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Posted by Tim Ireland at April 11, 2009

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“When is a smear not a smear? Alas, when it is true.” – Paul Staines (aka ‘Guido Fawkes’)

Let me be blunt:

1. I do recall saying that Derek Draper was the wrong man for the job (or what he made his job out to be), and look at what his bullshit has led to.

2. Anyone – anyone – foolish enough to hand this gift to Staines on a platter with a rich creamy sauce of Downing Street goodness deserves to slapped around by this git… at least for a bit.

That said:

All of this ‘Smeargate’ stuff could be true and exactly as Paul Staines says it is and/or as he makes it out to be, but that would do nothing to dilute the hypocrisy of Paul Staines accusing a fellow spin-doctor of being a smear merchant.

Let me give you a quick example of his work from my own personal collection:

I have a popular article on my website that discourages people from starting their own porn websites in pursuit of a fast buck. Paul Staines, seeing this, tells his readers that I “exploit porn for traffic” while knowing the opposite of what this implies is true (and while refusing me a right of reply).

That’s a smear worthy of the description, and Staines spews them out constantly, either through deliberate misinterpretation (see: spin), rumours dressed as humour (see; ‘rocking horse‘), or anonymous sock-puppet comments that he may or may not submit to his own website (as he has been caught doing on others).

Here’s another; implying that Mark Oaten is a paedophile (on the basis that he is gay, because Paul ‘not a homophobe’ Staines would have you think that being gay makes you a paedophile).

Any outrage you hear from Paul Staines and his followers is bound to be fabricated, as they’ve quietly tolerated repeated smears on the website and elsewhere for years.

(Speaking of paedophilia and people quietly tolerating smears, Iain Dale is right now accusing Tom Watson of doing to Tory MPs essentially the same thing that he himself did to me recently; Iain was in a unique position to take action when someone posed as a Daily Mail reporter and falsely accused me of being a convicted sex criminal. Despite my plea for help, Iain did not take that action, and then lied about it, and now refuses to talk about it. He claims it is because I am ‘banned’ from his website, but he knows damn well that he slapped the ban on because he did not want to discuss this issue and I dared to press the matter. On top of this, I now have someone claiming that Iain Dale is actively involved in Glen Jenvey’s schemes. I have reason to distrust the claim, not because I think it’s beneath Iain, who will happily stand by and let fellow Tories smear their opponents with false claims of paedophilia, but because they also claim that Iain is helping by “sharing information” when I know he’s got nothing on me, and never has. I have tried to get some kind of response out of Iain Dale about any of this, but he is refusing to answer my emails or take my calls.)

I reserve further comment until I have read the email(s) that Paul Staines offered to publish immediately on television a few weeks back, then decided not to publish, before offering them for sale to newspapers giving them to the NOTW for free because… erm… I’m sure he’ll make that clear later, and explain why he’s not taking legal action against the newspapers making claims like this:

The emails were obtained by the Tory blogger Paul Staines, who runs an internet site called Guido Fawkes, and had been touted to newspapers including The Daily Telegraph, which declined to purchase them. However a number of other newspapers were preparing to publish them on Sunday. – (source)

Oh, and if I haven’t made it clear, I say all of this without wishing to mitigate or excuse any action taken by anyone proven to be involved in what these pompous arseholes have already tagged ‘Smeargate*’.

(*You know, like they’re Woodward and Bernstein… because after years of slinging shit from the monkey cages, they’ve finally found someone stupid enough to sling some turds back. With nametags on them.)

UPDATE – Some related bloggage on a similar theme:

Hopi Sen – The Hypoocrisy… it Burns…
Francis Sedgemore – Why we hate politics (part 99)

PS – Keep an eye out for anonymous comments claiming that I say any/all of this because I’m a paid/unpaid agent of New Labour, Downing Street, Tom Watson, etc…. because that’s a smear, too. Unlike Paul Staines and Iain Dale, I have never at any stage had any secret/undeclared funding/facility arrangements with any party, political player or pressure group. Not that this stops both of these clowns repeatedly publishing claims to the contrary on their respective websites while disallowing any response from the target of this persistent smear.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 7, 2009

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

Craig Murray has made the mistake of offending the blogosphere’s almighty gatekeeper:

what a guy

So the next time Craig has difficulty publicising this government’s complicity in torture, Iain Dale will withhold any publicity (via his website and/or his ‘politically neutral’ magazine) because of one comment that he chooses to take personally?

