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Posted by Tim Ireland at April 20, 2007

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More fun with the local Tories, who have hijacked another campaign in their desperate scramble for votes.

Perhaps I should be a teeny bit grateful that they’re at least wary enough to avoid this tired old routine.

(For those who missed it, the local Tory ringers saga can now be accessed via this category page on the Anne Milton weblog. Start at the bottom and work your way up.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 13, 2007

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I’ve seen some shocking effrontery from the local Tories in the past… but this little stunt takes the cake, chews it up and spits it back out in your face.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 30, 2007

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Private Eye 1973!Our attic has recently been subjected to a cleansing, the like of which has rarely been seen outside of a comments thread hosted by Paul Staines.

Found in one dark and dusty corner was an old issue of Private Eye… from 1973.

On page 4 is an early appearance by none other Jeffrey Archer. This was not his first appearance in Private Eye… that appears to have been; “on the 5th December, 1969 (issue 208) when they set out in some detail allegations originating with Humphrey Berkeley, the chair at that time of the United Nations Association, that Archer had abused his expense account with that organisation.”

I meant to use this as a Pretty Good Example showing why Private Eye should get their arses in gear and introduce an online archive, but then this popped up when I was looking into the Humphrey Berkeley matter…

Michael Crick – I blame the establishment: Jeffrey has been indulged all his life… just as the White City starter showed surprising leniency with Archer’s impatience to get going, so too did Central Office grandees when he became a by-election candidate in 1969 and Humphrey Berkeley warned them about discrepancies in Archer’s expenses for the United Nations Association.

Well said.

And just look at the fine, upstanding man that Jeffrey Archer has become… and what a great asset he is to the Conservative Party.

And now, what may at first appear to be a change of subject…

The Times – Muslims who seek Sharia as bad as BNP, says Cameron: In an uncompromising attack on Islamic radicals, Mr Cameron said: “Those who seek a Sharia state, or special treatment and a separate law for British Muslims are, in many ways, the mirror image of the BNP. They also want to divide people into ‘us’ and ‘them.’ And they seek out grievances to exploit.”

I caught the initial reports regarding this on TV last night and it was the phrase “they seek out grievances to exploit” that I thought deserved attention; especially because regular readers of Bloggerheads should be all too familiar with a Conservative activist who seeks out divisive grievances to exploit.

Dennis Paul and his compatriot Mike Chambers recently graduated from exploiting issues of nationality to exploiting issues of sexuality; in August of last year I produced proof that Mike Chambers was directly responsible for an anonymous smear campaign against his political opponent. Dennis Paul was heavily implicated in the creation/promotion of this same website.

The matter was referred to Conservative Central Office, and to the office of David Cameron. Neither office took action. Instead, the matter was passed to the local Conservative association who passed it to Anne Milton (who did sweet bugger all about it).

Cameron then went on to promote Milton.

This, I would argue, classifies as an ‘indulgence’.

So, how, I hear you ask, did Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers react?

Well, they kept their heads down for a few months, and now they’re back for more:

Well done, Dennis.Take a look at this recent post by Dennis Paul.

He’s learned how even time-only timestamps can give him away when he makes comments ‘from other people’ on his own website, so he’s switched to date-only… but if you look at the first two comments from ‘other people’ you’ll notice that both of these entries carry exactly the same user-error in their links…. which just happens to be exactly the same user-error that appeared in this comment, where the author and purpose should be clear.

Further, Dennis Paul has moderation on full-time, so the comment left by ‘Jonesy’ (also made on this same busy Saturday) has been knowingly cleared by him.

One defence put forward by (ahem) anonymous parties seeking to represent Chambers and Paul is that the ‘Jonesy12’ smear-blog is the work of Labour activists (or perhaps even me) seeking to smear the local Conservatives with a double-backflip-twist*. If this is the case, why in heaven’s name would Dennis Paul calmly allow the publication of a link to it on his website – and allow that link to pass without comment?

[*Psst! Recent updates to the ‘Jonesy12’ smear-blog and profile seek to re-brand ‘Jonesy’ as a Welsh far-left-of-centre Labour supporter… but I still have copies of the original versions.]

Confidence? You ain’t seen nothing yet…

If we check the ‘Jonesy12’ smear-blog for updates, we can see a recent comment purporting to be from former MP Sue Doughty… closely followed by ‘Jonesy’ accepting it as genuine.

