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I’m partial to a little adult swim and currently gearing up for possible legal battles by taking in some Harvey Birdman and a little old-school for afters. I saw this and thought of… someone.

(Any minute now, I’ll break out of Dr.Mentaur’s spell, just you watch. Then Glen and I will team up and fight evil.)

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Everything Jenvey emails me with from here on in is ‘on the record’ as far as I’m concerned. Last week, he took advantage and feigned a serious/extended illness in order to avoid answering questions (while conducting his usual ‘business’ behind the scenes) and he hasn’t changed his tune since last night.

Even now, with damning evidence piled at his feet, all he has to offer is an irrelevant email from some misguided NYPD analyst (in an email with the date blacked out, which probably dates back to 2-5 years ago when more people took him seriously) and this personal message in the subject header:

“the plot get’s deeper? your site is a joke! hope you never want to go to america…?”

Because Glen Jenvey knows people, you see. And it’s totally above board to use your law enforcement (pfft!) ‘contacts’ as political muscle.

Jenvey then claimed that he was going “to work” and wouldn’t be back until this evening. Yeah, right.

Notice the complete absence of any claim of innocence, just the threats and accusations of delusion.

Meanwhile, after weeks of radio silence, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles has finally been in touch. We’re still discussing what will or won’t be said on the record, but he’s not standing shoulder to shoulder with Jenvey by any means.

(Psst! Glen! You may want to clutch your archived emails that little bit closer… they could well be the only ‘friends’ you have left.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 17, 2009

Category: Old Media, The Political Weblog Movement, The War on Stupid

[UPDATE 13 Sep 2009 – A few non-vital chunks of this article have been generously snipped as a courtesy. All snips are marked in square brackets.]

“I was… I basically… I basically uncovered all the films. With…. a professor whose cousin, Sherard, is the British Ambassador to Afghanistan…” – Glen Jenvey

“Mike went to the MI5 in two thousand and… I think he went in 2006… ‘cos I arranged a meeting… Um… for Mike to go and visit MI5 and hand over tapes.” – Glen Jenvey

1. The man identified in the audio as the cousin of Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles is not a professor, but a lecturer.

2. The mystery cousin and ‘Mike’ are the same person

3. And his name is Mike Starkey


Thanks to this useful link to the Cowper-Coles family tree from Richard Bartholomew, we know that Michael W. Starkey is indeed a cousin of Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, former ambassador to Afghanistan and now envoy from the UK to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Michael Starkey is also the younger brother of Sir John Philip Starkey, 3rd Baronet of the Starkey Baronets. Sir John Starkey was formerly on the executive committee for Conservative MP Patrick Mercer. [snip-related UPDATE: Sir John Starkey was reportedly last on the executive committee over 30 years ago before Patrick Mercer became an MP, but Mercer confirms that they still knock heads politically]

Damn! How did we get back to Patrick Mercer again? No matter, you can read of John Starkey’s displeasure with Patrick Mercer joining Brown’s big tent when there was talk of deselection over the matter. There’s more here.


Glen Jenvey

So, here we have Glen Jenvey, a borderline if not outright fantasist whose only talent judging from the audio/interview is the patience to sit in one place for a very, very long time to catch files and messages that are only live/exchanged for short periods of time.

Fine, the police/authorities maybe don’t have the manpower to do this a lot or at all, but they do at least know what evidence management is, and Jenvey appears totally blind to it.

For all the evidence he claims to have collected and the arrests/convictions he has taken credit for, Mr Jenvey cannot produce a single example where he, or his evidence, sees the inside of a courtroom.

Something is wrong with Mr Jenvey, his evidence, and/or the manner in which he collects/delivers it.

The police, I imagine, regard him to be a bit of a joke, and/or a right royal pain in the arse.

But Jenvey can’t or won’t allow himself to see this; instead, even when he is threatened with arrest, in his mind it is the fault of inept police, overworked systems, useless, corrupt or politically-correct governments, and even the perceived threat of civil fucking war.

Pardon my language, but this man’s fantasies are clearly interfering with our nation’s security and Western security interests across the globe.