Bloody hell… there’s holding a grudge and there’s holding a grudge. I know this measure is typical of Iain (it’s one of the reasons why he is a poor ambassador for blogging and why no fair poll of weblogs can be conducted on his carefully-filtered website) but surely this is a hissy-fit too far.

(I can only assume the ” I have gone out of my way to support you” bit refers to the Usmanov post that Iain has waved in my face in the past; as if he were doing me/Craig a personal favour instead of standing up for a principle he believes in or any silly nonsense like that.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 2, 2009

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For those who came in late:

Bloggerheads – Iain Dale hates me *this* much

An investigation into a serial liar has led to someone being falsely and maliciously accused of paedophilia (again), only this time, I was a direct target. I say ‘again’, because a very similar thing happened in Guildford a few years ago. Iain did not act over Guildford, even though his denouncing of ‘the deed if not the man’ or something similar could (and still maintain would) have been decisive.

This time, Iain was again in a unique situation to help bring a halt to an obvious paedo-smear, because I (being an inconvenient member of the great unwashed) was having difficulty getting past the staff of a Conservative MP that he happened to know.

At that stage, Patrick Mercer (Conservative Member for Newark) was still publicly aligned with serial fantasist and paedo-smearing liar Glen Jenvey, and it was vital to get word directly to Mercer; for his benefit, as well as mine.

Iain Dale, being a former associate of Patrick Mercer, was the only blogger I knew who could contact him directly and let him know what was going on. So I asked him to do that.

Almost a full day passed, and I had to chase Iain (!) for progress or a progress report. Iain then claimed to have made contact, and said nothing when I replied giving the clear impression that I thought that Mercer knew about what was going on from that point on.

What followed was a sleepless night of me wondering how the hell I was going to tackle the problem of an MP willing to stand by and allow me to be smeared as a paedophile.

But Mercer wasn’t standing by and allowing it, because didn’t know about it at all at that stage; in fact, he didn’t know about it until I went and told him myself. When I sourced a copy of his mobile number and called him, it was the first he’d heard of it.

But when I confronted Iain about this, it took him close to 10 hours to deliver this excuse:

Thanks, Iain!

He did what I asked him to do?!

No, he didn’t.

I asked him to contact Patrick Mercer, not his bloody secretary, or his researcher or his effing dog walker.

I wrote/spoke specifically of having difficulty getting past staff in his office, and like anyone else in the country, I could have called/emailed either of Mercer’s offices myself at any time, and had already done so, otherwise how could I be having difficulty getting past them… and Iain or anyone else with an IQ above 85 should have known all of that even if I weren’t entirely specific about my need to contact Patrick Mercer personally so he personally was aware of the situation. Which I was.

There are limited circumstances in which you can substitute custard for ice cream.

It’s not rocket science, but Iain expects me to believe that he’s unbelievably stupid.

And even if he *is* this bloody stupid:

1. Thanks for being so lazy in my time of need, Iain. Glad to see you took my reminding you of the bad blood that remains over the Guildford incident for you to really stretch yourself and do something that would have no effect whatsoever

2. This is where lying about calling someone a ‘nihilist’ on the basis that you don’t even know what the word means costs you. So if you’re telling the truth this time, Iain, it’s dumped you in the shit because you’ve lied your arse off in the past. See how it works?

Iain’s claim to privacy is morally dubious at best, but I’ve pixelated one paragraph of unrelated waffle (something about a dog eating homework) just in case there’s anything truly sensitive in it. Which I doubt.

(Psst! From here on in, Iain Dale gets the same treatment as the lying smear-merchant Glen Jenvey; everything he says to me is on the record, and I’ll dig up and publish past emails as and when I please because Iain has shared my private emails with his mates before, and I am sick of his stonewalling me, telling me lies when he does have the balls to answer me, insisting that his lies remain confidential, and then making out to his readers that I’m upset with him and/or pursuing him for no good reason.)

