When paranoia meets ignorance II

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 15, 2006

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Well, glory be… Dennis is digging (a deeper hole for himself):

Dennis Paul, Conservative Campaigner: Lambeth Lad, meet David Orchard!

Lambeth Lad, a regular contributer on one of my opponents blogsite during the general election, attacking our newly elected Conservative MP, Anne Milton recently appeared to contribute to my earlier blog on the Ashenden Attack. He has interesting views on Co-Op & Waitrose shopping and public transport. He also appears familiar with walks near Stonebridge Wharf in Shalford and seems wary of animals.

Now meet David Orchard. I received a strange email in his name a while back with a Waitrose email address – viewers may find the remarks a little odd. Is this the same David Orchard of Stonebridge Wharf, Shalford?…living at the same residence as our former Liberal MP?

Yes, you could be right, but is there a ‘missing link’?

And, at first glance, it would appear that he has a number of supporters in his corner.

However… what his conveniently deficient timestamps don’t reveal is that this post and the first five comments that followed were all published between 11:30 and 12:30 late last night. Perhaps Dennis managed to plug in to the ‘closing time’ crowd and earn a record-setting exchange of comments in the space of an hour, and perhaps not. Me, I have my doubts, particularly as both Dennis and his ‘supporters’ engage in improper use of words like ‘blogsite’ and ‘weblink’, and cannot tell the difference between a post and a comment. Still, it’s worked out well for Dennis, as one of the comments from a ‘supporter’ includes a handy backtrack on his use of the word ‘opponent’ (“lets face it, he’s hardly a friend”).

Related link: Chris Ward – Dennis Paul and his own little world…

Damn and blast it all, now I’ve gone and linked to the site of a known Liberal Democrat, thereby proving Dennis right! If he ever discovers the blogroll on the Anne Milton website, I’m finished!


The amazing thing about a website that takes a dim view of certain local Conservative campaigners/candidates/MPs is that it tends to attract the attention of people who take an equally dim view of these same people. Some of these people are politically active, and some are not (and of those who are politically active, some represent Labour, and others the Liberal Democrats).

Also, some of these people contribute via comments, and some via email (and some via both).

There has been plenty of material regarding Anne Milton submitted under comments that has been deleted, moderated or reigned in publicly (and here’s an excellent example of the latter).

Via email, the process is a little more private, but very much the same; it’s my damn website, and I decide what gets published on it.

That website happens to be the top search result for ‘anne milton’ in just about every search engine available, so I do get a fair amount of email… but something like 5% of submitted material gets published. People who submit material/links to Bloggerheads in general won’t be at all surprised to learn that – often – people submit material that I’m already aware of and/or looking into. Also, it matters not a jot where the material comes from if it’s true… and what is true is that Anne Milton misled voters and lied outright during her campaign and – most important of all in the context of this argument – repeatedly passed off Conservative councillors, candidates and key members of her campaign team as ordinary members of the public. Here’s a quick roll-call for those who came in late:

Mike Chambers (then part of her campaign team, now Conservative Borough campaigner for Onslow)
Amanda Worrall (who is, amusingly, no longer a fan)
Kathy Lyons (Conservative candidate for Friary & St Nicolas)
Dora Paul (wife of Dennis Paul)
Grant Griffiths (former Deputy Chairman of Guildford Conservatives and Anne Milton’s Campaign Director)
Richard Gates (aka Councillor Richard Gates)

So I find it particularly galling to be subjected to repeated allegations that I publish the Anne Milton weblog at the behest or direction of Sue Doughty’s office…. especially when the source of these allegations is the Junior Dipstick whose wife played a significant role in an actual deception of the same nature and who played a significant role himself in one of the most dishonest and morally reprehensible aspects of Anne Milton’s campaign.

As my recent email to Dennis Paul makes clear, I’ve yet to work out if he’s an outright liar or completely delusional. Perhaps it’s a little of both…

Bloggerheads/PWP – Black Dog Lacks Clue: This is part of the curious ‘Us and Them’ mentality shared by some journalists and many, many party bods (including supporters of Anne Milton such as Dennis Paul). The latter group simply cannot accept that anybody who disagrees with their views can form the offending viewpoint independently. They would rather believe (or have others believe) that the viewpoint is fed to them or forced upon them by a political body. Yes, sometimes this happens. But usually it pays to keep your mouth shut until you have proof. To immediately and/or repeatedly leap onto the idea that anybody who speaks their mind is a party activist is completely wrong-headed and shows a startling level of arrogance. Aren’t ordinary members of the public capable of forming opinions? Isn’t voicing or acting on these opinions the right of every citizen? No, I’m afraid not. To hold any opinion or take any action you first must be part of the official fellowship. Then, of course, those opinions or actions can easily be dismissed as part of a party-political campaign. (See, as an example, the only defence offered by Anne Milton regarding racist pamphlets in Guildford.) You see how it works? You need to be part of the club before they can beat you with it.

… but one thing I’m certain of is that I’m not going to stand for it any more. All such allegations will be removed from his website or there will be serious consequences.

(lights pipe)

Still, I must thank Dennis for something… at times I get tired of battle and wish to quietly potter along with life’s many joys and distractions. With this latest stunt Dennis has strengthened my resolve and sharpened my focus.

Many whispers reach me of local Conservatives who are already sick of Anne Milton and her dishonesty, laziness and/or ineptitude…

Anne Milton: Guildford MP (and Dipstick) – The Health Select Committee
Anne Milton: Guildford MP (and Dipstick) – A clear conflict of interest
Anne Milton: Guildford MP (and Dipstick) – Anne’s mysterious absences

… Sue Doughty may not be pleased with the idea of going up against a stronger candidate at the next election, but in my view, the sooner this constituency is rid of Anne Milton and her gang of scruple-deficient morons the better it will be for all of us. In short, I think it’s worth actively working toward deselection rather than watching and waiting for the inevitable.

I invite Conservatives to support this campaign.

[Psst! Dennis! You didn’t publish my comment that quickly and politely linked to my response to this lovely post… but feel free to do so tonight and claim that you did so last night. Oh, and you’re a clever boy… so perhaps (with some help from teacher) you can work out the significance of my inviting lambethlad to get in touch via email – for the first time – on the day after the election.]

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