek Conway fiddled…” he is implying:

a) That Siobhan Watson did no work for her salary.

b) That Tom Watson did no work for his salary – and that none of his expenses can be properly accounted for.

c) That Tom Watson is directly responsible for the employment of these other members of his extended family.

It’s almost as if Paul Staines is baiting Tom Watson and waiting for a letter from Tom’s lawyer so he make yet another comparison of chalk to cheese in order to overcome or overshadow his recent PR difficulties.

No doubt there will also be accusations of personal/political favouritism if certain blogs don’t repeat this non-story, when Staines himself is guilty of ignoring many genuine Tory stories (including this item about Anne Milton).

But, even though Tom is not my MP, I recognise that there are political realities to deal with here (mostly involving a gang of right wing bloggers who delight in misrepresenting my position and even falsely suggesting that *I’m* employed by Tom Watson) so I’m going to ask Tom 3 of the 5 questions put to Anne Milton (i.e. the 3 questions that are relevant to this situation):

Q1. Where did Siobhan Watson carry out this work you describe? In your parliamentary office, your constituency office, from home…?

Q2. What evidence can you show your constituents of the work you claim was done by Siobhan Watson?

Q5. Have any other members of your family been employed in this or any other way by your office?

[Please note that Tom Watson does not have advance notice of these questions and that they’ve been presented to him in exactly the same manner as they were presented to Milton; bloggage first, followed by an immediate heads-up via email. To better Milton’s response time, Tom only has to come up with a single and totally unsatisfactory answer within two weeks… but I’m willing to bet that he can do a little bit better than that.]

UPDATE (1:10pm) – The article on the Daily Express website appears to have been removed.

UPDATE (2:10pm) – This appears to be the original article (Sunday Mercury – March 2, 2008), and the source for both Staines and Lister. It’s a curious item full of friendly smiles and wild stabs, but – crucially – it makes no mention of Derek Conway.

UPDATE (5:20pm) – Garry Smith expands on the maths.

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Via Richard Bartholomew (<---- worth a read): Oliver Kamm – Not a parody: Yesterday morning I got a telephone call from a bewildered gentleman at Abingdon Police Station saying he had received a complaint from a Mr Neil Clark… I learned from my interlocutor at Abingdon Police Station that Mr Clark was upset about disobliging references to him on the World Wide Web…

Blessings upon the cotton socks of the hardworking copper who seeks to keep the peace… and a hearty ‘good luck’ to Oliver in his mission to “abstain from interest in Clark’s pronouncements” in order to “make life easier for the Abingdon constabulary than it has been in the very recent past.”

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By now you’re all aware that Prince Harry has been fighting in Afghanistan (gunning down other human beings in much the same way that most normal people do) and that there was an agreement for it not be reported by the media. You are probably also aware that the carrot that was dangled to ensure the integrity of the embargo was an appeal to media owners and editors not to complicate military operations by needlessly endangering Harry’s life and those of his fellow soldiers a steady feed of photos and interviews that they would be allowed to use at a later date.

This morning, there is an undignified rush to use that material in almost every newspaper. Classy.

The Independent, by contrast, uses a single image on page 3 alongside this article:

Independent – Prince’s cover in Afghanistan blown by Drudge Report: An American website, the Drudge Report, broke a news blackout yesterday by revealing that Prince Harry has been serving in Afghanistan for more than two months. To the fury of the Ministry of Defence and condemnation from the head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, the website announced a “world exclusive” and proclaimed: “They’re calling him ‘Harry the Hero!”… It is thought the source for the Drudge Report article was a story printed last month in an Australian women’s magazine, New Idea.

Back-pats to the Indy for this, and for not falsely describing Drudge as a ‘blogger’.

Brick-bats to New Idea and Matt Drudge… oh, and well-known Drudge-wannabe Paul Staines*.

What Drudge did was take something that had been previously reported by regional ragsters who claimed to be unaware of the embargo, and used that to knowingly break the embargo… while screaming ‘EXCLUSIVE’.

And now the eyes of the world are upon him, Matt Drudge is getting greedy. Below is the article published by Drudge yesterday. The text in bold is the paragraph that he has since deleted:

Thu Feb 28 2008 11:37:52 ET

They’re calling him “Harry the Hero!”

