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Posted by Tim Ireland at August 22, 2006

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This is a copy of another email I’ve just sent to relevant parties attached to Anne Milton’s office, Conservative Central Office, and the Learning & Skills Council regarding the antics of Dennis Paul and/or Mike Chambers (my earlier email can be read here):

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I now have proof that Mike Chambers is directly responsible for the weblog that aired unsubstantiated claims that his political opponent was a paedophile:

Given that you are all senior representatives of organisations that Mike Chambers claims to represent, I would appreciate a statement from each of you about the appropriateness of such action before 5:30pm today.


Tim Ireland

I kind of new at this, so please forgive the following question:

If someone doesn’t reply to your email, and you know that they’ve received/read it, does that count as an official ‘no comment’…?

UPDATE (5:23pm) – Thanks for replies (under comments). Almost all of the people I’ve alerted have checked in or been chased up. Here’s the response so far:

The Learning & Skills Council finally got back to me. Their basic line is that the matter is still being investigated, and while “Mr Chambers has previously been warned not to use the LSC’s system for his private activities,” they cannot be held responsible for what he does out of work hours. This response completely ignores the fact that they as an organisation can quickly and easily bring this matter to a swift conclusion because – when Mike Chambers was posting using their time and facilities – he established a connection between himself and the ‘Jonesy’ blog. They hold, and have withheld, evidence that would have shut this down long before I was forced to go public with it. No statement regarding the appropriateness of this kind of behaviour has been delivered.

I had to chase Conservative Central Office on this matter by phone. They have ‘referred it to the local association’ (Guildford Conservatives) for action. When pressed for a statement regarding the appropriateness of this kind of behaviour (i.e. anonymously airing claims that your direct political opponent is a paedophile) they delivered a stern “no comment.”

Guildford Conservatives have yet to respond. But Anne Milton’s office was in touch earlier today; they continue to try and bluff their way through by insisting that the ‘third party’ get directly in touch with them. This position suggests that they have *nothing* to say about the website set up to smear myself (a constituent) by a current local party campaigner and a former member of Anne Milton’s campaign team. Further, they appear to hold the position that it’s OK for one of their number to anonymously and viciously smear a political opponent, so long as that opponent doesn’t complain about it. I think that this alone makes a statement regarding the appropriateness of this kind of behaviour surplus to requirements, but I’ll continue to press.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 22, 2006

Category: Anne Milton

For those who came in late: The Learning & Skills Council harbours paedo-scum

You may remember this little adventure with Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers from October 17, 2005. Following that adventure, Mike got busy on the University of Surrey Student Union (USSU) discussion boards declaring; “Chris Ward is unfit to be Editor” (of Barefacts; the publication that dared to point out that Anne Milton declined to meet student members of her electorate at a freshers’ fayre after the election, when she seemed awfully keen to attend many a freshers’ fayre before the election).

Sadly for Mike, his fearless Tory-campaigning has never been popular on these boards, and his name has been M.U.D. in this online community ever since I busted him for posing as an ordinary member of the public on Anne Milton’s literature. After roughly four posts (one of which has since been deleted following a disastrous attempt at being funny), Mike was forced to leave the USSU boards with his tail between his legs… on October 20, 2005.

On October 31, 2005 a new member joined the USSU board; davidjones.

You can see a post here where ‘davidjones’ lays into Chris Ward with claims of political bias… just as Mike Chambers was fond of doing. By following links in that profile, you can also see posts signed off with the nickname ‘stereo’ and the photo in the Jonesy profile is named ‘stereossonthepulllook.jpg’ (“Stereo’s on the pull; look!”) and… and… and…

OK, and here I must admit that…. this entire pre-amble has been a shameless tease.


[Mike, I know you’re reading this, and I know that up until now you’ve held fast to a dim hope that I was 100% reliant on circumstantial evidence. Sorry, but… you’re screwed, pal!]

You can see just under that post (linked above) a USSU BB Administrator rolling his eyes at the claims of political bias; it turns out he had good reason to.

You can see the profile of that USSU BB Administrator – Ickybod – here. It clearly links to, the weblog of Piers Karsenbarg. Piers has been contributing to recent posts at Bloggerheads under comments, and he now has the following to share with us:

1. The profile for ‘davidjones’ used to link to the now-infamous ‘Jonesy’ blog; i.e. the weblog that ‘innocently’ aired claims that Liberal Democrat campaigner Chris Ward was a paedophile.

2. Posts made under the profile ‘davidjones’ were made using the IP address (i.e. that of the Learning & Skills Council).

3. And finally… (here comes the slam-dunk) this profile was originally registered using the email address – the work address of Mike Chambers.

This email address was hidden from the public, but not the admin team. An email was sent to pointing out that it was visible in such a way; Mike responded (i.e. proving the email address was valid and used by him to set up this profile) by changing the main email address to and claiming that he had set the profile up “for a friend”….

One of many imaginary friends, I think it’s fair to say.

a megaphoneThe current WHOIS for does not reveal the registrant’s name but I’m sure the WHOIS history will prove to be revealing… not that this data is needed.

Mike Chambers is ‘Jonesy’ – and Mike Chambers is directly responsible for the disgraceful smear campaign conducted at the ‘Jonesy’ weblog.

No doubt Mike Chambers will fall back on further claims that the blog is the work of ‘a friend’ and/or that Piers Karsenbarg is also a member of a vast Liberal Democrat conspiracy, but – once again – the Learning & Skills Council can verify all of this with a quick check of their HTTP and/or email records.

Up until now, they appear to have been reluctant to do so… but perhaps they’ll change their minds now this has gone public.