Here, by way of example, is an extract from the recently-authenticated audio of that interview where he blabbed and blabbed and blabbed about a year ago, because he was too busy bragging to think straight (or is an even bigger idiot than I took him for):

“The Abu Hamza videos led to the actual conviction and.. of… of… James Ujaama, because I uploaded them the day before he went to court. They hadn’t been shared by the FBI and the American Embassy who already had those… um… those tapes. See, it was the first time the Seattle FBI had actually had seen James Ujaama sat on a platform next to Abu Hamza, and they were struggling with the case and even struggling to keep him in prison. So if I hadn’t’ve uploaded the original page of ‘Al-Qaida Exposed’… videos.. um… basically… James Ujaama would’ve got off scot free. Probably, the snowball effect that then led to Abu Hamza extradition and case being built, which Ujaama in his plea-bargaining helped the FBI build, would never have happened… and the police in this country arrested Abu Hamza on an American extradition (“right?” iaudible) and then they tripped over… boxes of (VHS) videos similar to the ones that I uploaded. That I’d given them several years before.” – Glen Jenvey

Videos *similar* to the ones from several years before, If we can believe his claims about what he has and has not sent into the authorities. (Elsewhere, Jenvey has claimed prior knowledge of 9/11. What a pity the poor deluded fool didn’t think to make sandwiches or something when the police just didn’t listen.)

The action he describes above – releasing ‘evidence’ already rejected by authorities to the public a day before a trial – may be legal (just), but I can’t see it pleasing anyone doing the hard work of making a clean conviction stick.

No, all I can see is a yappy pup who continually spooks the game because he wants so much to be in on the hunt.

And we can only hope that his poking Muslim communities with a stick and inventing evidence when this tactic doesn’t produce any is a recent development.

There were some serious excesses during T.W.A.T. (The War Against Terror), so I’m willing to cut people some slack here and there, but everyone who trusted this guy to any extent at any time must be feeling pretty bloody stupid by now, especially if they put any faith in his claims to be a terror expert or professional spy.

Just for starters, professional spies do not pose as reporters. Well, they may do, but they generally try not to get caught doing it and don’t brag to reporters about doing it, even if they think it’s off the record.

Now, normally somebody like Jenvey wouldn’t be too much of a problem; the police and security personnel are well equipped to handle amateur sleuths, bigots and fantasists, but they are not going to have an easy time when interfering tosspots have access to diplomatic and parliamentary channels that work with those tosspots to promote in the media (a) themselves, and (b) evidence that the police have already rejected as unreliable/unusable.

I’ll need to stress this point, as it’s bound to come up; in those cases where Jenvey is on the trail of an actual extremist, this only makes things worse, *especially* when he goes public with what he knows ahead of any prosecution, making the task of police and security service that much harder:

It’s not rocket science; Jenvey’s much-heralded evidence is less to do with the quiet types who collect fertiliser and play with trains and mostly about extremists and/or shouty people (and/or their supporters) being careless and volunteering/recording/sharing evidence. Jenvey waving it about before anyone has a chance to prosecute risks alerting them to the danger of arrest and driving them and their circle deeper underground. There’ll be no shutting some of these people up, but it’s a sure bet that Jenvey’s clumsy blundering into one nest or another (or worse, poking it with a stick to extract ‘evidence’) does more to help extremists than the qualified professionals tasked with monitoring them.

Michael Starkey

Without Michael Starkey, Jenvey would not have enjoyed this level of access to Conservative MP and former Shadow Minister for Security Patrick Mercer, or former ambassador to Afghanistan Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles.

[snip-related UPDATE – While Starkey admits that Jenvey may have dropped his name when doing so, he contends that Jenvey introduced himself to Patrick Mercer well after they had met. He is also “unhappy” with the way Jenvey mentions his cousin in the audio, and does not regard that reference to be proper or correct. Please keep this contention in mind when reading the closing paragraphs.]

Without this access and the connections/credibility that came with association with these gentlemen, there is no way Jenvey would have been covered beyond the tabloids, if at all… and there’s certainly no way that Jenvey would have survived his (hopefully) recent period of fabrication, because the first thing that got wheeled out privately when questions were asked about Jenvey was a reassuring endorsement from Patrick Mercer, former Shadow Minister for Security.

And never mind the access and credibility, Jenvey doesn’t have the brains to keep a modest conspiracy together; his reliance on primitive and pointless bullying alone even at this stage makes that crystal clear.


Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles and Patrick Mercer


Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles and Patrick Mercer may wish to play dumb [snip], but this doesn’t put them in a position where they can later walk away clean and/or with any credibility.

No, the last chance for that is this morning, and their best bet is to take this last chance to Back. Away. From. Teh Jenvey.

Otherwise, they risk copping some if not all of the political fallout from this little game with matters of national security:

“If I don’t think the cops are taking me seriously… or not acting on information given over to them or MI5… we bypass them and I will use one of my number of diplomatic contacts… or it will go to Sherard. And if that fails, I then go to the press.” – Glen Jenvey

To summarise that once more; when the police do not regard certain evidence to be useful/usable for some reason, they will be bypassed and high-placed contacts within our diplomatic corps will be put to work to see if justice can’t be meted out by some other means. If those avenues fail, it will be time for trial by media.

This is not a valid, helpful, or constructive arrangement, and it’s time to bring it to an end.

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 17, 2009

Category: The Political Weblog Movement

Everybody who comments on this weblog or emails me has the right to privacy, and I will go out of my way to respect that right… right up until the moment when anonymous/secret threats are made.

Make a threat from a dark corner and there is a very real danger that I will shine a spotlight in your direction.

On that note, this looks like the only statement we’re going to get out of Glen Jenvey:

from Tim Ireland
to glenjenvey
date Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 5:34 PM
subject A statement by 9am tomorrow, please

No more lies or threats or irrelevant claims about extremism, please. Just the statement will do fine.



to Tim Ireland
date Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 10:42 PM
subject Re: A statement by 9am tomorrow, please

Is your email a threat? to me. if so i might have to go to the police. grow up you child.tim your a waste of space who supports terrorist at as i said for the last time i’m going to sue the Guardian newspaper. and i’m very interested in why you are so interested in certain names? maybe you are the people you keep trying to say others are. i would suggest you stop writting to me as i have past each of your emails to the police already like i have the last one.

Original Message—–
From: Tim Ireland
Sent: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 11:18 pm
Subject: Re: A statement by 9am tomorrow, please

No, this is what a threat would look like:

“Glen Jenvey and his associates have until 9am tomorrow to issue a statement *OR* I name the mysterious ‘Mike’…”

But what I said was:

“Glen Jenvey and his associates have until 9am tomorrow to issue a statement *BEFORE* I name the mysterious ‘Mike’…”

I’m just trying to help you save yourselves, because I’m naming him at 9am.

You and Mike have 10 hours to put your side of the story forward first.

If you don’t want me to write to you, don’t ask questions and expect answers.

Send the police whatever you please within reason..

(I say ‘within reason’ because I’d hate for you to get in trouble for wasting police time.)



to Tim Ireland
date Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 11:35 PM
subject Re: A statement by 9am tomorrow, please

Who is mike? is that another name you say i posted under? you are in a dream world i do not know who you are talking about now.

from Tim Ireland
date Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 11:41 PM
subject Re: A statement by 9am tomorrow, please

You know who Mike is, because you tell me who Mike is in the audio that you helpfully authenticated.

His name gets published at 9am, with or without your statement.

Oh, and I wll remind you again that you really shouldn’t ask me questions and expect answers if you don’t want me to email you.



to Tim Ireland
date Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 11:52 PM
subject Re: A statement by 9am tomorrow, please

do you not understand no one is taking any notice of you creep.but yes watch out in the dark you never know who might be around the corner.

from Tim Ireland
date Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 12:02 AM
subject Re: A statement by 9am tomorrow, please

Now *that* is a threat.

No matter. You still have until 9am.



So I still won’t be naming names until 9am, but that chat with the police has gone from ‘maybe’ to ‘definitely’.

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 16, 2009

Category: Old Media, The Political Weblog Movement, The War on Stupid

Glen Jenvey has confirmed that the audio featured in this post is genuine.

Obviously not intentionally, but I couldn’t have done it without him.

LOTS more below the fold. It’s really quite awesome, but today is not a good day to crowd the front page:

[ ———– fold ———–]


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Category: Old Media

SPECIAL UPDATE – If you’re into Facebook (I’m not, myself) click here to join the group created in response to the shameful front-page attack on Dunblane survivors.