British Royal Prince Harry has been fighting in Afghanistan since late December–and has been directly involved in battle.

Australian magazine NEW IDEA and the German daily BILD have broken world embargoes on the development. CNN has debated internally on the merits of reporting Harry at war.

The prince, a junior officer in the Blues and Royals, and third in line to the throne, has been a “magnificent soldier” and an “inspiration to all of Briton.”

Prince Harry is talking part in a new offensive against the Taliban.

Ministry of Defense and Clarence House refuse all comment. Army chiefs have managed to keep the prince away from media and have encourage fellow soldiers in his squadron to stay quiet.


Not that the people at New Idea have any complaints; they themselves are busy rewriting history today…. and here’s why:

The Australian – New Idea, no idea of Harry embargo: New Idea had no idea it was breaking an embargo when it revealed on its website that Prince Harry was fighting in Afghanistan. The weekly magazine has been criticised by a British army chief for leaking the news of the young royal’s frontline deployment, which was subject to a strict media blackout. A German newspaper and then US website the Drudge report picked up the story this week. With the ban broken, the story has received intensive coverage in Britain and around the world. The story was published on New Idea’s website on January 7, said editor-in-chief Robyn Foyster.

SMH – No idea: New Idea in the dark about Harry blackout: An Australian women’s magazine has denied deliberately breaching a media news blackout about Prince Harry’s deployment to Afghanistan. New Idea is at the centre of a storm in Britain, accused of leaking the news the 23-year-old prince is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan and potentially putting his life in danger. The magazine published a story about Harry’s secret tour of duty on its website in January in an apparent breach of a strict media blackout on the story. It appears few noticed the story. It was only after US website the Drudge Report picked up the story and broadcast it around the world, after a German newspaper ran a piece yesterday, that the storm blew up.

[Psst! “Woman’s magazine” is putting it kindly; New Idea (nicknamed ‘No Idea’ long before this debacle) is a trashy supermarket tabloid.]

Now, while everyone else is revelling in their ability to use material that was previously embargoed until April, New Idea has decided to ‘disappear’ the items in question. If you visit either of these URLs, the original teaser and article will not appear; instead, on both pages, you’ll get a bog-standard bio of Prince Harry (that’s been put together so hurriedly that the picture fails to load)…

So now, +++ EXCLUSIVELY +++ at Bloggerheads (via the cached pages stored by Google and Live Search), I present the two original items in full:

NEW IDEA: Prince Harry Goes to War in Afghanistan
Originally published by New Idea on Jan 07 at 04:33pm EDT at:

Prince Harry has joined his regiment on a covert mission to Afghanistan and his unit has already seen front line action.

Not seen in public since the middle of December, New Idea can exclusively reveal that despite opposition from senior members of the British government and the royal family itself, Harry now joins his uncle Prince Andrew as a royal who has been to war.

‘At first there was a lot of resistance’ said a friend ‘but Harry threatened to resign his commission and serve as a private if he was kept from the battlefield – and that proved to be the final straw’.

Full details on this breaking story in this week’s New Idea

No idea there was an embargo? What does the word ‘covert’ mean to these people?

Here’s the article that followed that teaser a week later:

NEW IDEA: Prince Harry: War Lord
Originally published by New Idea on Jan 15 at 12:07pm EDT at:

Maverick Prince Harry has joined his regiment on a covert mission to Afghanistan and his unit has already seen front line action.

New Idea can exclusively reveal that despite opposition from senior members of the British government and the royal family itself, Harry flew out with his regiment and joined the troops on the front line. He spent Christmas with his men at the sharp end of the action.

‘Harry found members of his unit were to be posted in Afghanistan for a four-month tour of duty over Christmas and the New Year,’ a close friend tells New Idea.

‘He had already begrudgingly accepted the decision to keep him off the front line in Iraq, but when he heard about the mission in Afghanistan he was insistent he would not stay at home eating Christmas dinner and living it up at the palace while his men were on the front line.

‘At first there was a lot of resistance, but Harry even threatened to resign his commission and serve as a private if he was kept from the battlefield – and that proved to be the final straw,’ the friend says.