Five days have passed since that email and this follow-up post, and Iain has refused to say anything further.

Instead, he’s banned me from his weblog, and is now publishing the usual bullshit comments about me being an attention-seeking authoritarian conspiracy theorist, and making out that I’m imagining or inventing some or all of this in an effort to ‘get’ him.

Because I’m the paranoid one, obviously.

I go head to head with people I disagree with, but I’m not a bastard about it, I don’t lie to people, and I don’t cheat them (or my readers) when they try to have their say under comments like Iain does.

FFS, he even does it when talking about football!

To repeat:

If you are falsely accused of being a paedophile and Iain Dale doesn’t like you or your politics, then Iain will stand by doing as little as is humanly possible, even when he’s in a unique position to help. I’ve watched him do it twice now, and I have the email records to prove it.

More people need to know how low this man can go. They also need to know that his claim to be an authentic, accountable and friendly blogger is nothing but a stage front.

I look forward to Iain making out that I am doing so because I am jealous of his ‘talent’ as a writer.

[Psst! Vote for horns, please.]

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 1, 2009

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

The foundation on which Iain’s joke rested…

He’s really a very good writer, because he had 90,000* visitors a month (he claims) and he’s on the telly a bit. And at least he’s not as impolite and as grossly overweight as Derek Draper. Oh, and these are the qualities that make him deserving of comparison to George Orwell:
Iain Dale – Why I Can’t Accept the Orwell Prize”

The foundation on which our joke rested…

We’re not lying comment cheats like Iain Dale and his followers, and we’re quite confident that (almost**) everybody knows that:
Justin McKeating – CLASH OF THE TITANS: Bloggerheads vs Chicken Yoghurt, Drunk vs Sober
Justin McKeating – Tim Ireland and Iain Dale: time to knock it on the head
Tim Ireland – Justin McKeating is a sock-puppeting git
Justin McKeating – Me and Tim Ireland: time to come clean

(*Psst! Iain! Not every visit is a vote for you.)

(**Well, I say ‘almost’, but Iain’s most faithful readers don’t really count, because they receive – and trust – the carefully edited version of reality. Also, Iain repeatedly publishes false accusations of sock-puppeting about people when they can’t deny it because he’s banned them for complaining about abusive sock-puppeting on his site.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 1, 2009

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

[UPDATE (1 April) – Oh, of course this was a joke. Happy April Fools’ day everyone!]

To be honest, this is not an easy post to write but I’m glad to finally get it off my chest, and I don’t really have any choice now that Justin has gone way, way too far with his sock-puppeting.

Yeah, you heard me… though it won’t come as quite so big a surprise to some people, I’m sure.

What started out last night as a friendly game of ‘sober blogger vs. drunk blogger’ ended with Justin making an inexplicable false accusation about me surfing porn and masturbating (!) while were arguing.

This followed his getting far too drunk and turning on me over Iain Dale’s stunt that followed Glen Jenvey’s paedo-smear.

Iain Dale gave an excuse for his actions that was extraordinarily pissweak, and then hilariously insisted that I accept his excuse *and* keep it confidential. I shared that excuse with Justin McKeating last night, which was a BIG mistake, because Justin was so pissed by that time that he took Iain’s side and attacked me in a dedicated post.

I asked Justin to delete the post, but he refused.

Then Justin McKeating had the temerity to accuse *me* of sock-puppetry while he himself was sock-puppeting on his own website (which is quite possibly the saddest thing you can do, and is itself pretty damn close to masturbation).

He produced as ‘evidence’ of my surfing porn a link in one of my comments on his website that he himself changed soon after I submitted it.

[Appeal to witnesses: please come forward if you watched the exchange last night and saw the URL change.]

Several other comments soon turned up backing Justin’s version of events (before and after he suddenly flipped moderation on), but these were so obviously sock-puppets that I had to say something.

And here’s the bombshell… this is not a first for Justin by any means. He’s been at it for years.