Prior to this, ‘Jonesy’ graduated from his claims that his political opponent might be a paedophile to this: “It’s clearly true… case proven.”

Based on what? A series of anonymous comments that were probably submitted by the author?

Chambers takes another big step over the line here, pretty much daring anyone to stop him… check out this recent anonymous comment: Jonesy, I do not agree with the paedophile blog post I leave this comment in, but since Ward obviously endorses the Anne Milton blog by Tim, I thought it was only fair to provide a similar observation on on him so perhaps his voters can get a better idea of him before the elections in May. Some might say you reap what you sow.

So… here we are. The election in which Chambers hopes to stand against his political opponent is only a few short months away and – because of the baffling inaction by his superiors – Chambers appears to be preparing to use these smears as a weapon in that election in one way or another. Here’s another anonymous comment: What the fuck is Mohammed up to? I heard he tries to misrepresent people over the internet by registering sites in their name and linking it to smear sites. Still, the public will be fully informed of these issues – not over the internet – but direct mail.

[Note – Of course, as with the previous anonymous comment, this strays back to the oft-repeated claim that these anonymous smears somehow compare to – and are justified by – the scrutiny of Anne Milton.]

So I think the time has come – once again – to see what the Conservative Party is willing to indulge:

To: David Cameron
CC: Anne Milton; Conservative Central Office
From: Tim Ireland
Subject: Indulgences

Dear David,

I wish to bring up an issue regarding your speech on Muslim groups that – in your words – “seek out grievances to exploit”.

In 2005, I became aware of Dennis Paul, a Conservative activist who sought divisive grievances to exploit. Then-candidate Anne Milton failed to disown the pamphlet in question:

In 2006, I provided you with proof that Mike Chambers, another Conservative activist closely associated with Anne Milton, was directly responsible for a website airing claims that his political opponent might be a paedophile:

The website in question has since graduated from speculation to certainty. A recent comment published by the author claimed that; “It’s clearly true.”

Further comments on this same website have recently provided as ‘proof’ claims that the victim of the smear is a member of a gay dating site. I’m sure that you realise that this implies that being gay automatically makes you a paedophile, but I’ll leave that thought with you for a moment as you stop to take a look at Mike Chambers’ reaction to a recent speech you gave on marriage:

For now, it simply needs to be pointed out that the anonymous claims published at the URL are clearly libellous… and I would like to know why you would tolerate a Conservative activist publishing a link to a website that he knows contains libellous claims:

1. If the entry disappears, please get in touch. I have a copy of the web page containing the offending entry saved to disk

2. It needs to be noted that Dennis Paul has his website set up so he must read any comment and approve it before it is published; i.e. the entry containing this link was included knowingly.

Even from a pure-common-sense standpoint, this makes no sense. Why would Dennis Paul allow such a comment to be published at his website if he wishes to distance himself from these smears?

But from a moral point of view, we come a bit closer to home… and one reason why I think you will not take action:

If you infer or claim that being homosexual automatically makes you a paedophile, or even if you simply endorse/tolerate such a view, you are doing one of two things; you are proving that you are a homophobe or showing that you are willing to exploit homophobia to further your own agenda.

But on your website, you clearly link to ‘Guido Fawkes’, the character responsible for this charming exchange, in your blogroll:

You, like Dennis Paul, have published a link to a website of a homophobe (or, at best, someone willing to exploit homophobia).

I don’t hold any great hope that you will request that either link be removed, or see to it that Mike Chambers is called to account for his smear campaign… I simply want to get it on record that you were informed of these matters. Again.

Tim Ireland

[Sidebar: If you have a peek in the code of both Dennis Paul’s weblog and Mike Chambers’ Jonesy12 site, you may notice that both parties have recently discovered the miracle of Statcounter.]

UPDATE (31 Jan) – Two developments as a result of this post:

1 – A screen capture has been added to this post, as Dennis Paul has now removed the comment he published that linked to the Jonesy12 weblog… but profile links count too, so he should also crack on with the removal of this comment and this comment if he wants to avoid a bollocking.

2 – ‘Jonesy’ (aka Mike Chambers) seems to be picking up pointers from Paul Staines; when people are looking at him and choking back vomit, all he cares about is that people are watching. Late yesterday afternoon, he went live with this comment; NEWSFLASH: MEGA HOT GOSSIP COMING SOON!!! Stay tuned to the Jonesy!