[Psst! Mike! Dennis! This is the bit where you start ratting each other out in the hope that you personally will get off lightly. The sooner you start this vital process, the sooner we can all get on with our lives.]

UPDATE (1:20pm) – John has chipped in to point out that 44 London Limited – the company previously named at and/or named in a way that only indexing robots could see (thanks Google) – is a real company and is registered at the following address:

18 Scholars Walk, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7TR

Now take a look at this Christmas 2005 pamphlet from local Conservative Councillor Sheila Kirkland (screengrab here and to your right). The address given for Mike Chambers is….

18 Scholars Walk, Onslow, GU2 7TR

Slam. Dunk.

UPDATE (1:37pm) – Doesn’t it strike you as odd that this is normally the kind of thing that Guido and Iain Dale go for… but neither of them have shown the slightest amount of interest? Yeah, me too.

UPDATE (3:33pm) – The ‘davidjones’ profile on the USSU discussion boards has been deleted.

UPDATE (4:50pm) – Oops. Now that the ‘davidjones’ profile has been deleted, the person who created it can no longer delete posts made under that profile… and now – in posts such as this – the system has stopped linking to the profile/website of the user and instead displays a link to the last-known email address for that profile…. (i.e. an email address at a domain name which we know is owned and controlled by a company registered at Mike Chambers’ address).

1. Mike, I’ve been forced to beg you to stop for your own good before… I’m going to do so again now: Mike, *please* stop… you’re really not very good at this and you should give up now to avoid any further damage to yourself and those around you.

2. Can someone from the three organisations/groups who can do something about this please get on with it? Your inaction suggests that you either don’t understand what’s going on, or that you endorse this kind of behaviour. I seek to remind you that further updates to both offending sites were made while you twiddled your thumbs.

UPDATE (24 Aug) – The domain name was registered using the email address, which is the same email address that Mike Chambers uses on this site under his credit as web designer. You may also notice in the Tory pamphlet referenced above that he also uses the email address… the domain name was registered with the same registrar as used for

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 21, 2006

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It’s almost lunchtime!

I haven’t heard anything beyond the usual assurances from Anne Milton’s office that this would be brought to her attention (which only served to remind me why the Anne Milton weblog exists in the first place; I remember well the first time she promised to ‘investigate’ something).

UPDATE (2:44pm) – The only new development so far? The ‘Irish Tim’ weblog has become more overt in its attempt at impersonation, and now includes a pretty shoddy attempt at keyword placement (and a special message about me wasting my time “writing page after page of gash about Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers”). Someone’s feeling confident that they won’t get found out…

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 18, 2006

Category: Anne Milton

This is a copy of an email I’ve just sent to relevant parties attached to Anne Milton’s office, Conservative Central Office, and the Learning & Skills Council regarding this sordid affair:

So, here we are… it’s 5:30pm on a Friday afternoon and still nothing has
been done about this. I assume that this means that an unsubstantiated claim
that a man is a paedophile (which includes his name, photo, and details of
his location) will stay live on the internet for at least another two days
while you swan off and enjoy your weekend and/or continue to enjoy your

I am appalled… and each and every one of you should be ashamed.

Tim Ireland

Oh, and here’s a little something to think about…

If I were a clever troll wishing to damage the reputation of Mike Chambers and/or Dennis Paul, and I had set up a series of anonymous weblogs that they were stupid enough to contribute to, I would have deleted those blogs immediately following the recent exposé in order to make these two look as guilty as hell.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 17, 2006

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Anne Milton – Guildford MP (and Dipstick): Behind the smearing wheel

Now, a month after my initial complaint to her, we may see some action.

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 16, 2006

Category: Anne Milton

1. Given the headline, I think it’s important that I begin by providing my definition of the term ‘paedo-scum’:

Paedophiles, as well all know, are adults who engage in sexual activity with a child or children. But there are also many in our society who use fear of paedophilia for personal, political and/or financial gain. These people are paedo-scum.

2. If you’re new here, you’ll need some background:

Anne Milton is my local (Conservative) MP. I’m not one of her biggest fans.

Dennis Paul is a supporter of Anne Milton, and a local campaigner seeking a seat in the next council elections. He is endorsed by the Conservative Party and he is (or perhaps was) employed by Sutton Council.

Mike Chambers is a supporter of Anne Milton, and a local campaigner seeking a seat in the next council elections. He also is endorsed by the Conservative Party and he is (or perhaps was) employed by the Learning & Skills Council.

OK, are we all ready? Onward!

Guildford Conservatives - so much to be proud of!

Both Dennis and Mike have been behind a number of petty personal and/or party-political attacks against myself (and others). Some of these attacks have been made publicly (1, 2), and some of them have been made anonymously.

I already gone on the record saying that I have proof that both Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers have misused time and facilities paid for by the taxpayer by engaging in their petty personal and/or party-political attacks from their work computers.

In both cases a formal complaint was made.

In the case of Sutton Council, the matter was finally dealt with 76 days after my initial complaint. (On Nov 7 2005, they responded by assuring me that they had “investigated this matter and taken appropriate action.”)

In the case of the Learning & Skills Council… well, I need to trundle out some evidence first. Please bear with me…

On Thursday, January 05, 2006 at 9:40am this comment was left on the Anne Milton weblog by someone using the Blogger account LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem.

The IP address was used to post this comment. That IP address belongs to the following range:

inetnum: –
netname: LSC-NET
descr: Learning & Skills Council – Corporate Access

Now the Learning & Skills Council employ quite a few people, not just Mike Chambers. It could very well be that there’s someone else who works for the Learning & Skills Council who is also an ardent supporter of Anne Milton that loathes Liberal Democrats with a passion and/or has been part of an ongoing vendetta against a local Lib Dem campaigner by the name of Chris Ward.