Many if not all of the major posts about sock-puppeting on this site have been aimed at least in part at Justin, in the dim hope that the thick-headed badger-faced twunt would get the message, but no. Instead, he would usually turn up and say “Right on, Tim!” etc. under comments or on his own site, and then go right on doing it.

This has really been weighing on my mind (and getting on my tits!), but I haven’t said anything before now, because:

1. We are political allies, and we have had an agreed policy of never criticising each other

2. I was genuinely worried that the lying manipulative two-faced blog-cheat Iain Dale would use it as ‘proof’ that he and his allies are innocent of all sock-puppetry on his website and others.

“How long has Justin be doing this?” I hear you ask.

Since before I was even accepting comments on this blog is the answer. Even before ‘Chicken Yoghurt’ existed. Oh, and well before the notorious blog-cheats Iain Dale and Paul Staines turned up and mastered the art of sock-puppetry themselves.

Fittingly enough, Justin used to run a website called ‘Bar Room Philosophy’.

[How’s the hangover this morning, sport? So sorry that it’s the least of your problems, but you brought this on yourself.]

Infuriatingly, the wanker used query strings in his URLs on BRP, so very few actual threads have been stored in the Web Archive, but here’s a glimpse of a rare comprehensively-archived page from 2003 that should also explain why I didn’t call him on it when I first caught him at it; we had anti-war protest to get on with, and I was not going to start slagging off allies over a few lousy sock-puppets (especially when I was so busy building/producing/pitching weblogs for others that I didn’t have time to finally sort comments for my own damn site).

‘Bar Room Philosophy’ came and went, but Justin returned in 2005 at ‘Chicken Yoghurt’ to fight the good fight in the general election that halved Blair’s majority.

Well, I say ‘fight the good fight’, but I was constantly forced to delete sock-puppeting comments on Bloggerheads *and* Backing Blair, especially as polling day came and went.

I’m holding back on evidence from my own website until Justin emerges (I don’t want The Privacy Princess bitching needlessly about my publishing old IP addresses) but here’s an example I remember on Justin’s own website that really takes the biscuit; it’s under a post accusing Tony Blair of astro-turfing!

I clearly recall having to delete an exact duplicate of this comment from my own website, because the IP address used to submit it matched Justin’s at the time, and my post didn’t even mention Celia Barlow. I’ll be asking Clive if any deletion logs exist for that example, but I have puh-lenty more; some from my site, and lot and lots and lots and lots and lots from Iain Dale’s.

At one stage, Justin was totally out of control and making ridiculous fake comments in *support* of Iain Dale and trying to make them look like obvious sock-puppets.

Not only is in unfair to frame another webmaster like that (even a blog-cheat like Iain Dale), it’s downright confusing to have to think the sentence; ‘Justin McKeating is pretending to be Iain Dale pretending to be an anonymous supporter’ (and that’s one of the more straightforward examples!)

So, enough is enough. I should have called time on this ages ago, but we’re finally here now, so let’s get this over with:

Justin McKeating is a sock-puppeting git… and I have proof.

Comments shall remain closed until such time that Justin alerts me via private email that he is (a) awake, (b) sober, and (c) ready to answer for his *years* of sock-puppetry.

And if he denies it, I have a pile of evidence ready to show the world.

[Your sock-puppeting ends here, Justin. Ditto for our friendship. But you still have one chance and one chance only to explain yourself at Bloggerheads, and then you are BANNED.]

UPDATE (10:40am) – Justin is still ‘asleep’. This’ll wake him up:

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 31, 2009

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

Well, me, obviously… but do try to act surprised:

CLASH OF THE TITANS: Bloggerheads vs Chicken Yoghurt, Drunk vs Sober

Just between you and me, I think Justin’s talked himself into a bit of a corner here. For starters, my six-pack for the evening only cost a couple of quid.


(Comments are closed here for the moment. One thread at a time, thank you.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 31, 2009

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

[Note – This post is not about Iain’s ‘blog wars 3’ nonsense (which I will get to shortly), but is instead a reponse to a recent twitter by Justin.]

First of all, I would like to make it clear that I’m not perfect myself, and that little thing they call experience usually comes with learning from mistakes.