And one non-development:

No response from any of the recipients of the above email. A tenner says they’ll keep ignoring it as long as no-one in the mainstream media is baying for their blood.

UPDATE (1 Feb) – This says it all, really. I’ve been in touch with David Cameron’s office, and they have dismissed my concerns. Now here Cameron is shaking hands with Dennis Paul… today of all days.

David Cameron endorses Dennis Paul and everything he stands for. So much for Mr Nice Guy.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 7, 2007

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Evenin’ all.

I hope to be back on deck in a big way tomorrow afternoon.

I must say, before we begin, that all I appear to have missed (especially on the subject of Iraq) is about a dozen opportunities to say ‘I told you so’.

That said, here’s something that tempted me out of the Batcave a mite earlier than planned…

Do you recall me telling you for the last 1 year, 9 months and 24 days that Anne Milton is a dipstick?

Well, guess what…

Yep! I told you so!

More on this earth-shattering discovery here at the Anne Milton weblog.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 10, 2006

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Take a look at this video of highlights from David Cameron’s conference speech. Go about halfway through (i.e to 2:30 onwards), listen to Cameron declare his support for civil partnerships and then watch the audience react to this.

All done? Good.

OK, I’m about to rock your world. Stand by….

What David Cameron said was this:

“There’s something special about marriage. It’s not about religion. It’s not about morality. It’s about commitment. When you stand up there, in front of your friends and your family, in front of the world, whether it’s in a church or anywhere else, what you’re doing really means something. Pledging yourself to another means doing something brave and important. You are making a commitment. You are publicly saying: it’s not just about me, me me anymore. It is about we – together, the two of us, through thick and thin. That really matters. And by the way, it means something whether you’re a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and another man. That’s why we were right to support civil partnerships, and I’m proud of that.” – David Cameron (transcript and analysis)

The immediate cutaway to the audience shows the wider public that this view is not universally shared or supported by the Conservative rank and file…

… but it also provides our little gathering with something of particular interest, adding valuable context to recent developments.

I shall try to explain through the medium of modern darnce!

No… wait… that won’t work.

OK, let’s go with poetry instead…


Did you see the guy in the blue shirt and tie?
Did you see him not clapping and perhaps wonder why?

He saw he was monitored. What did he do?
He adjusted his face (and his tie a bit, too).

Did he clap? Not at all. Not even for show.
He made his mind up a long time ago:

“Gay men are sick! They’re paedophiles, too!”
(But it’s rare that he’ll openly share this view.)

Who is this guy in the blue shirt and tie?
He got my attention; you’re wondering why…

He speaks for Anne Milton, (mostly from his rear-end);
He’s our Michael Chambers (or ‘Mike’ to his friends).

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 29, 2006

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Stuff’s happening, but I’m not at liberty to comment. But I am free to say that – while all of this has been going on – there’s been a renewed attempt to ‘cleanse’ Anne Milton’s Wikipedia entry including a number of crafty edits where the link to the Anne Milton weblog is not removed, just ‘accidentally’ broken (and from an AOL account this time, instead of the facilities provided by Parliament). They get cleverer by the day…

UPDATE (3:28pm) – You may recall that I had some difficulty getting the Guildford Conservative Association to take an interest in recent developments. You may also recall that the Anne Milton weblog began by ‘outing’ a seemingly never-ending series of Tory activists, councillors, associates and/or family-members who posed as ordinary members of the public in her 2005 election campaign literature. Now, this may be a little taxing, but I want you to try to guess (before clicking) how many current senior members of the Guildford Conservative Association endorsed Anne Milton in this way.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 24, 2006

Category: Anne Milton

Here’s the short version for newcomers and those with short attention spans:

Since starting a weblog about my local MP (Anne Milton), I have been attacked online on a regular basis (both openly and anonymously) by two local Conservative campaigners, both of whom played an integral role in Anne Milton’s election campaign.

– Dennis Paul (Conservative campaigner for Worplesdon Borough Ward)
– Mike Chambers (Conservative campaigner for Onslow)

For the record: I am not a current member of the Liberal Democrats. I am not a former member of the Liberal Democrats. I am not a campaigner for the local Liberal Democrats, nor have I been at any stage in my life. I have done creative/production work for the Liberal Democrats in the past (and plan to do more), but I have also done creative/production work for a Conservative MP and a Labour MP (and plan to do more).