Perhaps Mike complained to other staff members about my unfair little weblog in the lunch-room one day and one of them decided to intervene on his behalf… the universe is infinite and nothing is impossible. Me, I’m reckless enough to operate under the following assumption:

LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem = Mike Chambers

You can see here at the weblog controlled under that account a single post that clumsily suggests under comments that the blog (and a wish to legalise all drugs and buy drugs illegally in the meantime) is the work of local Liberal Democrat campaigner Chris Ward.

This is not the only instance of Mike Chambers impersonating Chris Ward.

You’ll also wish to take into account the strapline of the SurreyTories weblog linked above; “Because too much blue is really poo” – and also the conviction clearly held by Mike Chambers and Dennis Paul that I’m part of a massive Liberal Democrat conspiracy against them. Watch and wait for more…

Now any reasonable person could see that the profile name alone is misleading and party-political, but I want you to join me here now as Dennis Paul allows ‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’ to make a comment on his site posing (again) as the aforementioned Chris Ward.

Some anonymous comments lay in with further rubbish (here it must be noted that Dennis Paul has a long track record of making fake/anonymous comments on his own website and that he has recently unwittingly admitted to making anonymous comments on my website) but – officially – Dennis Paul simply allows the impersonation to pass.

Now, I mentioned in a recent post that Dennis Paul once deleted an entire post on his weblog because of one ‘inappropriate comment’. I’m about to reveal why he thought it prudent to delete an entire exchange… but hang in there for the detail first.

On Sunday, June 25, 2006 the paedo-scum at News Of The World saw fit to remind us that roaming gangs of paedophiles lurk in our midst. (There is a mirror of the relevant article here and a BBC report on the outcome here.)

The following day (June 26, 2006) at pretty much the same time ‘someone’ was busy battling to keep Anne Milton’s Wikipedia entry clear of any impure thoughts, Dennis Paul put a post on his weblog about it. The cleansed and renewed version of this post (dated July 1, 2006) can be seen here.

The original post, including an all-too-revealing exchange under comments, is archived here at Bloggerheads.

In the comments under this post, you will see two genuine comments from me. You will also see comments by individuals operating with the Blogger profiles Irish_Tim and Jonesy. Dennis Paul responds to ‘Jonesy’ with a comment about “paedophile acts with minors of the same sex which would also be a homosexual act,” but – again – he allows an outright if clumsy impersonation to slide by without so much as a whisper.

We’ll get back to ‘Jonesy’ and “paedophile acts with minors of the same sex” in a moment… first I want to talk to you about ‘Irish_Tim’ – and for that we need to take a small step back in time…

On Tuesday, April 25, 2006 I submitted a formal complaint to the Learning & Skills Council regarding Mike Chambers and his conduct under the profile ‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’. I’m guessing that a verbal warning followed.

In May 2006 this weblog by ‘Irish_Tim’ went live, where ‘Irish_Tim’ claimed to be me. He linked to my main websites, and to that of my employer and their clients.

Wait… backtrack… make that my former employer and their clients. Y’see, intelligence is lacking here. I haven’t worked for that company or any of their clients for well over 18 months. But, still, the effort is there and the intention is clear.

This mucky little weblog, which has less-than-subtle xenophobic and homophobic overtones, has published the following since going live:

– Threats that a bunch of Tory MPs are trying to get my permanent residency status withdrawn
– Assertions that I am operating at the behest of the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Guildford (Sue Doughty)
– Anonymous comments supposedly from Sue Doughty thanking me for my support
– A claim that I have been dismissed from employment for “downloading porn and not doing much work really”
– A lovely statement that “my wife, bless her, just doesn’t do it for me these days”
– A further statement that “my son think’s (sic) I’m a bad father”

Also, in comments on Chris Ward’s weblog, ‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’ has posed as me a number of times (1, 2, 3), but there’s worse to come…

The weblog is headed “too much kangeroo (sic) is really poo” (see: “too much blue is really poo”)

On this weblog and in the profile, I am classified as a “computer hacker”. Here we quickly zip back to a previous post of mine: Dennis Paul (who clearly does not know the difference between hacking and tracking) is the only person I know of who has made any accusation of hacking associated with myself or this website. Ever.

Here the line blurs between close chums Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers… but the connections between these two and this weblog – and that of ‘Jonesy’ – are remarkably strong.

Aaaand finally we get back to ‘Jonesy’… and what I can say without fear of hyperbole is the lowest political act I have seen at a local level in my entire life.

Prepare yourselves….

On Friday, June 30, 2006 (i.e. very soon after this charming exchange on Dennis Paul’s weblog), Jonesy went live with this post ‘innocently’ airing claims that Liberal Democrat campaigner Chris Ward was a paedophile and then went on to press the matter relentlessly with the help of a number of anonymous comments on the matter.

(Note also in those comments some late-in-the-day negative comments about Mike Chambers, which to me smell like clumsy misdirection.)

I was appalled. Just… dumbstruck, really.

As the post expanded, it went on to feature a photo of Chris Ward, and details about his location. It should be obvious why this is such an irresponsible thing to do. Further, I think it qualifies as a hate crime.

The first thing I did was submit a renewal of my complaint to the Learning & Skills Council with this new information. Far better, one would think, to just see the material removed (and if not, secure evidence that would link an actual person to this crime).

They responded by telling me that “relevant person” was “not available to deal with this at the moment”. Later, I was assured that “the LSC are taking this matter seriously”.