But I’m here to tell you that IMO you shouldn’t blog or twitter – or even send emails or texts – after a few drinks* any more than you should drink and drive.

(*You should also avoid it when drunk on power, but that’s a slightly different issue that applies mainly to Iain Dale, who does not drink alcohol, but fails to realise that he can still get tipsy at times.)

I know there are plenty of people who disagree with me on this point (hell, there’s even a ‘blogger’ who disagrees with me on drink-driving and thinks it’s all a big joke), but bear with me:

Your. Words. Can. Do. Great. Harm.

Some bloggers like to pretend that words are only harmless jumbles of letters when they’re laying into someone (even if they often freak out when someone publishes harmless jumbles of letters about them), but what I or anyone else sends as a private message or publishes to the web must have some form of impact, otherwise we wouldn’t be bothering at all, yes?

Let me give you an example:

A few months ago, Iain Dale and I had quite a cordial chat by phone, where many things were discussed and revealed. It was quite a frank conversation, with at least one positive outcome, but while the conversation and the outcome can be discussed quite openly in general terms, a sensible person would realise that there are aspects of that conversation that must remain forever private, regardless of what details may or may not be a big/important secret.

(Note – I am not making out that there are any big/important secrets to be shared. So calm down.)

However, the ‘sensible’ part of your brain usually goes wandering off for a little nap when you’ve had a few drinks.

Another quick example; Paul Staines (aka ‘Guido Fawkes’) emerging from a long lunch thinking that he could shut me up with these pathetic legal threats

(On that note, here’s a not-very-good-lawyer doling out advice on libel action in the latest edition of Total Ashcroft. I’m sorry, but if Total Politics were a politically neutral magazine as they claim, they would get a quality lawyer to issue advice, not some hopeless far-right loser who does legal favours behind the bike shed for ciggies. It should also be noted that while Blaney and Staines were flailing about, it was Shane Greer, the upchucking and upcoming Executive Editor of Total Politics who decided to help his right-wing mates by declaring me to be “obviously unbalanced” and grouping me with a convicted stalker. Friends don’t let friends buy or read Total Politics. This article is proof, if you need it, that Iain Dale is just as ready to cheat his print readers as he is to cheat his ‘blog’ readers. A sincere and politically neutral editor would have insisted on an expert for that article, not a discredited far-right chum like Blaney.)

Anyway, getting away from useless lawyers and drink-driving hypocrites, and back to that conversation with Iain Dale:

Alcohol can fuel many things, including the heat of the moment. All of this can happen while the sensible part of your mind is patiently waiting for you to sober up and/or sleep it off.

It is in such a state that you are likely to completely blind to what is sensible an what is not. It is in such circumstances that you are far more likely to blurt out something that is private, and should have remained private.

You know; the kind of blurtage that can change your relationship with someone forever, even if you weren’t friends to begin with.

And once it’s out, it’s out… even if you’ve only shared it with one person (and not, say, published it all over the interwebs).

I’m using this example mainly to show (a) the universal nature of the risk with friends and enemies, and (b) the irreversible nature of the deed; scale, I’m sure you can appreciate all by your lonesome (especially because we all have our secrets).

There’s also the possibility of saying something in drunken anger (or even well-lubricated jest) that isn’t true, not what you really feel, or not what you have others think you feel (see: Mel Gibson).

When you’re out on the lash on a Saturday, the chances of any/all of it being remembered are greatly reduced, as almost everybody else will be pissed too… but you do risk an ‘oops mobile’ moment, which itself should be a enough to give you pause for thought.

Imagine yourself a few drinks in and blabbing about – well, just about anything, really – and ending up on YouTube the next morning… or perhaps calling an old flame or two in order to burn a few bridges (or propose that which is currently beyond you).

If you can see and appreciate the risks of that, why would you voluntarily transmit or publish anything with your computer or crackberry while in a similar state?

Further, why in heaven’s name would you risk getting into a war of words with anyone when in that state, when you put yourself at risk in much the same way that you would in a drunken fistfight?

Even if the other bloke is drunk, you’ll still take hits that wouldn’t normally get past your defences. Hell, there’s a good chance you could break a nose, arm or leg without their help.