Nevertheless, these idiots are convinced (and/or seek to convince others) that I’m part of a vast Liberal Democrat conspiracy against them.

On August 16, 2006 I published evidence that closely associated both Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers with a series of anonymous weblogs that smear myself, a local Liberal Democrat campaigner, and the Liberal Democrats in general.

The smear against the local Liberal Democrat campaigner is by far the worst; at a weblog under the name ‘Jonesy12’, claims that he is a paedophile have been aired repeatedly and relentlessly.

The victim of this smear just happens to be the direct political opponent of Mike Chambers, and on August 22, 2006 I published irrefutable proof that Mike Chambers is directly responsible for the ‘Jonesy12′ weblog and the claims published there.

This has been brought to the attention of Mike Chambers’ employer (the Learning & Skills Council) as the ‘Jonesy12’ weblog appears to have been created/promoted from his work computer during work hours. I have been informed that an internal investigation is underway.

This has also been brought to the attention of Conservative Central Office. They referred it to Guildford Conservative Association. I have been in touch with them, but so far the only contact I have had has been with Anne Milton’s researcher.

But since all of this happened, further updates have been made to two of the anonymous weblogs, including the one I now know is owned and operated by Mike Chambers.

In short, no effective action has been taken by the local Conservatives.

And that’s why we are now at war.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 24, 2006

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A little job for all users of Bloggerheads:

It has come to my attention that a fraudulent Gmail account may have been set up in my name.

Do me favour and check your Inboxes for any emails from ireland.t AT gmail DOT com… because it ain’t from me.


UPDATE – Relax. Don’t bother. It appears to be one of life’s little coincidences.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 24, 2006

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Last night ‘Jonesy’ (aka Mike Chambers) made a further update to his paedo-smear weblog. The content is of little significance; what really matters here is that he obviously feels untouchable, sheltered as he is by the Tories that surround him.

So I have no choice but to take these bastards on. All of them.

Two emails appear below.

The first email was sent and directed to the following people:
Anne Milton (Conservative MP for Guildford)
Simon Hill (Parliamentary Researcher to Anne Milton MP)
Jonathan Lord (Chairman of the Guildford Conservative Association)
Councillor Andrew Hodges (Leader of Guildford Borough Council)
Sheila Kirkland (Conservative Councillor for Onslow)
Dennis Paul (Conservative campaigner for Worplesdon Borough Ward)
Mike Chambers (Conservative campaigner for Onslow)
Jeremy Hunt (Conservative MP for South West Surrey)
Paul Beresford (Conservative MP for Mole Valley)
Francis Maude (Conservative MP for Horsham)
Humfrey Malins (Conservative MP for Woking)
Michael Gove (Conservative MP for Surrey Heath)
Gerald Howarth (Conservative MP for Aldershot)
Crispin Blunt (Conservative MP for Reigate… and Anne’s MP)

A message to all local Conservative MPs, councillors and activists

WARNING: This is a public email, in that a copy of this (and the follow-up directed at Anne Milton) will shortly be published at the following URL (including details of all recipients):


My name is Tim Ireland. I run the website, which includes a sub-site that scrutinises the antics and affairs of my MP, Anne Milton:

I also produced the first weblog by a Labour MP (Tom Watson) and the first weblog by a Conservative MP (Boris Johnson).

Oh, and I’m not a big fan of Tony Blair:

Also, while I may not be a big fan of the Conservative Party, I’m a big believer in tolerance; no matter what your views, I’m willing to hear any debate so long as that debate is conducted in a legal, civil and fair manner (thus my ongoing interest in the proper use of weblog technology).

But since I have begun my scrutiny of Anne Milton, I have been regularly hounded by two local Tory campaigners and key contributors to her election campaign… Dennis Paul (Conservative campaigner for Worplesdon Borough Ward) and Mike Chambers (Conservative campaigner for Onslow).

Here comes the important bit…

Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers have played an equal part in the creation/promotion of a number of anonymous weblog-based smears against me and others.

Further, Mike Chambers has been proven to be directly responsible for recklessly airing unsubstantiated claims that his direct political opponent is a paedophile.

You can see those claims being aired here:

You can see proof of Dennis Paul’s and Mike Chambers’ involvement here:

Take a moment. You’ll need it.

Yes, it makes me sick, too.

Ready? On we go….