‘He wants to be a real soldier who gets the same treatment as any other officer of his rank – and that means going to war just like everybody else.’

Prince Charles was said to be against the idea of Harry seeing active service, but sources say that with the support of his elder brother William, and uncle Prince Andrew, who flew helicopters during the Falklands war, Harry convinced Charles not to take action to prevent him from going.

The Queen is said to have sent Harry a card with her best wishes and a gift with sentimental value that he has kept private.

Before he left, Harry invited William and some of his close friends to a secret ‘godspeed’ party at Boujis nightclub in London.

Guests were under strict instruction that there was to be no mention of the real reason for the party and no toasts or public discussion of Harry’s imminent departure.

The British government is said to strongly oppose Harry’s deployment to Afghanistan. Their official reason is that his presence may put his fellow soldiers at risk, but defence commentators have been quick to suggest it may be more to do with their fear that Harry could be killed or injured fighting George Bush’s ‘war on terror’. This would doom Gordon Brown’s Labour government in the next election.

But Harry has always been insistent that he wanted to see active duty and he hated the idea of being wrapped in cotton wool while his men put their lives on the line.

He famously said: ‘There’s no way I’m going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my a*** back home while my boys are out fighting for their country.’

For more Royal Watch, check out the latest issue of New Idea – on sale now!

Again, reading what has been published (and since ‘disappeared’), one might get the impression that – even if New Idea didn’t know of the embargo – they certainly should have noticed the alarm bells in their own damn article!

Which might be why that article and the teaser have been removed; New Idea’s statement on the matter reads as follows:

“New Idea was not issued with a press embargo and was unaware of the existence of one… The story was published on Monday, January 7. Since then New Idea has received no comment from the British Ministry of Defence. We take these matters very seriously and would never knowingly break an embargo. We regret any issues the revelation of this story in America has caused today.”

Scroll up and read the article again. Try to work out how it was planned for at least a week, researched, penned and published without anyone involved becoming aware of the merest possibility of a hint of an embargo.

And, if you’re of the opinion that New Idea knowingly breached the embargo and find yourself wondering why, there’s a subtle hint in the closing line of each item…

Full details on this breaking story in this week’s New Idea

For more Royal Watch, check out the latest issue of New Idea – on sale now!

So now it’s New Idea with a secret they’d rather the media didn’t report.

Share at will.

[*Paul Staines happily ran with the outing and there are suggestions from anonymous readers (or from Staines himself; sometimes it’s hard to tell) that Staines knew all about it, and even dropped hints. What a guy. He inspires me to drop hints myself from time to time because, as Staines notes here, if you dish it out…]

UPDATE – Hahahahahaha! Great input from Anorak.

UPDATE – Many comments under this ABC article. New Idea gets a repeated kicking.

UPDATE – Staines nearly trips over himself trying to get in on the action.

UPDATE – PM on Radio 4 this afternoon (from 5pm); “Tonight on the programme, we’ll trace the origins of the story. “ Top stuff.

UPDATE – That programme tracked the earliest press mention back to the ever-reliable News Of The World (on June 3, 2007 IIRC). Indigo Red has documented some of the reports that followed that, and it would appear that The Observer also carried an item on that same day. I don’t have confirmation on this, but my gut is telling me that this early coverage (published long before Harry went to Afghanistan) is pre-embargo, and may even have triggered the embargo.

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Yesterday (27 Feb), Joseph Chikelue Obi uploaded these nude(!) photos of himself on Flickr [sfw], presenting them as a slide show via one of his many, many domain names.

One can only assume that this is part of the PR push for… his new Hollywood movie!

Abolish the GMC – General Medical Council Goes To Hollywood

We are exceedingly pleased to announce that previous pages of particular blog have just been sold to a Budding Hollywood Movie Producer .

Please kindly visit us during the latter part of the year 2012 to view the Film Trailer.

In the interim , all future pages will be solely used for the Public Awareness Purposes ; for serious matters relating to Institutional Racism at the General Medical Council.

Thank You for all your wonderful support.

Best Wishes,

Joseph Chikelue Obi
General Medical Council Opposition Leader

Every other entry from the ‘Abolish the GMC’ blog has been deleted (but I did what I could to preserve some of the wonderful hat-standery via Google’s cache and you can do the same if you’re quick).