And if you’re drunk and they’re sober…? I’m sorry, but you haven’t got a hope in hell; you may as well donate some blood and teeth now to save time.

Don’t blog drink, kids. Ever. You’ll wake up regretting it, even if you get away with it.

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 28, 2009

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There’s likely to be a longer version of this post on the way, but Iain is still playing silly “I’m ignoring you!” games while allowing his comment contributors to slag me off (again), so I figure he needs a wake-up call about how serious this matter is.

(For the record – this turned up and made itself fully apparent from about here, not long after after Iain made Justin McKeating out to be an insincere, untrustworthy stooge, presumably because Iain was at his precious best and couldn’t hack a little criticism):

You may recall Glen Jenvey’s recent attempts to convince the internets that I’m a serial paedophile and ‘sex beast’.

At one stage, Conservative MP Patrick Mercer was still publicly aligned with Jenvey, and it was vital to get word directly to Mercer, as (I suspected at the time and later found to be true) his researchers were not passing any information on, even after Jenvey started making false claims that I was a convicted paedophile.

I explained all of this to Iain and pointed out that he was in a unique position to help, and settle some bad blood between us (more).

All he needed to do was contact Patrick Mercer and make sure that Mercer was aware of what was going on.

Well, the short version is that Iain Dale broke his promise to contact Patrick Mercer, and then lied about it.

He did this while knowing full well that I was under the impression that Patrick Mercer now knew about Jenvey and his antics, when in fact he didn’t.

(Just one thing I have Iain to thank for: I went through a long, sleepless night thinking that I had to again deal with an MP who was aware of paedo-smears and willing to stand by and let it happen… just like Anne Milton did. Mercer and I were both a bit surprised when I found his mobile number and called him myself.)

So… be warned that if you are falsely accused of being a paedophile and Iain Dale doesn’t like you or your politics, then Iain will stand by doing as little as is humanly possible, even when he’s in a unique position to help.

I’ve watched him do it twice now, and I have the email records to prove it.

On this latest occasion, he added the extra insult of lying to me about having done something I had specifically asked him to do… and if Iain wants to counter any of this, he can either hire a lawyer or do it here under comments. I am not going to engage in a conversation with him on his weblog about this, because whenever he is put on the spot and he’s the host of a conversation, he cheats. Every bloody time.

If Iain says anything about this anywhere else, you may as well regard it to be heavily spun version of what may be the truth or a bald-faced lie, as he’s clearly not willing to discuss it when he can’t hide behind anonymous abuse and delete comments when the debate’s not going his way.

[Psst! Heaven knows what Iain thinks of Patrick Mercer, but not making sure that he was aware of this put Mercer at risk of being aligned with Jenvey when the paedo-smear stunt blew up in his face.]

UPDATE (10:30am) – I gave Iain Dale a clear preview of the guts of this post before it went live, and I’ve just seen his response to that on Twitter:

“Looks like Tim Ireland is about to try to start Blogwars 3. Don’t worry. I won’t be playing.” – (source)

Yeah, I called myself a paedophile and then forced Iain to do sweet bugger all about it (again!), just to get at him. What a pillock.

[Explain yourself under comments or piss off, Iain. I’m sick to death of the way you cheat your readers and the appalling way in which you treat people you don’t like. More people need to know what a manipulative, lying, uncaring bastard you are, and if you want to call that ‘Blogwars 3’ and pretend you’re not playing while your mates lay into me (again!) then so be it. After all, that’s your trademark; why get your hands dirty when you can simply stand back and let others do it for you? I’m sure a quick Twitter or two will get attention from the right people. Or you could simply share our private emails with your key go-getters, just as you have in the past.]

UPDATE (29 Mar, 6pm) – Iain Dale refuses to discuss this in public and still insists that his excuse remain confidential. Having seen it, I can’t blame him, but now he’s accusing me of harassment and making out that he’s on the verge of a police complaint.