Seriously? By now it was over two months after my initial complaint and it should have been pretty clear to any sensible or responsible person at this stage that this was a matter that should be dealt with pretty fucking urgently!

The main thing to remember here is that there is a lot of circumstantial evidence. In can be stated with some certainty that Mike Chambers is ‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’, but we also have the following…

Dennis Paul allowed ‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’ to make a comment on his (moderated) site and published it without question or any kind of significant challenge.

Dennis Paul happily chummed it up with ‘Jonesy’ and ‘Irish_Tim’ before deleting the evidence.

‘Jonesy’ links to ‘Irish_Tim’ and ‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’ in his blogroll.

‘Irish_Tim’ left a comment with ‘Jonesy’, posing as me and asking; “So what’s wrong with sex at 15 or even younger anyways?”

‘LegaliseAllDrugs^Vote_LibDem’ merrily contributed to the comments under the paedo-post on the ‘Jonesy’ blog and made another comment requesting a link from that blog.

‘Jonesy’ left a comment on the ‘Irish_Tim’ weblog suggesting that he earnestly believed it was my main website.

Now amongst all of this noise, there are really only two possibilities:

1. That these disgraceful smears are the work of Mike Chambers and/or Dennis Paul – which would prove either or both to be totally unfit for public office.

2. That Mike Chambers and Dennis Paul are the victims of an elaborate set-up that they have been stupid enough to willingly take part in because they were blinded by their hatred of myself and/or Chris Ward – which would prove either or both to be totally unfit for public office.

But – as only Mike Chambers was operating for a time from work blissfully unaware that his HTTP access records might be presented in a court of law – only the Learning & Skills Council can tell us for sure if he is behind any or all of the relevant identities (or maybe even – perhaps – totally eliminate him as a suspect).

Somewhere in this world is a complete and utter lowlife (or team of lowlifes) with an overdue appointment in court. Only the Learning & Skills Council can help to identify the individual(s) involved.

And what have they done about it so far? Sweet bugger all.

So, here we are, back to the headline:

The Learning & Skills Council harbours paedo-scum.

Now I’ve gone public with this information, I’m curious to know what this organisation plans to do about it.


UPDATE (4:50pm) – Do give me a shout if any of the relevant evidence starts disappearing. I have it all saved to disk, so I’m ready and waiting to publish mirrors.

UPDATE (5:20pm) – Wouldn’t you know it? The relevant person at the Learning & Skills Council is away until 21 August. No matter. I’ve sent a link to the ‘if this is urgent’ email address that came with the auto-respond. I’ve also called Conservative Head Office, and since calling them I’ve received yet another visit from (


UPDATE (6:15pm) – An extended visit from (

UPDATE (11:39pm) – Well, how about that, then? It’s past chucking-out time and Dennis is busy publishing comments under this post. Will a response* from Dennis follow?

(*And by that I mean a response other than anonymous/fake comments. There are already a few such comments… including an out-of-the-blue one from a ‘nasty Liberal’ who sooooooo obviously has it in for him and Mike Chambers. It’s painful to watch.)

UPDATE (00:47) – Well, he’s finally made a comment under his own name… just under three comments that he made himself from ‘other people’; I have the records of a rather stunning schoolboy error that proves this saved to disk, but can’t be arsed posting the details right now… suffice it to say that we can now add ‘Labour Lennie’ to his list of sock puppets (which makes this exchange between ‘Labour Lennie’ and ‘Jonesy’ all the more entertaining). Anyway… enough about what ‘other people’ have to say… let’s get to the official comment from Dennis:

“Well if that is real political debate online, it rather sums up why this blog is closing. This is the last blog and time to close, but if the last Liberal is still blogging into vacant cyberspace, could you please switch off the light.”


Painful. To. Watch.

But it had to be done… and the job’s not finished yet.

UPDATE (17 Aug 10:05am) – Y’see, this is the problem with crying wolf:
Who now is actually going to believe that Dennis Paul’s blogger account has been hacked?

UPDATE (17 Aug 1:43pm) – The ‘hacked’ entry has been removed. Good thing I saved a copy.

UPDATE (22 Aug) – There are further updates in subsequent posts and comments (all within the Anne Milton category), but this one needs to go here for ready-reference:

On the 21st of August ‘Jonesy’ deleted the link to his blog from his Blogger profile, possibly to give the impression that Dennis Paul was not aware of the offending weblog when checking this profile following comment submission (which is something any sensible moderator would do). Of course, if he tried this on, Dennis would also have to explain why another persona he invented – Labour Lennieplayed an active role in the offending ‘paedo’ post.

UPDATE (22 Aug 12:06pm) – Proof: Mike Chambers is directly responsible for the ‘paedo’ claims

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 16, 2006

Category: Anne Milton

It’s been a while since I’ve done a thorough fisking… but this one is going to be worth it. And then some.

Either very late last night or very early this morning, Dennis Paul announced that he was quitting his weblog:

Dennis Paul, Conservative Campaigner: Nighty Night

Well folks, this is the last blog for a while I’m afraid. As a facilitator I have come to the conclusion that blogs are a complete waste of time. Some time ago I saw them useful as a way of publicising initiatives, (promoting my credentials obviously) and stimulating genuine discussion and debate by opening up access to the community. To date, with perhaps the exception of ‘Paul’ and ‘Contratory’ most of the community involvement has involved a tiny band of opposition hacks trying to engage in distractive, petty political point scoring which serves little purpose other than to smear their opponents or put off genuine visitors from becoming involved in politics.