Despite my going public with all sorts of proof, this story has proven too ‘local’ for national press, and the key players know it. Basically, the buck has been passed to Anne Milton and it is her responsibility to deal with this affair… when it’s two of her most vocal supporters behind it!!

And how is she playing this…?

I’ll give you one single, solitary guess:

And the result has been that – despite all of this going public on my website – Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers still feel bold enough to carry on as if nothing can touch them… because those in a position to do something about this think it best to play face-saving games instead of taking action.

I can understand the self-preservation instinct at work here… and I urge you to do the same when you read the following:

I cannot tolerate a world where a local campaigner can behave in such a disgraceful way with total impunity.

It is therefore time to change that world.

Two years ago, I called a halt to the aggressive nature of a project that urged other web users to set up websites that scrutinised their local MP:

I was foolish enough to think that people in a position such as yours would – eventually – behave responsively and responsibly.

I was wrong.

In short; I no longer believe that it’s worth waiting for MPs to engage properly with their electorate online, so I plan to stop being Mr Nice Guy and instead raise an online army against any and all MPs not worth their salt… starting with you lot.

The upshot is that – any time someone searches for your name in any search engine – one of the top search results (if not the top search result) will be a website controlled by someone who knows you for what you are; someone willing to air every dirty, hopeless or dishonest act by yourself that’s too ‘insignificant’ to make it to print. This website will draw an audience of like-minded constituents, thereby generating further content.

Anne Milton’s problem is about to become your problem.

Think about that.

Anyone who stands by Anne Milton on this affair makes themselves a primary target.

And before you get on your high horse, go with a knee-jerk “I will not be threatened!” reaction and side with Milton, let me remind you what you will be standing for if you do so:

“It is perfectly OK to anonymously and viciously smear a political opponent by claiming that he’s a paedophile, so long as that opponent doesn’t complain about it.”

If you stand by that – hell, even if you’re just willing to back wayyyyy off and tolerate the hell out of it from a ‘safe’ distance – be prepared to suffer the consequences.

An email will follow that is directed to Anne Milton and her team. You will be CC’ed on that email.

By now, you know what the purpose of this action is, and I do honestly hope that you will support these aims:

1. The immediate removal of the ‘anonymous’ smears. All of them.
2. Punitive action against those responsible. All of them.

I advise you to take what action you can to further these aims or prepare yourselves for war.

As it stands, none of the MPs on my list have a web presence that can out-perform what most beginners can produce… and you are most definitely not dealing with beginners here.


Tim Ireland

PS – Before you dismiss this as an empty threat from a web-nutter, consider that I may well have carried on in a happy-slappy marketing world were it not for Downing Street’s devout belief that I would go away if ignored:

The latter matter could have been settled quickly and quietly (and, I hope you would agree, entirely properly). But instead, I became a hardened online activist.

Now my sights are set on you. All thanks to Anne Milton and her little team of web-thugs. Whatever your decision, you may wish to take a moment someday to thank her for that.

This second email was directed to Anne Milton, but all of the listed parties were CC’ed:
Simon Hill (Parliamentary Researcher to Anne Milton MP)
Jonathan Lord (Chairman of the Guildford Conservative Association)
Councillor Andrew Hodges (Leader of Guildford Borough Council)
Sheila Kirkland (Conservative Councillor for Onslow)
Dennis Paul (Conservative campaigner for Worplesdon Borough Ward)
Mike Chambers (Conservative campaigner for Onslow)
Jeremy Hunt (Conservative MP for South West Surrey)
Paul Beresford (Conservative MP for Mole Valley)
Francis Maude (Conservative MP for Horsham)
Humfrey Malins (Conservative MP for Woking)
Michael Gove (Conservative MP for Surrey Heath)
Gerald Howarth (Conservative MP for Aldershot)
Crispin Blunt (Conservative MP for Reigate… and Anne’s MP)

Dear Anne,

You and I both know that Mike Chambers is ‘Jonesy’.

Last night, Mike Chambers published a fresh comment at the Jonesy12 weblog, with a further airing of paedo-smears against his political opponent. Put simply, he feels untouchable.