The most likely purpose of this is to undermine me and make out that my wanting to discuss this at a venue where he can’t cheat with comment bullies and arbitrary deletions is an unreasonable thing to expect. I doubt he has any intention of following through, as he’s cried “Wolf!” on this front many times in the past, and he isn’t actually stupid enough to waste police time.

Judging by past events, he’s probably waiting for me to publish the relevant email so he can have a nice, distracting hissy fit about that… even though Iain has been caught trying to secretly share our private correspondence with others in the past.

My current intention is to publish, but I’m giving Iain some more time to come around and deign my humble weblog worthy of his presence, not least because I have a *genuine* harassment complaint to progress with and Iain’s got in the way of that once already.

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OK, taking as read that Derek Draper is just as shameless a spin-merchant and just as crooked a blog-cheat as (if not more so than) Paul Staines, check this out:

Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes) and Derek Draper on Daily Politics – Thursday, 26 March 2009:
[Extract from 01:50 to 02:10]

Paul Staines: When he was starting up, he phoned me up for advice, he had lunch with Iain Dale, and then quite disgracefully [to Draper] you go and smear… Dale… as a racist

Derek Draper: I didn’t say he was a racist…

Paul Staines: But who put you up to that? Because…

Derek Draper: … I said he was an apologist for racism.

Paul Staines: But who put you up to that?

Derek Draper: Nobody put me up to that…

Paul Staines: Damian McBride put you up to that!

Derek Draper: Well, look, already…. [he gestures at Staines]

Paul Staines: I’ve seen the briefing paper done by Downing Street; “How to get Dale”

Derek Draper: Well, publish it.

Paul Staines: I will publish it this afternoon

Then, later that afternoon, instead of the promised knockout document, we get this:

Now, don’t go putting me in the Draper camp like the knee-jerkers are bound to (there’s plenty of bullshit from both of them in this broadcast; in fact, with the amount of bullshit they’ve managed to fit into just over 5 minutes, I think they may have broken some sort of record) but Paul Staines used this platform to declare that there was a Downing Street conspiracy to ‘get’ Iain Dale, and even promised to produce a document proving it that very afternoon.

Only he didn’t do that.

Instead, he decided, real cool like, that now might be a good time to retire limp from the field and suck on a few oranges.

Paul Staines has punked out… again.

He’s got no game.

And, it must be said, no head for telly.

(Psst! Meanwhile, here’s Iain Dale being a petty, dishonest and partisan twat. Again.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 18, 2009

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Somebody based in the UK has been targeting Thai weblogs listed on this site, and leaving the following anonymous comment:

How very nice.

I deny it all, of course. As if I need to.

Please keep in mind that this may not be the work of Glen Jenvey, but instead someone (with admirable attention to detail) wishing to implicate him.

Thank you to The Bangkok Bugle for bringing this to my attention.

Unrelated link found on my travels: Amazing wire spaghetti pictures

UPDATE (2:20pm) – A much-appreciated summary of events to date from Richard Bartholomew. I’m not sure what I make of the wild conspiracy theories about the involvement of Glen Jenvey, but I am in the process of investigation, so I’ll keep you posted.

For those who are wondering, yes, this IMO is the moment when any blogger should feel justified in calling the police. The accusation of sex offences against young children is an accusation typically designed to harm more than reputation(s). I’ve witnessed and documented the tactic before, and there’s little grey area on it in a country where mobs form outside the home of paediatricians.

To overtly accuse someone of paedophilia, especially to do so while knowing that what you claim is false, is to undertake an act designed to prompt others to do the target harm.

IANAL: If this ever happens to you, my advice is to find and preserve evidence, stick to the facts (i.e. what you can prove) and get the event on record, at least.

UPDATE (5:40pm) – If this is a set-up, it’s a very thorough one, conducted by a very patient person who is either well-informed or quite possibly psychic.

Oh, who am I kidding? While Mr Jenvey Was feigning illness to buy time, he was also working on a story that he fed to the media via Patrick Mercer, and… well, let me run you though a timeline:

5 March – Jenvey, having been advised that he is ‘on the record’, signs off feigning illness, pleading with me not to mention specifics (I haven’t) and promising me a statement to the PCC to which I would be privy. In time, he will fail to deliver on this promise, citing legal reasons (mainly, his intention to sue the Guardian newspaper for linking to my website).