I will happily continue online at my site at where I will be reporting on local issues and initiatives. But before you go, ask yourself Why is blogging a waste of your time and mine (this is the last debate, so keep to the point, avoid petty point scoring, smears, negative links and your post should get through)? Discuss:

Dennis Paul’s version of ‘keeping to the point’ is never straying from his own personal version of reality, and countering a number of his quite ridiculous claims requires the use of a few facts that he would dismiss as ‘smears’… so I’m turning down his kind offer of a final ‘debate’ on his ‘blogsite’ and will instead will publish my response here.

What the following is going to prove is that we are well rid of Dennis Paul, because the bulk of his public and anonymous contributions to the blogging community have been “distractive, petty political point scoring which serves little purpose other than to smear their opponents or put off genuine visitors from becoming involved in politics.”

On we go with the fisking…

If you have a political interest, you could be reading more informative literature, even in the tabloids. If you want debate, you’ll find more people down the pub to argue with than online – and it’s more sociable

Untrue. Many weblogs (that may or may not publish articles of their own) give readers access to a wider variety of mainstream articles, but I’m not at all surprised to see that he thinks online debating arguing is a waste of time, because he has yet to discover the joys of Playing. By. The. Rules.

Apart from that, his final line about the pub only serves to explain why Dennis is so fond of posting/commenting after closing time.

(Oops. A snipe slipped through. Sorry about that.)

Blogs give those that post the buzz that the whole world is watching, when frankly only a few political hacks at most are online hanging on every word.

To be fair, this may be a true account of Dennis Paul’s experience. As for myself, between Bloggerheads and Backing Blair I reached well over a million unique visitors last year. The Anne Milton weblog is a little more modest in that it ticks over at around 40,000 unique visitors a year.

Also, rather than reaching “a few political hacks,” I’ve tracked regular visits from inside Parliament, Downing Street and the headquarters of every major political party in this country (including a recent visit from Conservative Central Office, which might explain this Conservative campaigner’s ‘independent decision’ to quit blogging… it won’t be the first time he’s been told to pull his head in after going OTT).

If you contribute by blogging genuinely on some sites, you may provide the host with your IP address when you blog which enables unscrupulous hackers to attack your computer. That is why they are so obsessed with the IP identity of those who blog. You may limit this risk by moving from a static IP address to a Dynamic IP address, but you are still vulnerable while you remain online without protection.

Dennis Paul has made a few big mistakes in the last few days, but this one is the biggest by far (still, at least now he appears to know what an IP address is). What he’s referring to is the fallout from this showdown (relevant details are at the base of that post and comments). It’s a subtle but rare public repeat of his claim that he was hacked this time last year and that I’m the most likely culprit.

Important Bit To Remember #1: Dennis Paul (who clearly does not know the difference between hacking and tracking) is the only person I know of who has made any accusation of hacking associated with myself or this website. Ever.

Important Bit To Remember #2: Dennis Paul (who clearly does not know the difference between blogging and commenting) has never commented under his own name on any of my websites. Ever. Basically, what he has done here is unwittingly admit that he has done so anonymously in the past.

Big, big, mistake. And there may be more on this in the mystery link (see below).

Anonymity for bloggers gives them the scope to create the illusion that their views are commonplace with more people contributing posts than there actually are.

So speaks the man who has made a regular habit of submitting anonymous/fake comments on his own website since well before he started blogging “to create the illusion that their views are commonplace with more people contributing posts than there actually are.”

All you have to do is browse around his weblog to see this in action (even with his new ‘no-time timestamps’ it’s painfully obvious), but if you want to go straight to the most entertaining part, click here to watch Dennis dismiss one of the few anonymous comments that he didn’t write himself. Because it was made anonymously, obviously.

The content of blog air is generally crap. Some of my opponents spend time writing reams of material every day with no comments or sign of engagement in any discussion whatsoever (except say a few chums). The idea that the content is ‘public’ drives them on, but actually no one is watching except people in political circles (including me I have to confess) checking to see if anything interesting or relevant crops up – which rarely happens

1. At the risk of repeating myself; Opponent? You what?

2. Oh really? I’d regard this revelation to be particularly interesting. Given that Anne Milton likes to big-note herself as Parliament’s Nurse, I’d regard her poor attendance record on the Health Select Committee to be particularly relevant.

3. As for comments, I’m a busy guy and don’t wish to waste my days pissing about with timewasters, so people who comment on my site are required to establish their identity via TypeKey. That means I get fewer comments than many sites that enjoy this level of traffic, but at least it keeps most of the shitheads away. Oh, and did I mention that Dennis Paul has never commented under his own name on any of my websites? Ever?

(Damn. Another snipe slipped through. I must be more careful.)

Blogging has little or no effect on public opinion. Why? Because no one is watching. More productive time can be spent knocking on doors or delivering leaflets that address local concerns than appealing to a narrow sect through internet media.

Ah, yes… and we all know what type of leaflets Dennis Paul likes to circulate. As for door-knocking, a report reaches me that – during a recent by-election – local Tory canvassers were instructed to ask to speak to the man of the house, show them a picture of the Conservative candidate (Kathy Lyons), and say; “Isn’t she a lovely piece of totty to have as your councillor?”

Sometimes this kind of thing is effective… and sometimes it is not.

Also, Dennis Paul himself has accused me of having local political connections, but of the associations that have been made, most of them were a direct result of my “appealing to a narrow sect through internet media.”

Quite a few members of the great unwashed have been in touch, too – including a couple of people from Dennis Paul’s past… and present. I think this counts as an example of the effectiveness of a robust and honest approach to blogging.