Given all the buck-passing that’s gone on this week, one can only wonder why:

Given that the buck has stopped with you (and you continue to fob me off with your ‘stall and sweep’ plan by insisting that the ‘third party’ get in touch), this leaves us with only one of three possibilities:

1. That you have spoken to Mike Chambers about this, he has lied outright to you, and you were stupid enough to buy it.

2. That you have spoken to Mike Chambers about this, but you are powerless to stop him.

3. That you have not spoken to Mike Chambers about this because of your little political games.

4. That you really don’t need to speak to Mike Chambers about this because you know all about it and are complicit in this affair.

Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers have played an equal part in the creation/promotion of this and other ‘anonymous’ weblog-based smears.

Further, Mike Chambers – one of your local party representatives and a former member of your campaign team – has been proven to be directly responsible for a site that airs claims that his direct political opponent is a paedophile.

Despite this information going public, both parties still feel confident enough to carry on without a care in the world.

How would you feel if your name and address (your real address, not your fake ‘local’ address) were published with similar claims? What if such claims and details were published about one of your children* and that claim remained live on the internet just long enough for some idiot to come along, take the claims at face value, and decide to put a brick through their window… or worse?

(*Please don’t be stupid enough to take this as a veiled threat; unlike Mike Chambers and other members of your team, I’m not a total lowlife.)

Where is your heart, woman? Where is your BRAIN?

When a local campaigner can air unsubstantiated claims of paedophilia with impunity, there is something rotten at the core of local government.

Given that your first line of defence against the weblog that I run about you has always been the Dennis Paul / Mike Chambers team, I am inclined to think that you are the source of this rot.

And – on that final point – it doesn’t matter what I can and cannot prove on this front; our relationship has now changed forever.

If you did not find yourself deselected due to your laziness, dishonesty and/or sheer incompetence beforehand, the boundary changes at the next election would have been the end of the matter for me; I wouldn’t be your constituent.

No longer.

I now plan to hound you until your political career is in ruins, because you are unfit to hold public office. I see it as my civic duty to have you removed from office and called to account.

I used to afford an undue level of courtesy to those who associated themselves with you (hey, it’s politics).

No longer.

From here on in, no bystanders will be tolerated, no quarter will be given.

Me and you (and everyone associated with you)… we’re at war.

Well done, Mike.

Well done, Dennis.

Well done, you.


Tim Ireland

Get your war-boots on folks. Shortly I’ll be looking for bloggers in the Surrey area who think that their local MP deserves a little more scrutiny than they’re used to. If you don’t live in the Surrey area, don’t sweat it… there’ll be plenty of out-of-town work to go around.

UPDATE (6:05pm) – Michael Chambers just responded to this (from the email address with the following:

I would like to unsubscribe. Please do not send me email again.

So I suppose now if I ever send him email he’ll try to have me arrested for spamming or something. What an idiot.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 22, 2006

Category: Anne Milton

Ahahahahahaha! Since the post with proof of Mike Chamber’s involvement went live, Dennis Paul’s weblog has gone live with three more anonymous comments. Dennis has also taken the precautionary measure of removing the link to his main website – – from the relevant post (please note change of file name).

He’s removed the earlier anonymous comment that he made himself so he could berate himself for attacking… erm… himself (all of which was carefully recorded here and here), and he has now added/published the following…

Please remember that all of these comments were published within the space of a few minutes in the last hour:

I,m not political, but from what I can see, it looks like the liberals are putting up spoof blogsites sites, then pretending they are tory inspired.

It goes to show what lengths they will go to in order to mislead the public.

This is my very favourite comment by far. My hacking skills are so great that I can set up a limited company in Mike Chambers’ name.

First comment…”firewall”. Don’t make me laugh.

A number of liberal supporters in Guildford are graduates with computing expertese. They can hack through website visitors pc with ease – all they need is your IP address to target your computer.

These ‘blogsites’ are a venus fly trap to them. At a national level, Police intellegence use the same expertese to monitor and catch muslim extremists.

You only have to visit their site and they can target you. The best thing is to avoid their sites altogether, and avoid clicking on links that could take you to their site.

Ahahahahahahaha! Do not follow the links. Ignore these websites. Do not visit these websites. Stay instead here at the Dennis Paul weblog where you can feel warm, safe, and reliably informed.

I agree. If you click on links to these sites, who knows where it could take you.

Next thing you know, you could be on some paedo site with the Police knocking on your door accusing you of visiting innapropriate websites.