7 March – At about midday on this lovely sunny Saturday, someone using the IP address makes this addition to the Wikipedia entry for Anjem Choudary. Note the spacing error:

How very charming.

The undoubtedly false claim is quickly removed by another user, and then added again, this time by registered user ‘ToryBlue’:

How very revealing.

And so on as part of a series of revert battles involving the account ‘ToryBlue’ that reactivated this Wikipedia investigation linking it to the accusations that the PCC are in league with terrorists that can only be the work of Glen Jenvey or an associate who’s so extraordinarily close to him that it doesn’t make much difference either way.

15 March – An article appears in The Times with a quote/endorsement from Patrick Mercer (Con.) MP. The subject of what is clearly Glen Jenvey’s own special brand of investigation is Anjem Choudary:

The Times – Hate cleric leads jihad cash appeal: A recording has emerged of Anjem Choudary, a self-styled sharia judge and former leader of the banned group Al-Muhajiroun, telling his followers to stop spending their money on their families and divert it to Muslim soldiers waging jihad, or holy war. There were demands for Choudary to be investigated by police…. Patrick Mercer, chairman of the Commons subcommittee on counterterrorism, said: “It is crucial that Choudary is investigated by the police and if the evidence stacks up he must be charged.” Geoffrey Bindman, a leading lawyer, said: “There’s an element of ambiguity in the term ‘mujaheddin’ but in the context it’s possible he would be held to be seeking to raise money for terrorist purposes.” Choudary supporters taped a meeting last year at which he was preaching to disciples. A copy of the recording has been passed to The Sunday Times.

15 March – An article appears in the Daily Star with a quote from Patrick Mercer (Con.) MP and a response from Anjem Choudary:

Daily Star – MUSLIM NUTS SET UP ‘SUICIDE BOMB FIND’: HATE preacher Anjem Choudary is being investigated for allegedly urging supporters to send money to the Taliban. A tape emerged at the weekend of the Brit lawyer – whose supporters demonstrated against returning UK troops last week – allegedly telling a crowd to send cash to Muslim soldiers… Last night Patrick Mercer, the chairman of the Commons sub-committee on counter-terrorism, said: “It is crucial that Choudary is investigated by the police and if the evidence stacks up he must be charged.” But Choudary hit back saying calls for him to be investigated breached his human rights… Dad-of-three Choudary, 41, yesterday denied directly urging people to send cash to terrorists. “I don’t think I’ve ever said to people ‘raise money and send it to al-Qaida and the Taliban’,” he said. Choudary admitted he was worried he could be arrested but also hit back at critics, saying he had consulted his lawyer over ex-soldier Mr Mercer’s comments. He also accused journalists of “fabricating information and twisting facts to try to secure at least a prosecution against me”. He added: “All the police have to do is present the facts in a distorted way, and for MPs to put pressure on the Crown Prosecution Service and I could be arrested. What about my human rights?”

17 March – I blow the whole Jenvey/Mercer relationship wide open and name names at 9am. Jenvey claims I am delusional and promises to return “from work” at 9pm. He fails to live up to this promise, and instead decides to post a series of false claims about my being a “sex beast” and paedophile on Thai-based websites, weblogs and forums.

18 March – I know it is Jenvey for sure because the next day it is reported by the recipient of one of these paedo-smear comments that the IP address used to submit it was…., the same IP address used in the incredibly similar attack on Anjem Choudary.

The ‘terror expert’ Glen Jenvey was definitely and unmistakably the man responsible for these attempts to damage my reputation, prompt others to spread his lies and perhaps do me an injury, and implicate The Daily Mail in the process.

And whether he likes it or not Patrick Mercer MP is now visibly tied to it and needs to make a statement. ASAP.

What does Patrick Mercer have to say about some of the things that Glen Jenvey gets up to while collecting evidence that he later endorses in the press? Oh, and does he really plan on standing by while Glen Jenvey smears me (and the Daily Mail), just to save his own sorry arse?

UPDATE – Please read the statement from Patrick Mercer.

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