For a rough idea of how this works, Dennis is invited to search for his own name in Google. Or perhaps Anne Milton’s name. Or maybe even the words ‘health select committee’…

When you read posts on blogsites they could be anyone. Just register with a few duff details and you are in there, blogging as Michael Jackson or Jack Spratt. More often than not, they are a couple of opponents trying to create the illusion that there is a mass following out there that does not exist

And Dennis Paul would know. The illusion of a mass following has already been dealt with above, so what is going to be dealt with here is his quite correct assertion that anyone can “register with a few duff details” and start “blogging as Michael Jackson or Jack Spratt.”

Of course, if you don’t put your name to the venture and/or fail to provide evidence of any given claim, issues of trust are going to crop up from time to time, and you’ll find yourself struggling for traffic…. but the Big One here is that I wish to prove that Dennis Paul is 100% correct on one single point, and – for practical purposes – that proof needs to presented outside of this fisking. Watch the space below, where a link will (or perhaps *may*) appear shortly:

Yep… here you go… Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers are heavily implicated in an anonymous weblog smear campaign that will turn your stomach.

For those who think independent blogging is a productive use of their time, you can try to persuade us otherwise too! But spare us the crap about how you champion the public good etc by bringing important facts to light. We have the Surrey Advertiser for that, and they are fairly impartial!

Dennis Paul is totally wrong on this front… our local newspaper the Surrey Advertiser is not big on investigative journalism. More often than not they are totally reliant on someone coming forward with evidence and/or a point of view; the majority of stories that stray toward the investigative are headlined as follows:

(Insert Name Here) claims that (Insert Name Here) has/is (Insert Story Here)

All in all, I guess the proof of the pudding will be in whether the meat from the mystery-link above makes it to print and/or is acted upon once/if it is published and/or starts turning up in search engines. We’ll see. Maybe.

And I say ‘maybe’ because I’m going to give Dennis one more chance:

Dennis, you have two hours (from now) to delete any suggestion or allegation that I blog about Anne Milton at the behest of the local Liberal Democrats from your public sites, and to see to it that certain anonymous sites are removed in their entirety. You know what I’m talking about. Two hours. After that, I go public and get totally mediaeval on your ass. Have a serious think about it.

UPDATE (1:46pm) – I’m busy. Dennis gets a bonus hour. See you at 3pm.

UPDATE (4:20pm) – The mystery link just went live. Dennis Paul has had plenty of time to deal with this honourably. Now it’s time for him to chew on a burger with the works.

UPDATE (Aug 22) – Dennis Paul has now moved/renamed and updated the fisked post. The changes have been recorded here: Dennis Paul is busy covering his tracks

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 15, 2006

Category: Anne Milton

Well, glory be… Dennis is digging (a deeper hole for himself):

Dennis Paul, Conservative Campaigner: Lambeth Lad, meet David Orchard!

Lambeth Lad, a regular contributer on one of my opponents blogsite during the general election, attacking our newly elected Conservative MP, Anne Milton recently appeared to contribute to my earlier blog on the Ashenden Attack. He has interesting views on Co-Op & Waitrose shopping and public transport. He also appears familiar with walks near Stonebridge Wharf in Shalford and seems wary of animals.

Now meet David Orchard. I received a strange email in his name a while back with a Waitrose email address – viewers may find the remarks a little odd. Is this the same David Orchard of Stonebridge Wharf, Shalford?…living at the same residence as our former Liberal MP?

Yes, you could be right, but is there a ‘missing link’?

And, at first glance, it would appear that he has a number of supporters in his corner.

However… what his conveniently deficient timestamps don’t reveal is that this post and the first five comments that followed were all published between 11:30 and 12:30 late last night. Perhaps Dennis managed to plug in to the ‘closing time’ crowd and earn a record-setting exchange of comments in the space of an hour, and perhaps not. Me, I have my doubts, particularly as both Dennis and his ‘supporters’ engage in improper use of words like ‘blogsite’ and ‘weblink’, and cannot tell the difference between a post and a comment. Still, it’s worked out well for Dennis, as one of the comments from a ‘supporter’ includes a handy backtrack on his use of the word ‘opponent’ (“lets face it, he’s hardly a friend”).

Related link: Chris Ward – Dennis Paul and his own little world…

Damn and blast it all, now I’ve gone and linked to the site of a known Liberal Democrat, thereby proving Dennis right! If he ever discovers the blogroll on the Anne Milton website, I’m finished!


The amazing thing about a website that takes a dim view of certain local Conservative campaigners/candidates/MPs is that it tends to attract the attention of people who take an equally dim view of these same people. Some of these people are politically active, and some are not (and of those who are politically active, some represent Labour, and others the Liberal Democrats).

Also, some of these people contribute via comments, and some via email (and some via both).

There has been plenty of material regarding Anne Milton submitted under comments that has been deleted, moderated or reigned in publicly (and here’s an excellent example of the latter).

Via email, the process is a little more private, but very much the same; it’s my damn website, and I decide what gets published on it.

That website happens to be the top search result for ‘anne milton’ in just about every search engine available, so I do get a fair amount of email… but something like 5% of submitted material gets published. People who submit material/links to Bloggerheads in general won’t be at all surprised to learn that – often – people submit material that I’m already aware of and/or looking into. Also, it matters not a jot where the material comes from if it’s true… and what is true is that Anne Milton misled voters and lied outright during her campaign and – most important of all in the context of this argument – repeatedly passed off Conservative councillors, candidates and key members of her campaign team as ordinary members of the public. Here’s a quick roll-call for those who came in late:

Mike Chambers (then part of her campaign team, now Conservative Borough campaigner for Onslow)
Amanda Worrall (who is, amusingly, no longer a fan)
Kathy Lyons (Conservative candidate for Friary & St Nicolas)
Dora Paul (wife of Dennis Paul)
Grant Griffiths (former Deputy Chairman of Guildford Conservatives and Anne Milton’s Campaign Director)
Richard Gates (aka Councillor Richard Gates)

So I find it particularly galling to be subjected to repeated allegations that I publish the Anne Milton weblog at the behest or direction of Sue Doughty’s office…. especially when the source of these allegations is the Junior Dipstick whose wife played a significant role in an actual deception of the same nature and who played a significant role himself in one of the most dishonest and morally reprehensible aspects of Anne Milton’s campaign.