Meanwhile, LayScience has an excellent post about one of Grand Master Obi’s many, many products and publications.

He’s like a gift from heaven, this man; a perfect example of shameless blogging fraud in action, and much more fun than Iain Dale.

Speaking of that neck of the woods, Garry has been discussing a few things with our chum Donal Blaney and Iain has popped by to have a word under this post. A great follow-up post can be found here.

You may also care to spend a cuppa pondering on this post by Richard Bartholomew on the subject of the UK Libertarian Right.

[Psst! Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’m off the fags, and for good this time. My body’s not sure what to do with all the extra oxygen it’s getting, so for most of the last couple of days my brain has been a bit… thingy. Email backlog will be dealt with tomorrow.]

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Via Poons and Justin:

Paul Staines (aka ‘Guido Fawkes’) will be speaking at the Manifesto Club tonight as ‘a supporter of free speech’.

I had a question about an outgoing fella with a colourful past who lived and worked in Britain, but based his business in Ireland; I wanted to ask if this person undermining his critics with sock-puppetry and/or intimidating them with baseless legal threats amounted to an attack on free speech…

… but I’m not entirely sure how Paul would take such a question, so I think I’ll leave it alone.

[If you attend, please consider recording the event. I’d love to hear Paul’s side of this story.]

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As you’re probably aware from watching the latest WMD and torture developments, the Brown government is becoming increasingly convinced of its ability to sweep some outstanding matters under the rug after a perfunctory dusting.

In fact, they appear to think that they can also let the small matter of Iraqi employees slip by without anyone at home making too much fuss…

Dan Hardie – Iraqi Employees: Fine words, shabby deeds: A small number of Iraqis – fewer than a dozen, according to people close to the operation who are in contact with me- were removed from Iraq in the early autumn of 2007. Since the Prime Minister’s admirable declaration of October, how many Iraqi ex-employees have been evacuated from Iraq? According to all the Iraqis that I am in contact with: none.

I’ve tried to get something more than words out of my MP, with little luck.

You may do better:
Please try. Then please share.

Cheers all.

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Joseph Chikelue Obi (aka The Obi One) continues to delight us with fantastic testimonials (via) and even more fantastic stat-porn, but this morning I’d like to focus on another main player in this battle for justice; Tanja Suessenbach.

Tanja Suessenbach is named by The Register as the legal representative of Grand Master Joseph Chikelue Obi.

She is billed as a former student of King’s College London here and here and you can see a photo of this feisty fighter for freedom in action here. As you can see, she is a very presentable young lady (and no doubt a very charismatic one also).

So you may be interested to know that this ‘want’ ad and this ‘want’ ad and this ‘want’ ad were all posted by Tanja Suessenbach, who appears to be starting a fashion school in London.

This might be why she took on the case of this most controversial of doctors; they have similar edu-entrepreneurial instincts (The Obi One used to run a language school).

Tanja Suessenbach makes it clear on her website that she is NOT a solicitor, but rather a legal consultant (who can “provide cost-effective legal assistance to all those who cannot afford the often very high legal costs”).

(And you can clearly see via comparing to how very serious Tanja Suessenbach is about cutting costs.)

Primary URL:

WHOIS: is registered in the name of Andre Alexander Gottshalk, Flat 9, Beaumont Court, 5 Streatham Place, SW2 4PY

Company details: According to main website; Ltd, registered in England and Wales, No. 6064790 – registered address: 147 B Knights Hill, London, SE27 0SP

Business listings: Here and here, business address listed as; 44 Oakdale Road, London, SW16 2HL

[Psst! I want to make it clear that – since the authorities moved in on a dodgy builder at the Beaumont Court address – the property appears to have changed hands (it was sold on 26/09/2005 for 150k).]

I wanted to find out more about this Andre chap, so by using his telephone number (also provided by the WHOIS) I quickly managed to find out that he was also the man behind ‘Accent Softening’. Remember what I was saying about language schools?