[For those who came in late: Paula Murray: certified depth and text-only archive of her article, which earned her front-page headline from her editor Derek Lambie in the Scottish Sunday Express on March 8, 2009]

How do you like my headline? Please keep in mind that it’s only a draft, and based in part on the following photo from Paula Murray’s Facebook profile:

Drink up, kids! Auntie Paula sez underage drinking is Teh Funny!

OK, readers, I can hear the cruel laughter and the shocking personal abuse from here and I want it to stop right now.

No, seriously, I want you to stop it right now before we proceed beyond the fold.

I can wait all day, people….

[ ———– fold ———–]


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Category: Old Media, The Political Weblog Movement, Updates

As you may or may not have heard by now, yesterday’s editions of the Scottish Sunday Express carried no apology for the appalling front-page attack on Dunblane survivors last week.

So they’re not going to apologise for the article, but they’re not going to go on the record and defend it, either.

(The most editor Derek Lambie had to offer was an evidence-free denial of Elizabeth Smith’s claims and an attempt to end the matter there.)

Clearly there must be something about the article that the Express staff regard to be less-than-perfect, because they themselves removed it from their website.

I’m still waiting for my copy of the Scottish Sunday Express, as I need some region-specific advertiser data before my next big move.

But there may be a small feature about Paula Murray later today, regardless of what does or does not get delivered.

(Psst! On an unrelated but equally current affair; there will also be some very, very special items relating to Glen Jenvey, freelance spy/reporter released later today. I’ve found something quite magical in the audio.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 13, 2009

Category: Video

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo (link via)

[Geeks only: After watching this, I looked up an old friend ; Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. Joy of joys, I discovered treasure! The movie they made about it was so very special that it was MST3Ked. Have a little taster here, if you fancy; I’m saving the whole thing for later.]

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 13, 2009

Category: Old Media

I now have chatted via email with Peter Hill (editor of the Daily Express) and Martin Townsend (editor of the Sunday Express) and Derek Lambie (editor of the Scottish Sunday Express).

Here’s what we’re looking at:

While Martin Townsend may be Derek Lambie’s boss and while all three titles may share a single website (where the article also featured), each title is distinct in a way, and – to cut a long story short – it’s all on Lambie.

The official position is that the Dunblane front-pager ran only in the Scottish Sunday Express, which makes it Derek Lambie’s problem*.

(*Until Derek decides to be unprofessional about his response in any way, or there are other conflicts or difficulties that warrant kicking it upstairs, obviously.)

So here’s what I’m going to do:

On Sunday, I am going to sit down with a copy of the Sunday Express and the Scottish Sunday Express.

I may or may not have cause to compare advertisements and produce a more focused list of advertisers… a lot depends on what kind of apology I see in the Scottish edition (if I see one at all) and if that apology appears buried in the ‘teens or on the front page where it belongs.

If an acceptable apology appears in the Scottish Sunday Express, I will be pushing for a copy of that same apology on the Express website, ideally hosted at (where the online version of the article was hosted before its removal).

Have a good weekend, folks.

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 13, 2009

Category: Old Media, Tories! Tories! Tories!

For the benefit of newcomers, I’ve timelined this one… watch as Elizabeth Smith is seen to attack survivors of the Dunblane massacre, before standing up for them… and then sitting down again:

Sunday 8 March

Elizabeth Smith MSP is quoted in an article by Paula Murray about survivors of the Dunblane massacre:

MSP Elizabeth Smith, Scottish Tory spokeswoman for children, schools and skills, said: “I have to say personally I’m not happy. Some of the things that go up on these websites are very unfortunate and I don’t think they give a very good picture about the youngsters. Some of them are in great bad taste and I am quite worried about that. I feel embarrassed about it and I’m sure other people do too. In some cases the people are still really young and you can’t really expect them to have a sense of responsibility. I’m sure that when they look back at what they have done in 10 years time they will be cringing with embarrassment.” (archive of source)

Monday 9 March

In response to widespread outcry from “mass bloggers”, Smith issues the following statement to ‘Catkins’, a comment-contributor to Anton Vowl’s weblog:

“My comments were not made in the context of Dunblane. The journalist did not ask me anything about Dunblane nor did I comment on it or on any individual involved. It would be quite wrong for me to do so. I have made comments recently to several newspapers about the issues related to young people using internet sites and the inappropriate use of that material. It is in relation to these views that I was approached and I can assure you there were no references to Dunblane. What the Sunday Express chooses to print as the context is a matter for the relevant editor.” – Elizabeth Smith (source)

Wednesday 11 March

Your humble author (and notorious “mass blogger”) chases Elizabeth Smith with a polite email, and asks specifically if she is claiming that her interview was conducted with no mention of Dunblane or any of the survivors. She replies:

“May I give you a categorical assurance that, in her press enquiry to me, Ms Murray did not mention any names of the individuals involved in Dunblane and may I also repeat the fact that the journalist did not ask me anything about Dunblane nor did I comment on it or on any individual involved.” – Elizabeth Smith (via email)

Various writers and editors at Express Newspapers are notified of this, and asked for a response. A number of ‘read’ receipts arrive, but the only reply that day comes from Daily Express editor Peter Hill, who dismisses it as somebody else’s problem, especially now that the article has been removed from the (shared) website at

Thursday 12 March

A report about Smith’s claim is published on Bloggerheads in the wee small hours. Later that morning, a response from Express Newspapers finally arrives via Derek Lambie, editor of the Scottish Sunday Express, who claims to have a transcript and recording of the Smith/Murray interview, and (eventually, when prompted) disputes Smith’s claim:

“Liz is on tape speaking about this. We have full transcript. I hope the personal attacks on paula murray will cease or further action will be taken.” – Derek Lambie (more)

[“I note that in your email you don’t dispute Elizabeth Smith’s claim… Do you dispute Elizabeth Smith’s claim?” – Tim Ireland (more)

“Dispute that and as I say it is on record. This should be the end of the matter.” – Derek Lambie (more)

A request for an extract from the transcript is ignored. Twice. Needless to say, no recording is produced or offered, either.

[Psst! Lambie rather hopefully (and a bit snippily) declaring the entire issue to be closed on the basis of what he claims about a single aspect is quite possibly my favourite thing ever. Include the ‘no comment’ card, the ‘abuse’/victim card and the non-specific-threat wild-card, and it’s identical to the hand Paul Staines has played for everything from his 1986 adventure with the BNP to his mysterious encounter with bankruptcy. See? I keep telling you he’s got Teh Skillz.]

Meanwhile, the PCC are in touch and wanting to know if Elizabeth Smith wishes to proceed with a complaint about this aspect of Paula Murray’s Dunblane article. I relay the question to Smith.

Friday 13 March

Elizabeth Smith contacts me via email with the following message:

“Thank you for your enquiry yesterday. A satisfactory resolution has now been reached between myself and the [Scottish] Sunday Express and, as a result of that, I have no further comment to make.” Elizabeth Smith (via email)

Your humble author (and notorious “mass blogger”) responds and asks quite specifically if she will be withdrawing her earlier claim. She responds:

“I have made it clear that I am not prepared to make any further comment on this matter. I am very satisfied with what has been agreed with the Editor of the [Scottish] Sunday Express.” Elizabeth Smith (via email)

1. The editor of the Scottish Sunday Express is Derek Lambie, who appears to enjoy conducting the bulk of his public-facing affairs in a most secret fashion. I sense, at the very least, the sweet tang of hypocrisy from this tabloid editor that could lead to some conflict between us.

2. The following is the official current position of Elizabeth Smith, Conservative Member of the Scottish Parliament for Mid Scotland and Fife on the subject of a petty and needless media attack on survivors of the Dunblane massacre in which she appeared to take part:

“______________________________________________________________________.” – Elizabeth Smith, MSP

Elizabeth is the education spokesperson for the Scottish Conservative Party, and was once a teacher. Her experience in dealing with vulnerable young people speaks volumes… but I guess it has to when she won’t say anything herself.

(Note – So far, no-one from Express Newspapers has been in touch to demand that I remove/quantify Smith’s claims. Email correspondence with advertisers will continue shortly.)

UPDATE (6pm) – Entry corrected. Derek Lambie is editor of the Scottish Sunday Express, and the man Smith is referring to. My bad. Typing in waiting room. Muzak numbs mind.

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