As my recent email to Dennis Paul makes clear, I’ve yet to work out if he’s an outright liar or completely delusional. Perhaps it’s a little of both…

Bloggerheads/PWP – Black Dog Lacks Clue: This is part of the curious ‘Us and Them’ mentality shared by some journalists and many, many party bods (including supporters of Anne Milton such as Dennis Paul). The latter group simply cannot accept that anybody who disagrees with their views can form the offending viewpoint independently. They would rather believe (or have others believe) that the viewpoint is fed to them or forced upon them by a political body. Yes, sometimes this happens. But usually it pays to keep your mouth shut until you have proof. To immediately and/or repeatedly leap onto the idea that anybody who speaks their mind is a party activist is completely wrong-headed and shows a startling level of arrogance. Aren’t ordinary members of the public capable of forming opinions? Isn’t voicing or acting on these opinions the right of every citizen? No, I’m afraid not. To hold any opinion or take any action you first must be part of the official fellowship. Then, of course, those opinions or actions can easily be dismissed as part of a party-political campaign. (See, as an example, the only defence offered by Anne Milton regarding racist pamphlets in Guildford.) You see how it works? You need to be part of the club before they can beat you with it.

… but one thing I’m certain of is that I’m not going to stand for it any more. All such allegations will be removed from his website or there will be serious consequences.

(lights pipe)

Still, I must thank Dennis for something… at times I get tired of battle and wish to quietly potter along with life’s many joys and distractions. With this latest stunt Dennis has strengthened my resolve and sharpened my focus.

Many whispers reach me of local Conservatives who are already sick of Anne Milton and her dishonesty, laziness and/or ineptitude…

Anne Milton: Guildford MP (and Dipstick) – The Health Select Committee
Anne Milton: Guildford MP (and Dipstick) – A clear conflict of interest
Anne Milton: Guildford MP (and Dipstick) – Anne’s mysterious absences

… Sue Doughty may not be pleased with the idea of going up against a stronger candidate at the next election, but in my view, the sooner this constituency is rid of Anne Milton and her gang of scruple-deficient morons the better it will be for all of us. In short, I think it’s worth actively working toward deselection rather than watching and waiting for the inevitable.

I invite Conservatives to support this campaign.

[Psst! Dennis! You didn’t publish my comment that quickly and politely linked to my response to this lovely post… but feel free to do so tonight and claim that you did so last night. Oh, and you’re a clever boy… so perhaps (with some help from teacher) you can work out the significance of my inviting lambethlad to get in touch via email – for the first time – on the day after the election.]

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 14, 2006

Category: Anne Milton

Ahahahahahahaha! I was just checking Dennis Paul’s weblog for updates and I happened across this old XML feed, which hasn’t been updated since April. This feed reveals that the introduction to his website used to read as follows:

The accuracy of representations or their authors posting cannot be guaranteed and I accept no responsibility for their content. However, posts in my name ‘Dennis Paul’ are mine. Racist or homophoebic posts are not accepted. Contact me at

BEWARE blogging on other dodgy sites. Hackers may obtain your ISP address; credit card details; email addresses and personal data about you. If you suspect an attack, contact the Police.

Contact the pol… hahahahahahahahaha! Contact the p…. hahahahahaha! Contact the pfft… ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

(Oh hell, you may as well call an ambulance… I’m dyin’ here.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 14, 2006

Category: Anne Milton

[Note – Excuse me for repeating a lot of Dennis Paul’s content in this post; it’s just that the man has a bad habit of deleting content once it’s (finally) clear to him that an argument has failed to go his way. He once deleted an entire post that was part of a recent paedo-fear campaign because of a single ‘inappropriate comment’.]

Dennis Paul is in for a surprise...I first encountered Dennis Paul when he released this racist pamphlet as part of Anne Milton’s 2005 election campaign. An important thing to note here is that Dennis Paul may not actually be a racist himself; he’s just proven himself willing to exploit the fears of others for political gain.

Now, the thing that gets Dennis Paul going – the one thing that’s guaranteed to make him attack – is any suggestion that Anne Milton is less than perfect. In fact, he reacts as predictably as any little boy would if you said something about his mother.

The nastiest of these attacks are made ‘anonymously’ which – in theory – allows Dennis to maintain the moral high ground if anybody dares to say anything about him and have the guts to put their name to it.

In theory, that is.

Dennis found himself in hot water this time last year when I tracked a number of anonymous comments on the Anne Milton weblog to his place of work (Sutton Council).

As I’ve said before; normally it’s considered poor form to take a dispute offline… but when a man who is running for a position that involves him spending public money and he’s shown himself willing to abuse a similar position, all bets are off. I lodged a formal complaint.