Primary URLs:,,

WHOIS: is registered in the name of Andre Alexander Gottshalk, Flat 3, 44 Oakdale Road, Streatham, SW16 2HL

Business listings: According to this local business listing, the company is/was based at Knights Hill, London, SE27 0SP

As you can see, Tanja Suessenbach and Andre Alexander Gottshalk appear to intersect at two common addresses (just over a mile apart).

They also intersect at this Blogger-hosted weblog, which carries promotional links to and

Both that blog and offer useful descriptions of the services provided by Tanja Suessenbach (yes, ‘civil litigation’ is listed), but with all of this confusion over past/present addresses and what not, I thought I’d try to find the very latest details, just in case any of these sites were outdated in any way… and I found them in this recent submission to CraigsList:

Affordable Employment Law Advice and Cheap Represenattion

Reply to:
Date: 2008-02-22, 4:36PM GMT

We are legal consultants, who specialise in Employment Law.

We provide advice to employees and companies in claims for race or sex discrimination, unfair dismissal, disability, redundancy, unpaid wages and equal pay and provide cheap representation at Employment Tribunals.

We also advise companies on a wide range of employment issues.

Our rates are extremely competitive.

[snip numbers]

Or visit our webpage at

So, what have we learned from all this?

Well, we’ve learned that if you’re poor and vulnerable – and even if you struggle with English – then Tanja Suessenbach stands ready to offer you legal consultation and even some forms of representation at bargain-basement prices (when she’s not busy working on her new fashion school).

Warms the heart, doesn’t it?

What an angel of mercy she is.

And I’m especially impressed that Netcetera caved so readily to her. This, surely, is a testament to her great skill as a solicitor provider of limited forms of legal consultation and fashion tuition.

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The Register would have you believe that another ISP has cowardly caved to ridiculous legal threats, but I know better because I’ve read and heard the personal testimony of Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi…

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi Sensationally Appears On YouTube ! – Dr Joseph Obi Wins Again !:

Financier of the Alternative Medicine Fights Back Campaign , Dr Joseph Obi , has maverickly brushed aside recent attempts to discredit him based on GMC Sponsored News Articles.

Speaking in Belfast where he is currently enjoying a wonderful weekend he said :

” When I was told that the Enemies of Alternative Medicine had recruited 5000 (Five Thousand) Bloggers to write rubbish about me 24 hours a day , ( every single day of the year ) , I said OK . . . Let’s wait and see precisely what they will say . . . (Because in my view , it is a perfectly Good Military Tactic to sit back and watch them all come creeping out of the woodwork , so that I know precisely what their capabilities are).

Well, I must say, he’s won me over… that is an *excellent* strategy, and I for one can’t wait to try it myself now that the supporters of Doctor Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi have had a chance to ‘come out of the woodwork’ (so to speak).

Let’s begin with the video linked above, brought to YouTube by WellnessFM:

Primary external website link:

WHOIS: is registered in the name of the Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM), 18-19 College Green, Dublin

[Psst! This address is one provided by this call centre provider.]

Like this video @ WellnessFM and this video @ WellnessFM, Obi’s appeal has been posted as a video reply to a largely unrelated but also largely popular video; this means that we cannot even reliably guesstimate how many interested parties there are (for or against), as an unknown amount of traffic has originated from the resulting referral link. The ‘links’ has been turned off, so we can’t see where any other inbound links are coming from. Finally, the only positive comment allowed under this video (so far) is this one:

However, it’s a start. Nice official-sounding and reassuring name, too. Following the profile link takes us to the YouTube Channel of MedicalDoctors:

Primary external website link:

WHOIS: is registered in the name of Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi, 18-19 College Green, Dublin

Oh dear.

That’s not good.

But let’s press on. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for all of this, and it would be wrong of me to obsess over a possible sock-puppeting when there are real issues to be dealt with.

Looking up more about, I find this announcement from the General Medical Council Opposition Network:

General Medical Council Opposition Network – General Medical Council (GMC) fails bid to block Government Registration of Medical Licensing Commission (MLC):

Newsflash : It has just been revealed that Medical Licensing Commission has been duly incorporated as a lawful entity by the Government of the United Kingdom.

This comes after many months of Bitter Legal Wrangling whereby the General Medical Council (a ‘Registered Charity’) tried desperately to block State Recognition for the New Voluntary Regulatory Body (MLC).