I say again; Ahahahahahahaha! Do not follow the links. Ignore these websites. Do not visit these websites. If you visit any of these websites, your computer will record that you have read the word ‘paedophile’ (on a site created by Mike Chambers, most likely in collusion with Dennis Paul) and the police will come knocking.

Oh, God… I find it hard to believe that I wore my big boots for this. A sturdy pair of slippers would have been more than sufficient.

UPDATE (11:29pm) – Dennis is back… and feeling very confident, by the looks of things. (Heh. Wouldn’t you know it? It’s just past closing time!)

UPDATE (12:58am) – My random synapse connections (a glorious gift from my childhood) bring forth the following memories and thoughts:

1. A Certain Conservative Blogger who pledged to “take the piss out of politicians; whatever their foibles” declaring (via email) over a paedo-scum moment of his own that in such cases one should; “Never explain, never apologise.”

2. A very early tangle with a guy by the name of Matt Vartan who – despite being caught bang-to-rights – had the audacity to ‘quote’ Churchill in his sign-off (“Don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up!”)… before retreating forever.

3. The sudden and unexpected appearance of a website dedicated to tracking self-important nutters like Stephen Green and John Beyer just as I was wondering how the hell I was going to manage said task all by myself. [Dennis and Mike: one to keep in mind…]

4. Again, the reason why I set up the Anne Milton weblog in the first place (and the agnostic inside me that is trying desperately to avoid the significance of my happening across Mike Chambers as the very first Milton-ringer).

5. Finally, something that keeps me going despite ‘assurances’ from Certain Conservative Bloggers that this is the way it has always been, and one should be willing to roll over and let it happen;

I’m just one guy trying to exercise his rights as a constituent. I have the guts to put my name to my efforts, and my reward is to have some anonymouth pose as me, making libellous claims about my professional and personal life. They seem to think that I should have rolled over and given up a long time ago, but I continually ask myself the question; “What would they get up to if they’re *weren’t* subjected to ample scrutiny?”

UPDATE (1:01am) – And I’d best add this; I haven’t really felt as if I were ‘back‘ until… right about now. Speaking of backs… Blair had better watch his.

[Psst! Some cool Flash stuff is headed your way… The first item will make you piss your pants. The second will make Dennis and Mike shit theirs.]

UPDATE (23 Aug 5:39pm) – Oh, God… talk about projection. Paranoia sets in over at Dennis Paul’s weblog

The computer I am using to access emails and visit a blogger website today was attacked as follows:

* 3.37pm. Intrusion.Win.MSSQL.worm.Helkern IP address
* 4.35pm. Intrusion.Win.MSSQL.worm.Helkern IP address
* 4.36pm. Intrusion.Win.MSSQL.worm.Helkern IP address

Must have been some local script kiddie…

Tha part to look forward to is when I prove that Dennis is directly involved with this or that and he blames hackers accessing his computer and posting stuff in his name. Oh, and he gets a golf-clap for his discovery of the term ‘script kiddie’…

UPDATE (23 Aug 8:50pm) – Speaking of feeling confident… ‘Jonesy’ (aka Mike Chambers) has just published a fresh comment at his weblog… nothing new; he’s just pressing and airing his paedo-smears as if nothing can touch him. One can only wonder why he thinks this

Chambers is a worm; this we know. What this proves (again) is that those who continue to endorse/protect him share the guilt in this.

UPDATE (24 Aug 4:25pm) – Hahahahaha! Dennis continues his ‘do not visit other websites’ message in an expansion of his recent post, and – as predicted – he also appears to be lining up his alibi:

Perhaps some of these links will explain some of the problems with blogging on dodgy sites. Take for example the problem of the Trojan Horse. Or those net pest script kiddies. It’s one thing them roaming randomly to hack a victim, but when they obtain your IP address through a visit to their site, then you could be at risk. You could find yourself becoming the victim of net bullying, or worse, if your children log on with too much detail, they are vulnerable to stalkers and paedophiles on the net. You could find criminals putting up material on your pc as this case showed.

The link for the case he cites is broken but I found it here. What it refers to – at worst – is undesirable ads appearing on a weblog without the owner’s knowledge…. but as this post points out; “It’s most likely that the person visiting (that) weblog had adware installed on their computer which inserted pornographic ads into the web page.”

UPDATE (29 Aug) – Dennis has now removed this post. At the risk of repeating myself: the man has a bad habit of deleting content once it’s (finally) clear to him that an argument has failed to go his way.

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