While that complaint was being processed, another visit was tracked from Sutton Council’s servers which totally nailed him as the perpetrator. The afternoon before his short-lived exposé page (The Sewer) came into being, Dennis spent an entire weekday afternoon in his office accessing 52 different pages from my core site and the Anne Milton weblog – i.e. doing research for his shiny new web page. Soon afterwards, I was informed that the Council had “investigated this matter and taken appropriate action” and that they had “reviewed and actioned changes to its network security to prevent a reoccurence (sic).” (It should also be noted for the record that his partner in crime Mike Chambers is guilty of exactly the same thing, and soon you, me and everybody who knows how to use a search engine will find out how seriously the Learning and Skills Council treats such matters.)

When Dennis Paul isn’t making cowardly anonymous attacks, he busies himself assuring the public that they are under constant threat of crime and social disorder, and only he and his Tory chums stand between them and the end of civilisation as we know it. Unlike his opponents, who waste time with party-political snipes as the danger grows ever-greater. (See – Fear: inappropriate and dishonest use of.)

This is a perfect example of this type of action and, yes, we’re just about to get bang up to date…. stay with me.

The one thing the anonymous attacks and his public statements have in common (apart from claims that I’m some kind of computer hacker) is the false and deliberately misleading assertion that I’m employed by the local Liberal Democrats and this is what motivates me to launch ‘personal’ attacks against Anne Milton.

Allow me to state the following for the record:

I have done work for a Labour MP. I have done work for a Conservative MP. I have also done work for the Liberal Democrats as a party, but I have never done work for a Liberal Democrat MP, local or otherwise. I was not connected to Sue Doughty’s campaign during the 2005 election, and I am not connected with the developing campaign now.

In fact, I think it’s highly unlikely that Sue Doughty will be running against Anne Milton in the next election, as odds are Milton will be deselected as a result of her ongoing laziness and ineptitude… the latest example of which is her poor attendance record on the Health Select Committee.


OK, now we’re up to date. Because Anne Milton is totally incapable of tackling this charge head-on, once again it’s up to Dennis Paul to sling some mud around in the hope that some will stick, or at least cloud the surrounding waters. Here’s his response (emphasis is mine):

Dennis Paul, Conservative Campaigner: Brutal Attack At Ashenden

Residents of Ashenden estate have rallied behind Conservative campaigner Mike Chambers campaign to improve security at the pathway by Tesco following a vicious attack there last week. The victim, a neighbour of mine lives at Beech Grove. He was attacked by youths late at night and is in a serious condition in hospital following the attack. I raised the issue of security in 2004 and was successful in getting the pathway shrubs cut back. More recently, despite sneers from our opponents mocking our concerns on this issue, Mike Chambers and Conservative Councillor for Onslow Sheila Kirkland visited the site reviewing lighting in the area. Your local Conservative Team are liaising with the Police and Tesco to tackle security on a number of fronts. Mike Chambers launched a Petition last week immediately following the news and has received a tremendous response, calling for a range of security measures in the area.

Opponent? You what?

Dennis Paul is obviously referring to this, which was a personal reaction to his political shenanigans, not a political attack by his ‘opponents’, as he would have people think.

I submitted the following comment in response:

Erm… Dennis? I’m not your opponent, mate.

Oh, and you should know by now that I’m not a big fan of people who climb over bodies to claim the moral high ground.

The next day, a series of comments were cleared for publication, but mine was not.

So I sent Dennis the following email:

I knew you wouldn’t have the guts to publish my comment.

Now I know that you’re either an outright liar or completely delusional.

(And if you’re running as a candidate in any election, it really doesn’t matter which.)

Here’s Cheers, Pap Smears


And the response? Ha! I just know that you’re going to love this:

Dennis Paul, Conservative Campaigner: Things Turn Nasty!

Following my last post on the Ashenden Attack, one of my ‘opponents’ has saw fit to send in a vitriolic email containing a nasty personal attacks. This fellow, thought to have a close Liberal Democrat connection signs off as ‘pap smears’ which perhaps sheds light on his motives.

Despite this email, readers will see from my last post on the Ashenden Attack, that his cynical remarks were in fact accepted. However, just to keep him happy (ie give him something to protest about) I have removed the comment anyway.

It is disappointing that people who are trying to positively raise awareness about security threats and seek improvements are attacked in such a negative way.

I invite Liberal Democrats to support our campaign.

(Psst! Tell the truth and shame the devil, Dennis. You were lucky enough to have queued that comment rather than delete it.. which allowed you to publish it just long enough for you to save this ‘proof’ to disk… before swiftly deleting said comment.)

Dennis Paul has made a big, big mistake here. When acting anonymously, he and Mike Chambers can (perhaps) afford to be a little more overt in their claims that I’m part of the local Liberal Democrat campaign team, but – until now – he’s been very careful about publishing actionable defamatory/libellous material under his own name and/or on his own website.

Repeat: until now.

As heavily-qualified as his claims may be the second time around, this post clearly confirms the intention/suggestion behind his unequivocal classification of me as an ‘opponent’ in his earlier post.

Dennis Paul, I’m calling you out. Again. Either prove the claim or delete it and publish an apology.

If we end up in court, I’ll be calling on representatives from Sutton Council and the Learning & Skills Council as witnesses. I will be forced to do this for practical reasons even if Mike Chambers is not included in this action. Each organisation will have records of material that either you or Mike Chambers have published anonymously from your place of work. This, in turn, will tie either or both of you to the relevant Blogger accounts and thereby make you accountable for *all* of the material published under these accounts. Do you *really* want this to happen?

UPDATE (4pm) – Several visits from inside Parliament ( and Conservative Central Office ( have been recorded and noted this afternoon. Thank you chaps. Now I know that you know what I know. And the action you’ll be taking/recommending is…?

UPDATE (15 Aug) – *Sigh*… When paranoia meets ignorance II

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