The Official Registration Number of the Medical Licensing Commission is 05953931 , and it is billed to start lawful operations sometime next year , thereby offering Medical Graduates (Worldwide) the radical opportunity to obtain a hitherto unforseen additional form of Licensure which would allow them to still put their Medical Training to good use – even if they do not have (or find themselves suddenly losing) the Statutory Medical License to Practise in any chosen Jurisdiction.

The General Medical Council Opposition Network (run by someone who describes himself as ‘only a Sidekick of this Eminent Medical Rebel’ (i.e. Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi) urges its readers not to send them money directly to support their ‘Abolish The GMC’ campaign; they instead request that you direct money to the (third-party-provided) bookstore of Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi, the (third-party-provided) merchandise store of Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi or (see above).

But it wouldn’t do to assume that the General Medical Council Opposition Network is run by Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi, as some Wikipedia editors have recklessly claimed while discussing edits like this one from someone else with an official-sounding and reassuring username; MedicalNews.

Besides, the General Medical Council Opposition Network has received this shining endorsement from someone who also wishes us to know that we should

Primary external website link:

WHOIS: is registered in the name of Dr Joseph C. Obi, 7 Mersey Place, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE8 3ST

[Psst! This is a residential address, but not a current one for The Obi One. See comments.]

Erm, let’s move on, shall we?

What I’m going to do is take these endorsements for Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi and the Medical Licensing Commission at face value and see what else I can learn from these non-poisonous websites.

Appearing on the above website and on the MLC website is a (third-party-provided) animated Flash ad. The full script for this ad is below:

This is Maria your medically qualified wellness consultant speaking. The Grand Master of the Medical Licensing Commission has kindly asked me to put you through your professional registration paces. Thankfully, he will be passing by from time to time to see how well we are getting on. We really do have so many administrative formalities to cover in such little time, so I must publicly request all qualified medical graduates to email all of the necessary documentation and fees without delay to enable us to duly induct them into a brand new clinical profession.

A brand new clinical profession, you say? Headed by Professor Grand Master Joseph Chikelue Obi, no less?

And it sounds like they have a *lot* of work to do.

Wow, no wonder Grand Master Joseph Chikelue Obi is so concerned that some bloggers are colluding with the GMC in a clear attempt to undermine his reputation!

Thankfully, now that I look closely, I can also see some bloggers batting for him:

The British Loans weblog carries a supportive article entitled ‘Royal College of Alternative Medicine Boss Defeats General Medical Council’.

Primary weblog URL: (formerly used to promote an english school by ‘’)

WHOIS: is registered in the name of Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi, 7 Mersey Place, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE8 3ST

Erm, moving on, Grand Master Obi also enjoys the support of the NHS Alternative Medicine weblog, and…

Primary weblog URL:

WHOIS: is registered in the name of Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi, 18-19 College Green, Dublin

Profile: Same blogger profile used for and includes email address and primary link to (also registered in the name of Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi, 18-19 College Green, Dublin)

Erm… well, there are lots of other weblogs supporting him, too. Look:

The UK Credit weblog
The Irish Loans weblog
The Self Care Clinic weblog
The Cancer Care Clinic weblog
The Self Medication Clinic weblog
The Irish Doctor weblog

Profile: Same Blogger profile used for UK Credit, Irish Loans, Self Care Clinic, Cancer Care Clinic, Self Medication Clinic, Irish Doctor … and the Medical Licensing Commission (M L C)

Primary external website link:

WHOIS: is registered in the name of Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi, 18-19 College Green, Dublin


No, I’m sorry, but you cannot shake my love for this man, his mission to protect other human beings, and his downright adorable desire to give punctuation the breathing space it deserves.

I’ll carry no truck with any blogger who dares to question his credentials, mock his entrepreneurial leanings or suggest that he is such an irrepressible quack that he now seeks to begin an independent accreditation system for all quacks, because – while he may not have an army of supporters – he’s still got *me*.

And the worst that I’ll say about him is that I think it *might* be fair to say that he *may* be projecting a little when he claims to be the victim of ‘Internet Spamming Technology’.

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icTeeside – Probe Doc says ‘I’m the victim’ [at 31 quid a minute!] – Banned doctor claims to head college that does not exist

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